What's coming to the Apple iPhone with iOS 17.5?

After Apple did that at the beginning of March Update to iOS 17.4 for compatible iPhone models, the update to iOS 17.5 will soon follow. But when exactly can you expect the new version of the operating system and what features does it bring? I will answer these and other questions for you in this post. There is also an outlook on the next major version, iOS 18. This will be on June 10, 2024 as part of the WWDC opening presented.

iOS 17.5 brings a few changes and adjustments to compatible iPhone models. Apple will also soon introduce iOS 18. You can find all the information about it here.
iOS 17.5 brings a few changes and adjustments to compatible iPhone models. Apple will also soon introduce iOS 18. You can find all the information about it here.

When will iOS 17.5 be released?

It is very likely that you will be able to install and use iOS 17.5 from mid-May 2024. With the exception of iOS 14.5, all x.5 versions of iOS in recent years were released in mid-May. Currently there are only two available for developers Beta versions released, the first on April 2nd and the second on April 16th. It is entirely possible that one or two betas will follow before the official release of iOS 17.5.

What's new in iOS 17.5 for Apple iPhone?

The update will bring these innovations (according to current knowledge):

  • App download from websites (within the EU): iPhone apps can then no longer only be downloaded via the official Apple App Store or through alternative app marketplaces, but can also be downloaded from the browser. Sideloading is then theoretically possible like on the Mac.
  • New Quartiles game in Apple News+ (US, Canada): Although the hype about games like Wordle is long over, Apple is now adding a game in its own news offering. The word puzzle will initially only be available in North America.
  • Podcasts widget color customization: The Podcasts app widget adjusts its color based on the podcast being played.
  • New menus in Settings: A new area for passkey access in web browsers will be added to the “Privacy & Security” menu in the settings. There may also be changed areas in the settings for other new or adjusted features.
  • More security against stalking: The standard developed jointly by Apple and Google against unnoticed tracking and stalking (including tracking down and deactivating trackers that are carried unnoticed) is to be implemented on the iPhone from iOS 17.5. That goes along with it Google's own location system for Android devices.
  • Additional: New features for MDM usage, bug fixes, security patches, etc.

What will iOS 18 bring in fall 2024?

With iOS 18, Apple is reportedly releasing the biggest upgrade to date for its iPhone operating system. In addition to a new system design that is based on visionOS on the Apple Vision Pro, the RCS standard will finally be supported for messages between iOS and Android devices. The implementation of generative AI is also expected, along with an improvement in the Siri voice assistant. There will also be updates for the accessibility features. You can find a comprehensive overview in this article: iOS 18 – Everything we know (or suspect) so far.

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