Apple HomePod Reset - Reset when music is playing or Siri is spinning

Not that there are excessive error messages regarding the HomePod, which is now also available in Germany, but knowing about a HomePod reset for troubleshooting is always good. So if you want to reset the Apple HomePod because the music doesn't play or Siri is looking for answers but can't find them even after a long time, then you've come to the right place. I have put together two options for you to set the voice assistant loudspeaker from Cupertino to the factory settings.

You can initiate the Apple HomePod reset to reset to factory settings directly on the speaker or in the Home app on the iPhone.
You can initiate the Apple HomePod reset to reset to factory settings directly on the speaker or in the Home app on the iPhone.

Reset Apple HomePod: Here's how!

Regardless of whether it's a single HomePod or a stereo double pack, resetting the Apple speaker is not that difficult. So if you have problems playing music or the Use for the audio output of the Apple TV or if Siri does not do what it should, then you just follow these steps:

  1. First the Home App on the connected iPhone / iPad
  2. HomePod icon Hold down until the large view appears
  3. On Details Tap to make settings
  4. Scroll down and Remove device choose file
  5. HomePod will be reset to factory settings and all settings will be removed
  6. Restart the Apple HomePod 
  7. Reconnect devices (hold iPhone close to speaker)

"Hard reset" as an alternative

As an alternative to the above procedure in the Home App and handling the matter via iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch), you can also perform a reset directly on the Apple HomePod to reset to factory settings. The procedure is then as follows:

  1. Disconnect the HomePod from the power supply and plug it in again
  2. Then place your finger directly on the touch control surface of the device
  3. Wait until the light changes from white to red, a voice output and then three beeps are played
  4. Remove your finger from the top of the speaker again
  5. Open the Home app and add the reset device again

With this procedure it can happen that the HomePod is displayed twice in the Home app because it has not yet been removed after the reset. In this case, close the app and restart it. Then the HomePod reset should be recognized and you can add the speaker again as an individually displayed accessory. If you have two copies, you have to go through the process twice;)

Your tips on HomePod reset

The Apple HomePod will probably arrive soon at the Apfelot house - then there will certainly be one and the other report with first-hand tips and tricks here in the blog. Until then, I'm looking forward to your feedback. Do you have any comments about HomePod Reset or other audio accessory options and features? Cupertino? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic!

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