Is your game controller broken? This web tool will tell you!

Is my Xbox controller broken? Is my PlayStation controller broken? Is there an error with my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller? Or does another gamepad have a quirk? You can answer these questions with a web tool that I present to you in this little guide. Because up Input devices for video games that are paired via Bluetooth or connected via USB are recognized and the actuation of keys, knobs and joysticks is graphically displayed. In addition, the vibration function of the device can be triggered. The code for integrating the Gamepad API is available for developers.

The Gamepad Tester web tool registers input coming from connected console controllers. They are displayed graphically on the website. In this way, defects and inaccuracies can be detected.
The Gamepad Tester web tool registers input coming from connected console controllers. They are displayed graphically on the website. In this way, defects and inaccuracies can be detected.

This is how you use the gamepad tester in the web browser

To use the website linked above, I recommend using one web browsers away from safari. The standard browser on the Apple Mac can be used for most input features, but triggering the controller's vibration function, for example, does not work with it. Personally, I used Opera GX to test the website, also and mainly because it allowed me to quickly and easily block the site's ads and trackers. Apart from the choice of browser, the whole thing works very easily.

Just open the Gamepad Tester website, connect your controller via Bluetooth or USB and then do some input with it. An overview of the buttons, keys and sticks as well as a graphic for the representation of the device should automatically appear. If you now press individual keys or a combination of different buttons, the same thing is displayed and, in addition to the controller graphic, also noted in a table with the button names. For the mostly two joysticks on modern controllers, there is a display with several axes and a circularity test. So you can test how accurate the circles you can form are.

Even more functions of the web tool

As you have probably already recognized from the screenshots, you can connect and test up to four controllers at the same time. The input for all four is then tested and all recognized inputs and information are output via the HTML5 Gamepad API. Below that there is also an FAQ that points out, among other things, that depending on the browser and operating system used, individual controllers may not be recognized and displayed (on the first try). Overall, it is pointed out that the tool is still under development and therefore does not necessarily return perfect values.

If you are interested in the software development behind the tool or want to use the API yourself, you should click on the "For Developers" tab. There you will find the necessary code for the integration as well as a link to the developer page from Mozilla, where you can find further information and background information on the technology. If you not only want to determine whether you need to have your controller repaired (or have it repaired), but also want to use the technology available for this yourself, then you can take the first steps here. But I'm personally satisfied with the fact that my Pro Controller works well. After all, the new Zelda game is coming out soon :D

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