AltStore PAL subscription: Here you will find the invoice and payment receipt

AltStore PAL is an alternative app marketplace that can be booked within the EU in the form of a subscription and installed directly on the iPhone via Safari (here are the instructions). Using the app marketplace and managing the apps loaded with it is relatively easy. But managing the subscription is rather complicated. That's why here is the answer to the question: Where can I find the AltStore PAL invoice and the corresponding payment receipt?

Where can I find the invoice and payment receipt as a PDF for the AltStore PAL subscription? You can find out here!
Where can I find the invoice and payment receipt as a PDF for the AltStore PAL subscription? You can find out here!

The unnecessarily complicated way to manage subscriptions

As in the Contribution to subscription cancellation at AltStore PAL As shown, you can currently only get to the subscription management via a detour. Once you get there, you can manage the subscription you have booked quite intuitively.

The procedure works on both the computer and the smartphone or tablet:

  1. Calls the website and click or tap on the “€1.50/year + VAT” button
  2. In the first text field on the following page, enter the email address you use for the AltStore
  3. After the automatic recognition, click or tap the “Manage subscription” button (if this does not appear, check the email address you entered for errors).
  4. On the following page click on the “Manage Subscription” link
  5. Now enter the email address you use for the AltStore again and press the “Send” button
  6. Check your email inbox, where you should receive a registration link after a short time (a few seconds to a few minutes).
  7. Use the link to go to the subscription management page
  8. Scroll down and click or tap one of the list items under “Payment History” (there is probably only one at the moment)
  9. Now you get to the final website with two buttons: “Download payment receipt” and “Download invoice”
  10. The two documents are each loaded as a PDF file and stored locally on your device

Here you will find the appropriate screenshots (of the procedure on the Apple Mac) with the corresponding numbering and labeling for the step-by-step instructions listed:

Find invoices for other online services

In addition to the payment receipt and the invoice from AltStore, there are also other online services and apps whose subscription documents are not entirely intuitive to find. That's why you can find more instructions of this kind here in the blog:

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