Anchor balcony power plant with storage and night feed

The technology manufacturer Anker presented its new balcony power plant solutions this week, which not only consist of two solar panels, each with 540 watts of power and an inverter, but also a weatherproof battery box as power storage. This is the new solar system, which is primarily made for terraces, flat roofs and gardens Anchor SOLIX RS50B. Its MI80 inverter feeds in up to 600 watts; As soon as the legal framework is in place, an upgrade to 800 watts is possible. The power storage is called Anker SOLIX E1600. The whole thing can be done e.g. b. via Amazon as a set for 1.748 euros Kaufen.

The Anker SOLIX RS50B balcony power plant with up to 1.080 watts of power in conjunction with the Anker SOLIX E1600 night storage unit with 1.600 Wh offers a complete solution that can be installed comparatively quickly.
The Anker SOLIX RS50B balcony power plant with up to 1.080 watts of power in conjunction with the Anker SOLIX E1600 night storage unit with 1.600 Wh offers a complete solution that can be installed comparatively quickly.

Anker SOLIX RS50B balcony power plant with 1.080 watts total output

This SOLIX set from Anker consists of two solar panels with 540 watts each, installation aids for flat surfaces, a 600 watt inverter (with wireless upgrade to 800 watts), the necessary cables and the tools for installation. Everything arrives ready to assemble and use. The first solar power should be able to be used after about two hours. It is recommended that at least two people handle the assembly because the panels measure more than 170 cm wide, over 110 cm high and weigh over 20 kg.

After installation and thus alignment with the sun's rays, up to 1.080 watts of power can be drawn from the two solar panels of the Anker SOLIX RS50B balcony power plant. With the MI80 inverter, which is included in the scope of delivery, up to 600 watts can currently be fed into the grid. If the political framework allows, this throttling can be lifted and the feed-in increased to 800 watts. This is implemented wirelessly via WLAN as an over-the-air upgrade. Further settings, including feed-in plans, are also possible via the iOS and Android app.

You can find the Anker SOLIX RS50B balcony power plant for 849 euros on Amazon.

50,00 EUR
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Anker SOLIX E1600 solar bank as night storage for the balcony power plant

You can do a lot with the RS50B set and save electricity during the day. But electricity is not only consumed when the sun is shining - also in the evening and at night. That's why a night storage unit is a sensible addition to any balcony power plant. The Anker SOLIX E1600 solar bank serves as a power bank for the household. It stores up to 1.600 watt hours, so at night and when the weather is not so sunny there is a reserve that can be used to balance the household's base load. You can easily determine how many watts are fed into the house network using an app.

The solar power bank is protected against rainwater and dustproof, so it can be used outdoors. While there is a 25-year guarantee on the solar system, you get a 12-year guarantee for the night storage system. During this period, both have certainly paid for themselves several times over. Anker speaks of savings of up to 7.830 euros that can be achieved when using the SOLIX RS50B balcony power plant and SOLIX E1600 solar bank. This also puts the costs into perspective currently 1.748 euros for the complete set.

Anker SOLIX RS50B balcony power plant with storage, solar bank E1600 and 1080 Wp photovoltaic solar panel,...
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There are still a few hurdles when using it

Anker offers a useful complete set that makes “do-it-yourself solutions” with combinations of solar systems, power storage systems and inverters unnecessary. There are some instructions for these, even in video form on YouTube, but they are usually quite complicated and require some technical skills. The anchor set goes in the right direction of simple ready-made solutions. However, I still have a few small concerns about worry-free use.

Because here you connect the solar panels to the battery and then to the inverter. This means that if you install the inverter outside, you have the battery box outside. It is weatherproof, but the LiFePo4 batteries inside don't like charging and discharging at low temperatures. In winter there can be a loss in performance and, in the long term, in the lifespan of the battery technology.

The best alternative is to install inverters and night storage boxes in the house. But this means that the thick cables of the solar panels have to be laid inside. This doesn't just happen through a window; So here you have to drill and re-insulate and plaster. Once the Anker SOLIX E1600 solar bank and the MI80 inverter are inside, you benefit from a potentially longer service life of the technology. But a manual intervention is initially necessary to make this possible.

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