Anker PowerPort Atom III - GaN charger with 60W and USB-C PD

With the PowerPort Atom III, the technology manufacturer Anker has presented a new GaN charger with USB-C connection and Power Delivery (PD). GaN (gallium nitride) is used in the charger, which has an output of up to 60 watts, which enables the technology and its performance to be offered in a space-saving manner. The Anker PowerPort Atom III Charger measures according to the product page only 10,0 x 6,3 x 3,5 cm. At 118 g, the weight is also ideal for vacations or business trips. In the following you will find more information about the new, fast charger for iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Co.

The Anker PowerPort Atom III charger is not only more efficient (less heat generation) due to GaN components, but also 35% smaller than the MacBook charger with 60W power.
The Anker PowerPort Atom III charger is not only more efficient (less heat generation) due to GaN components, but also 35% smaller than the MacBook charger with 60W power.

Anker PowerPort Atom III - Technical Data

As mentioned above, the new Anker charger is space-saving and does not weigh much. Thanks to the use of gallium nitride components, the dimensions are just 10,0 x 6,3 x 3,5 cm and the weight is just 118 grams.With the maximum achievable power of 60 watts, the current MacBook series of Apple will be loaded. In addition, the battery of the Apple iPhone, the battery of the Apple iPad (Pro) and the batteries of many other mobile devices can be charged with it. For this is a USB-C to Lightning, a USB-C to USB-A or pure USB-C cable is required.

The input for electrical power is 100-240 V and 50-60 Hz. The output is automatically regulated in accordance with the connected device. Values ​​lower than 60 watts are also possible in order to charge a cell phone, tablet, camera or the like in addition to the laptop. These combinations are possible:

  • 5 V and 3 A (15 W)
  • 9 V and 3 A (27 W)
  • 15 V and 3 A (45 W)
  • 20 V and 3 A (60 W)

My test report: Anker PowerPort III mini

Buy Anker GaN charger from Amazon

You can use the new Anker PowerPort Atom III charger, among other things Buy at Amazon. Soon I will be able to provide you with a test report with my own experiences with the smart charger. Then I'll tell you how well the USB-C PowerIQ 3.0 port performed in the test. If you want to convince yourself of the product yourself beforehand, you will find further information and the possibility to buy the charger on the linked Amazon page.

Anker PowerPort Atom III 60W PowerIQ 3.0 & GaN Power Delivery compact USB-C charger, compatible ...
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: From iPhone to Galaxy to USB-C laptops and much more. Anker's exclusive Power IQ ...
  • ONE FOR ALL: Thanks to the 60W USB-C PowerIQ 3.0 port, your PowerPort Atom III is compatible with almost all ...
  • EXTREMELY COMPACT: 35% smaller than ordinary MacBook chargers and as tiny as a golf ball. Fits in every ...

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6 comments on “Anker PowerPort Atom III – GaN charger with 60W and USB-C PD”

  1. Unfortunately I can't find the charger. Your product link also points to a product with 2 ports and there is a review there that the charger does not do very well. Maybe there are problems and Anker has withdrawn?

    After a search on Amazon I found the charger, but it is also not available :-(

    1. Hello DF! That's right, but unfortunately I don't know why it is currently not available. One customer has problems with his Huawei P20 ... no idea whether it is due to the cable, the smartphone or the charger. So far, I can only say good things about the Anker chargers. They are probably just having delivery problems right now. A test device should arrive in a few days so I can take a closer look at the PowerPort Atom III myself with my Apple devices. Test report will follow!

        1. Of course! : D I have exactly the model (2017) ... but I can already tell you that the 60 watts are enough to slowly charge the device even during operation. My MacBook Pro charges with approx. 19,8 volts and a maximum of 2,65 amps - almost 53 watts. This is what the Anker device can do with its 60 watts!

          1. Also the 15 ″ model? I thought the 60 watts would be too little for that. Maintaining the charge level certainly works, but also recharging at the same time? I'm not sure about that: - /

          2. As soon as I have the PSU I'll give it a try. But I also have the 15 inch MBP with touch bar and two external hard drives without their own power supply attached. Each of them needs about 500 mA and still I don't get more than 53 watts of power. I think the only way you can do more is by rendering videos or running funny 3D movies until the processor glows. : D
            So you don't have to worry that the power supply won't do it.

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