Apple Design Award 2024: Finalists have been announced

Apple has presented the finalists for the Apple Design Award 2024 on its developer website. Three apps and three games are listed in a total of seven categories. For the first time this year, the “Spacial Computing” area is included as a category, where you can find apps and games that also run on the Apple Vision Pro. Below I have summarized a few details on the topic for you.

Apple Design Award 2024: The 42 apps and games in the final round are listed here with a description and the respective link to the App Store.
Apple Design Award 2024: The 42 apps and games in the final round are listed here with a description and the respective link to the App Store.

These are the apps and games in the Design Award finals

Apps and games are in the finals for a total of 2024 places for the Apple Design Award 42 (a few of them twice). While those from the “Spacial Computing” category are also made for the Vision Pro, those from the other categories are mainly offered for platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

The other six categories for which this is the case are as follows: Delight and Fun, Inclusivity, Innovation, Interaction, Social Impact and Visuals and Graphics (Imagery and graphics). Below I have listed the respective apps and games for you.

Delight and Fun – Apps

  • Dudel Draw: Fun drawing tasks help develop artistic skills
  • Bear's Gratitude: A journaling app brightened up with hand-drawn characters
  • Rooms: Set up and animate small, virtual rooms using your own imagination

Delight and Fun – Games

Inclusivity – Apps

Inclusivity – Games

  • Unpacking: Interior design game that tells a life story at individual speed
  • quad line: Minimalist puzzle game that uses simple, accessible mechanics
  • Crayola Adventures: Road trip game with individual characters and high accessibility

Innovation – Apps

Innovation – games

  • Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile: One of those war games that are unfortunately becoming more and more realistic graphically
  • Lost-in-Play: An imaginative cartoon-style sibling adventure (I had a lot of fun with it!)
  • Wavelength: Party game for several people in which assessments and opinions are guessed

Interaction apps

Interaction – Games

  • Little Nightmares: A spooky puzzle adventure with some horror elements (I recommend it!)
  • rhythms: Here music is created by solving labyrinth puzzles
  • finity.: In limited moves, tiles must be moved to create rows of the same color

Social Impact Apps

Social Impact – Games

  • The Wreck: A playable visual novel that explores family, loss and other elements of life
  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder: A slightly more colorful, well-rounded version of the city building simulation
  • The Bear: A hand-drawn, interactive bedtime story (first chapter is free)

Visuals and Graphics – Apps

  • Sunlitt: Graphically impressive presentation of data about the sun, the position of the sun, solar events and more
  • Meditate: Meditation aid with timer, widgets, standby mode, health integration and more
  • Rooms: like this

Visuals and Graphics – Games

Spatial Computing – Apps

  • Sky Guide: Interactive, digital planetarium with lots of information and data about the night sky
  • NBA: Info, stats, live feeds and more for basketball fans
  • djay: DJ software that can be combined with Apple Music in the Pro version

Spatial Computing – Games

  • Synth Riders: Rhythm game with 80s classics that is subtly reminiscent of Beat Saber
  • Blackbox: Shallow puzzle adventure in augmented reality
  • Loona: Cozy Puzzle Games: Designing 3D dioramas with puzzle and story elements

The winners are expected to be announced soon

While it last year 32 places in the final there were now 42 chances to win the Apple Design Award. A few apps were able to grab two places - and at least in the case of Procreate Dreams, I'm sure that this will also lead to an award.

Der laut official developer website Apple will announce the winners soon. Then it doesn't take long and it's up and running WWDC24 in front of the door. This starts on Monday, June 10, 2024. iOS 18, macOS 15 and other new Apple operating systems are expected; this year with a focus on AI integration.

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