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In today's podcast episode we report on the trouble that Google got into with the demo video for the AI ​​“Gemini”. We also report on ChatGPT, which seems to be getting lazier and lazier, and the collaboration between Axel Springer Verlag and OpenAI. Then we have the EU's AI Act, which is now finally ready for parliament and the states to vote on. But there is a lot of other news that you can hear in this podcast episode.

For people who don't like to listen and prefer to read, we have prepared the individual topics in bullet points further down on this page.

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Note: The summaries here were created using ChatGPT, but in our podcast we talk without artificial intelligence. So if you would like background information and good entertainment about the news, then please listen to us!

Google faces headwinds over AI Gemini demo video

  • Google's new Gemini AI model receives mixed reactions after its presentation.
  • Gemini's most impressive demonstration has been exposed as largely fake.
  • A video titled “Hands-on with Gemini: Interacting with multimodal AI” reached over a million views.
  • The video showed how the multimodal model responded to various inputs, including recognizing drawings and responding to voice commands.
  • However, it was revealed that the video was not real. Instead of live interaction, Gemini was tested with still images and text commands.
  • The interactions shown in the video were carefully selected and shortened to distort the actual interaction.
  • Despite real-world responses from Gemini in the video, the video did not reflect the actual speed, accuracy, and manner of interacting with the model.
  • The Gemini documentation notes that the model does not respond to individual gestures, but must see all three gestures (like rock, paper, scissors) at the same time.
  • The demonstration with the planets in the video also required more specific input than suggested in the video.
  • The video was criticized because it gave the impression that Gemini was more intuitive and autonomous than it actually is.
  • Google claims that the video shows “real output from Gemini,” but the way it is presented has been criticized as misleading.



AI Act: EU approves template for AI law

  • Artificial Intelligence Law (AI Law) was proposed by the European Commission in April 2021.
  • Goal: Implement European values ​​in the new era of AI, focusing on identifiable risks to promote responsible innovation.
  • in practice: protection of civil rights and democracy
  • Risk-based approach with categories: minimal risk, high risk, unacceptable risk.
  • Special transparency obligations for AI systems such as chatbots and deepfakes.
  • Fines: up to EUR 35 million or 7% of annual worldwide turnover.
  • Introduction of specific rules for general purpose AI models.
  • Establishment of a European Artificial Intelligence Office for coordination and monitoring.
  • Entry into force: 20 days after publication in the Official Journal, application two years after entry into force (with exceptions).



ChatGPT suddenly becomes lazy and no one knows why

  • ChatGPT, an AI chatbot from OpenAI, shows unexpected “lazy” behavior and creates instructions on how users can do the work themselves
  • OpenAI cannot provide a reason for this behavior.
  • Users report that instead of providing answers, ChatGPT asks users to complete tasks themselves.
  • Speculation about the causes: possible limitations of OpenAI or technical reasons.
  • OpenAI confirms that the model has not been changed since November 11th.
  • Differences in model behavior can be subtle and not noticed until late.



Axel Springer and OpenAI cooperate on ChatGPT

  • OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, and Axel Springer, a major media and technology company, have announced a global partnership.
  • Goal of the partnership: Strengthening independent journalism in the age of artificial intelligence.
  • The specific structure of the cooperation is still unclear, but there are indications of a content deal.
  • Axel Springer plans to enrich the user experience with ChatGPT with current and reliable content.
  • ChatGPT users worldwide will receive summaries of selected news content from Axel Springer's media brands, including POLITICO, BUSINESS INSIDER, BILD and WELT.
  • ChatGPT answers should include source citations and links to the full articles.
  • Agreement reached on compensation for Axel Springer's content and technology transfer.
  • Axel Springer is the first media partner to work with OpenAI.
  • The Axel Springer media company also includes Business Insider, Politico, Idealo,, Transfermarkt and Computerbild.



iOS 17.2 closes ten serious security holes

  • Update to iOS 17.2 and iPadIOS 17.2 highly recommended.
  • Some of the vulnerabilities allow access to sensitive data such as location information.
  • Affected areas: Find My app, Kernel, Safari, and Siri.
  • Apple has published details of the resolved issues on a dedicated page.
  • Users are urged to install the update to address these security vulnerabilities.



Spotify sees discrimination from Apple

  • Topic: EU plans stricter regulation of Apple's music services after a complaint from Spotify.
  • Spotify complains about discrimination by Apple, particularly through restrictions on the use of alternative payment methods in the Spotify app.
  • Possible EU measures could require Apple to allow payments outside of its own App Store system.
  • Goal: Enabling alternative payment methods for providers like Spotify to avoid the 30% commission to iTunes.
  • Discussion about high fines and implementation of new regulations for 2024 mentioned.



