Anker Everfrost – cordless cool box manages down to -20° Celsius

Anker, a well-known name in the technology industry, is expanding its product range with a new product – the Anker EverFrost. This impressive device is more than just a cool box. With the Anker EverFrost you get a mobile fridge and freezer that is both efficient and practical.

Powerful models to choose from

The Anker EverFrost is available in three different models, which differ in their capacity and price:

Each model is available now on the Anker website, Amazon and in stores.

Technical data at a glance

EverFrost 30 EverFrost 40 EverFrost 50
Price 849 Euros 899 Euros 999 Euros
Weight with battery 22,2 kg 24 kg 27,5 kg
cooling time
4°C indoor and 25°C
Ambient temperature
42h 35,8h 27h
Dimensions 74 x 43 x 49 cm 83 x 43 x 49 cm 96 x 43 x 49 cm
capacity 33 liters 43 liters 53 liters


Cool and freezer box with good data

The outstanding feature of the Anker EverFrost series is undoubtedly its high-performance cooling and freezing technology. It is this technology that enables it to chill and freeze beverages and food to amazingly low temperatures.

The cooling function is based on an efficient cooling compressor. Compared to conventional cooling units, this compressor is characterized by improved performance. Thanks to its technology and construction, it is able to provide a significant cooling capacity in a very short time.

The Anker EverFrost can drop a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius to freezing point within half an hour. This is remarkably fast, allowing you to perform impromptu cooldowns or safely store perishable food.

But it gets even colder: The temperature can even reach -20 degrees Celsius! This means that with the Anker EverFrost you can not only cool, but also deep-freeze. Perfect for longer trips or excursions where you don't want to miss your favorite ice cream.


In order to achieve these impressive cooling and freezing performances, the Anker EverFrost is equipped with a 7 mm thick seal and a 50 mm wide insulation layer. These materials provide excellent thermal insulation and ensure that the cold stays inside the box and does not escape to the outside.

For those of you who have different cooling needs, the largest model, the Anker EverFrost 50, offers a dual-zone cooling system. This means that you can cool drinks in one zone and freeze food in the other zone at the same time. A useful function that is often missing from conventional coolers.

Impressive battery life and portability

Another significant benefit of the Anker EverFrost is its impressive battery performance. Equipped with a 299 watt-hour battery, the EverFrost 30 offers an impressive runtime of up to 42 hours at a constant internal temperature of four degrees Celsius. That's more than enough for a weekend getaway or an extended cookout.

But Anker has also thought of those who want to be on the road even longer. An optionally available exchangeable battery allows you to extend the operating time of your EverFrost even further. So you can make sure your food and drinks stay cool no matter how far away you are from a power source.

anchor everfrost battery

Charging via solar panel possible

In addition, Anker has created an environmentally friendly alternative for charging your cool box: the Anchor 625 solar panel. This optional accessory can fully charge your EverFrost in under four hours, as long as there is sufficient sunlight. With this accessory, you can also rely on the power supply on longer camping trips or outdoor adventures.

The mobility of the anchor EverFrost is another big plus. Despite its robust construction and powerful cooling and freezing functions, it has been designed to be easily transported. The EasyTow™ handle makes it easy to tow the cool box, and the six-inch wheels mean you can move it over rough terrain. Whether you're going to the beach, campground or park, the EverFrost anchor is always easy to handle and transport.

anchor everfrost power bank

Practical additional functions

In addition to its main function as a fridge and freezer, the Anker EverFrost offers a number of additional functions that make it an even more useful and versatile appliance.

One of these additional functions is the use of the mount as a table top. When the mount is extended, it serves as a stable and flat surface. This is ideal for any outdoor activity where you need a table, such as picnics, camping or going to the beach. You can put your food and drinks on it, play games or just put your things down.


In addition, the Anker EverFrost is equipped with an integrated display and physical control buttons. You can read all the important information on the display, such as the current inside temperature and the battery charge level. The control knobs allow easy and intuitive adjustment of the settings.

For those who prefer even more convenient control, the Anker EverFrost offers the option of being operated via a special "Anchor" app. With this app you can set the temperature, monitor the battery level and even get notifications when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold or the battery is almost empty. These features make using the Anker EverFrost even easier and more convenient, even when you're busy or away from the cool box.



With the Anker EverFrost you get a device that not only offers high cooling performance, but also scores in terms of mobility and additional functions. Whether for the next camping trip or weekend shopping - the Anker EverFrost offers a powerful and flexible solution for your cooling and freezing needs.

Advantages of the anchor EverFrost

  • Powerful cooling and freezing functions: With an efficient refrigeration compressor and excellent insulation, the EverFrost offers a variety of temperature options and can maintain them for extended periods.
  • Impressive battery life: The 299 Wh battery enables an operating time of up to 42 hours at an internal temperature of four degrees Celsius. An optional exchangeable battery and solar charging options ensure even more flexibility.
  • Mobility: Thanks to its EasyTow™ handle and six inch wheels, the EverFrost is easy to transport and can be easily moved over all types of terrain.
  • Practical additional functions: With the tabletop function, an integrated display, physical control buttons and the option of remote control via an app, the EverFrost offers additional utility.
  • Available in three sizes: With the EverFrost 30, 40 and 50 models, you can choose the cool box that best suits your needs and budget.

Possible disadvantages of anchor EverFrost

  • Price: The Anker EverFrost is in a higher price range. The models cost between 849 and 999 euros, which can represent a significant investment for some users.
  • weight and height: Although the EverFrost has useful mobility features, its weight (up to 27,5 kg without refrigerated goods) and size, especially on the larger models, may pose a challenge for some users.
  • Solar panel and removable battery are optional: While these features greatly increase the EverFrost's flexibility and useful life, they are optional and require an additional investment.

All in all, the Anker EverFrost is a powerful and flexible mobile cooling and freezing solution that offers an impressive combination of cooling performance, battery life, mobility and practical additional functions. If you have the wherewithal, there is probably no better and more flexible cool box on the market.

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