Podcast #019: iPhone 15, M3 Max, Night Owl, Intel Downfall

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In the Sir Apfelot newsreel: "Night Owl" app becomes a Trojan, Intel processors reveal security gaps, Macs are on the rise as hacker targets, ransomware attacks are increasing in Germany, Live Voicemail in iOS 17 causes confusion, the iPhone 15 brings exciting ones Innovations, the M3 Max chip speeds up the MacBook Pro, and an iPhone saves a family from wildfires.

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Free app "Night Owl" becomes a botnet

The Night Owl app, which originally started as a free app to manually activate dark mode, was later acquired by another company. Updates have transformed it into a kind of “Trojan” that sniffs out Internet traffic and can even “receive” data – according to the website, a clear indication that the computer may be remotely controlled.
The new owner could use it to set up a botnet, run DOS attacks on computers, or run bitcoins on Macs without you noticing. More than 50% of antivirus software manufacturers therefore classify the app as a "Trojan horse". If you want to remove the software, you should use tools such as "CleanMyMac X", "App Cleaner" or "App Cleaner & Uninstaller" so that all program residues are removed as well.
According to user reports, Apple's protection function Xprotect should draw attention to the program and remove it as well. The case underscores the importance of only using apps from the App Store or from Setapp to load or pay money for software, since then the developer mostly takes care of the app.https://www.sir-apfelot.de/appcleaner-21700/


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Downfall: Vulnerability in Intel processors

A dangerous vulnerability affects Intel processor generations over many years. It enables the attacker to read memory areas that shouldn't actually be accessible, which theoretically means that passwords, bank data, e-mails and much more can be read from RAM. Intel-based Macs from 2016 (and iMac 2015) or later are likely to be affected. The solution is uncertain: Intel has only just started releasing microcode to mitigate the problem, which you would receive in the form of updates from your hardware vendors.

Macs as a hacker target 10x more popular than in 2019

While Windows remains the #1 target for attackers, Macs are becoming increasingly attractive. According to a report by Accenture Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence (ACTI), the number of “threat actors” on the dark web offering certificates to distribute malware, exploits, and other tricks has increased from 202 in 2019 to nearly 2300 actors in 2023 even up to $500.000 for a Gatekeeper bypass or $1 million for one Feat offered by macOS.

Ransomware: Germany most common target among non-English speaking countries

According to Malwarebytes, Germany is the top target for ransomware attacks among non-English speaking countries, with 124 attacks between July 2022 and June 2023, compared to 1.462 attacks in the US. Akamai has also published similar data showing a 6-fold increase in risk after an attack over the next 3 months.

Live voicemail still confusing for callers

Live Voicemail, which works independently of the network provider, has been available since iOS 17. However, the new prompt can be confusing because people can answer the phone while the caller is recording their message.

iPhone 15 news

On September 12, the Keynote expected for iPhone 15 and Apple Watch 9. The iPhone 15 Pro will probably get its own GPU, which should significantly accelerate gaming and AR applications. There will also be an action button instead of the mute switch on the side, similar to the one on the Apple Watch Ultra, for triggering shortcuts or launching apps. With ultra-thin bezels, a periscope lens and 90% of TSMC's 3nm chips, the iPhone 15 is expected to remain the fastest smartphone in 2024.

M3 Max chip in MacBook Pro

Bloomberg's Marc Gurman reports on the M3 Max in the MacBook Pro, which has 16 CPU cores, divided into 12 high-performance and 4 high efficiency cores. With 4 more high-performance cores than the M2 Max and the M3 Ultra mashed together from two M3 Max, the new MacBook Pro will definitely be fast. 😂

Family saved from Maui wildfires with iPhone satellite SOS

A family was rescued from Maui wildfires thanks to the iPhone 14's satellite SOS feature. This emergency service allowed them to make an emergency call even though all other cell phone connections had failed. The data was sent to an emergency partner, who contacted the appropriate rescue workers. The emergency services were even able to send messages back to the iPhone and the people were rescued after about 30 minutes.

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