Antitrust case Epic against Google ends badly for Google

  • Antitrust case: Epic against Apple and Google
  • Occasion: Fortnite
  • Decision against Google: Unanimous in the “Epic Games” process.
  • Accusation against Google: Excessively high fees and abuse of market power.
  • Duration of the process: Four weeks.
  • Verdict: Agreement between Google and developers anti-competitive.
  • Bribery allegations: Google is said to have financially motivated developers not to use alternative app stores.
  • Impact on Apple: The ruling could impact Apple's App Store rules and upcoming appeals.



Apple's rivals are committed to open, digital ecosystems

  • Google, Meta, Qualcomm, Nothing, Lenovo, Opera and other tech companies have banded together to promote “open digital ecosystems.”
  • The coalition called Coalition for Open Digital Ecosystems (CODE) responds to new EU rules such as the Digital Markets Act (DMA).
  • DMA classifies large tech companies as “gatekeepers” and requires them to open their services and platforms to other companies and developers.
  • This is expected to force Apple to make significant changes to the App Store, FaceTime and Siri in Europe.
  • CODE plans to work with companies, legislators and academics to promote digital openness in Europe.
  • Members discuss how digital ecosystems work in Europe and their impact on competition and openness.


Foxconn quadruples investment in Indian factory

  • Topic: Apple is stepping up its plans to move production from China to India.
  • Foxconn, Apple's main manufacturing partner, is increasing investment in an Indian factory by almost 400%.
  • Initial investment amount: $700 million.
  • Current investment amount: $2,7 billion.
  • Goal: Establish a new manufacturing center in India, primarily for Apple products.
  • Background: The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting production downtimes in China have highlighted the urgency of diversifying manufacturing locations.


Microblogging service Threads launches in the EU

  • Threads start date in the EU: December 14, 2023, from 12 p.m. Central European Time.
  • Threads, a microblogging service owned by Meta, was available in over 100 countries outside the EU as of July.
  • Europeans have not had access so far because Threads did not meet EU consumer protection standards.
  • Tougher blocks were introduced as users sought access using VPNs and other tricks.
  • Speculation about changes being made at EU launch to comply with regulations.



Many German companies no longer place ads on X

  • German companies, from Aldi to Volkswagen, are advertising on X (formerly Twitter).
  • Aldi Nord plans to completely exit X at the beginning of 2024.
  • At least eight DAX companies have stopped paid advertising on X, including Allianz and BASF.
  • Another five companies have already suspended their advertising for a year, such as Volkswagen and Mercedes.
  • 13 DAX organizations did not place any ads on X before Elon Musk took over.
  • Of the 28 DAX members surveyed, many cited concerns about the security of their advertising environment.
  • Siemens Energy and Mercedes-Benz have stopped their advertising efforts on X.



Apple only releases push data with a court order

  • Apple now insists on a court order before issuing push notifications and associated meta information associated with a specific Apple ID.
  • This is captured in Apple's revised Legal Process Guidelines PDF document for U.S. government employees and law enforcement agencies.
  • Previously, the document did not mention push notifications.
  • The change came after Democratic US Senator Ron Wyden pointed out the tacit sharing of this data.
  • Apple and Google were forced by law enforcement authorities not to inform users about the sharing of push notifications.
  • In the future, push information can only be passed on following a court order.



Apple blocks messages from Beeper Mini users

  • Beeper reports that Apple appears to be blocking iMessages for about 5% of Beeper Mini users.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Beeper Mini fixes the problem.
  • Beeper is working on a more comprehensive solution, but it is not yet finalized.
  • Apple has not yet responded to inquiries about this matter.
  • The problem started around 18 p.m. ET; Some users reported problems with iMessages in Beeper Mini.
  • Beeper Mini was originally launched on December 5th, but Apple blocked the functionality after three days.
  • Beeper Mini currently only works with an Apple ID.



