AG13 battery - offers, comparison types and technical data

AG13 battery - in a button cell set

The designation AG13 is based on the abbreviation AG for alkaline battery and the number 13, which is a consecutive number of the AG battery types. AG button cells are available from AG0 to AG13, whereby with AG13 we have the type that has the largest capacity of the AG cells.

Purchase options for AG13 button cells

If you want to buy an AG13 button cell, you will find the bestsellers on Amazon here. But if you want it particularly cheap, take a look on this page from Idealo on which the cheapest offers for this type of button cell are listed.

SR44 as an alternative - recommended for watches

If you would like to use the higher quality silver oxide cells (identical to the AG13), you will find appropriate offers here:

Technical data of the AG13 battery

The AG13 battery is in fact a button cell which, compared to the round cells, has only small dimensions. You can find the technical data of the AG 13 cell here:

  • Voltage: 1,5 volts
  • Capacity: 120 - 145 mAh
  • Diameter: 11,5mm
  • Height: 5,4 mm
  • Cell chemistry: alkaline battery
  • Type: button cell
The AG13 can also be found in my button cell set under the names 357 and LR44, whereby LR44 is the most common (Photo: Sir Apfelot).
The AG13 can also be found in my button cell set under the names 357 and LR44, whereby LR44 is the most common (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

AG13: Comparative types, alternatives and other names

The designation AG13 is of course just a name for the battery. For example, AG13 is based on the “Japanese Industrial Standard”, which was used as the basis for the naming. However, there are several other type designations for the AG13:

  • 280-904
  • 157
  • A76
  • G13, G13A
  • L1154, LR1154
  • LR44
  • SB-F9
  • V13GA

Alkali-manganese button cell or silver oxide alternative?

The AG13 is an alkali-manganese head cell, which has a nominal voltage of 1,5 volts. Alternatively, a silver oxide cell could be used, which has the same dimensions and only has a slightly higher nominal voltage of 1,55 volts.

The advantage of silver oxide button cells is the voltage curve, which is more stable over time and only breaks down towards the end of its life. For this reason, the silver oxide cells are often used in high-quality watches as Watch battery .

If you want to buy a silver oxide alternative to the AG13, look for the following button cell names (which all mean the same battery type):

  • 357
  • SR1154W
  • SR44

These batteries can be used to equip not only watches, but also kitchen scales, remote controls, car keys, calculators and similar devices.

Self-discharge in alkaline manganese and silver oxide cells

Even if it is shown in this way on some pages, the self-discharge of alkali-manganese batteries and silver-oxide-zinc batteries is the same at 6% per year. In this respect, the silver oxide cells offer no advantage. Even so, the silver oxide cells are like that SR6262SW more advantageous because they can deliver a constant voltage over a long period of time. Source: Wikipedia.


What does the abbreviation LR44 mean?

The first letter L in the IEC button cell nomenclature indicates that it is an alkaline battery. The second letter R indicates a round, cylindrical shape of the cell.

What is the difference between a 4LR44 and an LR44 battery?

As the four in front of the LR44 suggest, four of the LR4 button cells are simply built into the 44LR44. By increasing the nominal voltage to 6 volts, this battery can be used to operate electrical consumers such as radio remote switches, cameras, alarm systems and much more that would not work with 1,5 volts.

Can the SR44 be used as an alternative to the AG13?

This is possible because the SR44 delivers about the same current and voltage as the AG13 or LR44 button cell.

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