Firefox Addon: Quickly turn Javascript on and off

Firefox addon QuickJava
Firefox addon QuickJava
Turn Javascript on and off quickly: Firefox Addon QuickJava makes it possible.

The Firefox add-on that I would like to introduce today should be of interest to developers and SEOs. I found it after looking for a solution to quickly check web pages to see what they look like with and without Javascript enabled. The addon “lives” in the status bar of the browser and offers various buttons. The functionality is not only limited to Javascript, but there are various things that can be switched on and off in next to no time with the buttons.

Firefox Addon QuickJava status bar
Firefox add-on QuickJava can be operated in the status bar.
Here is a list of the supported things:

  • javascript
  • Java
  • Flash
  • SilverLight
  • Cookies
  • automatic loading of images
  • animated graphics
  • CSS

For my purposes, the add-on is great, because it doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles and can be reached more quickly than, for example, Firebug, which always takes up a not inconsiderable part of the browser window.

You can also find the addon on the Firefox addon page:

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