[Update] 5 app recommendations in June 2024

We're entering our fourth year of monthly app recommendations, which happens to be in June. This means that we are once again taking a look at those Mac programs that are interesting for developers. Because today, the 10th of the month, is not only the traditional day for our macOS software recommendations. At the same time, today also marks the start of the World Wide Developers Conference 2024 (WWDC24). That's why you'll find it below SF symbols, Developer, Swift Playgrounds, Xcode and in addition DevUtils from the Setapp offer.

1. SF symbols

SF Symbols is a free app offered by Apple that offers over 6.000 symbols, icons and buttons that are used in the imagery of the various Apple operating systems. “SF” stands for the “San Francisco” font used in the systems. SF Symbols 4 and SF Symbols 5.1 are currently available. However, a new beta version of SF Symbols 6 should be released during the WWDC week. Update: The SF Symbols 6 beta is available. In addition to being a pure symbol library, the program also allows for customization, coloring and animation. The desired icons can be exported in various ways and inserted into your own projects.

  • Name: SF Symbols
  • Category: Developer Tool / Symbols Library
  • Price: Free
  • Info and download: Website

2. Apple Developers

The Apple Developer app is a comprehensive source of information for all developers who don't want to fight through Apple's developer website. With various areas and menus as well as an integrated search, various WWDC content, instructions and assistance as well as introductions and training on specific topics can be found in the app. In addition to a news area for the latest reports, there are also bookmarks, a downloads area and a continue viewing area. In this way, certain content and instructions can be saved for later, so that you don't have to search for them first, but can continue straight away. If you are looking for an introduction to development for Apple systems, you will find it here.

  • Name: Apple Developer
  • Category: E-Learning / Lexicon
  • Price: Free
  • Info and download: Mac App Store

3. Swift Playgrounds

Information is all well and good, but where do you start on the long journey of app development? According to Apple, the Swift Playgrounds app is a good first step. Guided lessons and creative tasks ensure that coding with the Swift programming language can be learned in a playful way. Various lessons, interactive tasks, the use of Swift and SwiftUI instead of simplified, graphical alternatives and many other elements are intended to ensure that those interested in coding learn real programming in an entertaining way. Apps developed with Swift Playgrounds can be shared, transferred to Xcode, and published to the App Store.

  • Name: Swift Playgrounds
  • Category: E-learning / programming assistance
  • Price: Free
  • Info and download: Mac App Store


Xcode is a development environment offered by Apple since 2003 that helps developers create apps for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, visionOS, watchOS and tvOS. Although the focus is on specific programming languages ​​and frameworks (Swift, SwiftUI, Objective-C, Cocoa, etc.), alternatives such as C, C++, Java, Ruby, Perl, Pascal and the like can also be used. Currently, before WWDC24, Xcode 15 is available. Among other things, Xcode 16 is expected to include AI tools to be more helpful in programming, testing and debugging apps. The download website also provides access to support documents, video instructions and the developer forum. Update: Information about the new Xcode 16 can be found here!

  • Name: Xcode
  • Category: App Development
  • Price: Free
  • Info and download: Website

5. DevUtils

DevUtils is a collection of over 40 large and small tools for developers. A lot is possible with this, from debugging to timestamp conversion to creating QR codes. The developer support, which is equipped with Regex Tester, UUID Generator, JSON Format / Validate, Base64 Encode / Decode, Unix Time Converter and other tools, will also enable scripting in the future so that your own tools can be implemented. From code troubleshooting to creating a hash to converting color codes, a lot is already possible with the current version. DevUtils is available in the app package from, among others Setapp, which offers 240+ full software versions for the Mac – for less than 10 euros a month.

  • Name: DevUtils
  • Category: Developer Tool
  • Price: Setapp subscription for €9,99/month (single license) or €19,99/month (family subscription)
  • Info and download: Setapp

Setapp offers 240+ full app versions at a low subscription price

The Setapp software subscription brings you over 9,99 apps as a full version with all updates and no advertising to your Mac starting at €240 per month. An interesting app package for iPhone and iPad is also included. For families there is the family subscription for just €19,99 per month, which can be shared between four people. Everyone gets their own account and can use the offers for macOS, iOS and iPadOS.

On the offer's website you will already find all app titles from the categories Maintenance, Lifestyle, Productivity, Mac Hacks, Developer Tools, Task Management, Writing & Blogging, Education, Creativity and Personal Finance listed. New apps are regularly added to further fill the package. Included are other MacPaw apps, a VPN and so on. Here are the individual booking options: Setapp Single License / Setapp family subscription.

All previous app recommendations since June 2021

Since mid-2021, you have been receiving five app recommendations for the Mac every month here in the Sir Apfelot Blog. Most of the programs introduced since then are free, and some are even open source. If you want to get an overview of the previous software tips for the Apple Mac, then I recommend these articles:

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