DropBox activates the AI ​​feature and sends data to OpenAI – if you want it

  • Dropbox introduced a new feature that was enabled by default when participating in the Dropbox AI Alpha
  • the feature allows the user to more easily send their own data to third-party AIs to work with
  • User data shared with third-party AI partners will not be used to train AI models and will be deleted within 30 days.
  • Criticism arose because the function was activated by default without users' explicit consent.
  • Dropbox CEO Drew Houston apologized for the confusion and explained that the setting only provides access to DBX AI features, but does not automatically send data.
  • The Dropbox AI Alpha version provides a ChatGPT-like file interaction interface and requires access to user files.
  • OpenAI is currently the only third-party AI provider for Dropbox.
  • Users can easily disable the AI ​​feature by flipping the corresponding switch in the Dropbox account settings (log in to → click on the account icon in the top right corner and then on “Third-party AI” in the horizontal bar on the far right).



Tesla shows demo video of robot Optimus Gen 2

  • Tesla releases a demo video of the latest prototype of its humanoid robot, Optimus Gen 2.
  • Compared to previous models, Optimus Gen 2 shows significant advances in technology.
  • Features of Optimus Gen 2:
    • Tesla proprietary actuators and sensors
    • 2-DoF (degrees of freedom) movable neck
    • Electronics and cabling integrated into actuators
    • 30% faster walking speed
    • Force/torque sensors in the feet
    • Articulated toe sections
    • Human foot geometry
    • 10 kg weight reduction
    • Improved balance and complete body control
    • Faster hands with 11 degrees of freedom
    • Tactile sensation in all fingers
    • Manipulation of delicate objects (e.g. holding an egg)
  • Optimus Gen 2 is a prototype not intended for production or sale.
  • Tesla's goal is to develop a functional humanoid robot that can replace human workers.



Tesla needs to upgrade Autopilot in over 2 million cars

  • Tesla has to make improvements to over 2 million vehicles in the USA that have been produced since 2013.
  • The improvements are necessary due to problems with the autopilot system.
  • A two-year investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) led to this decision.
  • The investigation criticized inadequate control systems to ensure drivers' attention when using Autopilot.
  • In response, Tesla is offering an over-the-air (OTA) update that will be sent to affected vehicles.
  • This is not a physical recall of the vehicles.
  • New warning signals are to be integrated into the autopilot system to prevent misuse by drivers.
  • Automatic steering is subject to additional conditions.
  • No immediate impact on vehicles sold in Germany is expected.
  • The KBA (Federal Motor Transport Authority) could take the recalls as a guide.



Apple is planning a new security feature that will make iPhone theft more difficult

  • Apple plans to introduce a new security feature in iOS 17.3 aimed at making iPhone theft more difficult.
  • The feature prevents access to personal information even if the thief knows the user's unique passcode.
  • Apple spokesman Scott Radcliffe emphasized Apple's leadership role in iPhone data encryption.
  • The new feature, “Stolen Device Protection,” requires Face ID or Touch ID authentication to access finances, iCloud accounts and Apple Pay.
  • Certain actions, such as changing your Apple ID password or turning off Find My, require double authentication, with an hour between authentications.
  • Users must opt ​​in to this feature; it will be available with the launch of iOS 17.3, which is expected to be released in 2024.
  • The article also highlights recent security flaws in Apple devices, such as a recently discovered vulnerability that could spoof a Magic Keyboard on MacBooks and allow a hacker to imitate keyboard input and steal information.


Apple can take a look at 2nm chips from TSMC

  • TSMC, a chip maker, has given Apple, its most important customer, a glimpse of the next generation of chips, the 2nm chips.
  • Apple has previously integrated the 3nm process into its chips, such as the A17 Pro and the M3 Pro for Mac.
  • The jump in performance from 5nm (M1 series) to 3nm was not as big as expected.
  • Mass production of 2nm chips by TSMC could begin in 2025.
  • The performance gain when switching from 3nm to 2nm is not expected to be large.
  • Future optimizations are expected more in the area of ​​power consumption and thus in a longer battery life.
  • Modern chips in mobile devices rarely reach their performance limits.



Zoom Escaper gives you excuses to leave the Zoom meeting

  • Zoom Escaper is a web application that allows you to intentionally disrupt your own audio in Zoom meetings.
  • The app offers various options to sabotage the audio transmission, including echo, feedback, voice delay and simulating a bad connection.
  • Additionally, sound effects such as a baby crying, dogs barking, construction work, sound disruptions, and even the sound of someone going to the toilet can be added.
  • Zoom Escaper works with Chrome on Mac and Windows and requires installation of the free VB-Cable Audio tool.
  • After installation, the Zoom microphone must be switched to VB-Cable.
  • Use of the app is intended to result in users being removed or muted from the meeting.
  • The app is intended to be humorous and also serves as entertainment.


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