Apple iPhone 13 battery capacity in mAh and Wh

Apple presented the new iPhone models two weeks ago. The first devices are now in the hands of the users. But repair professionals and other curious people have also got an iPhone 13 (mini) or iPhone 13 Pro (Max) to take a closer look. Accordingly, a few impressions from inside the devices have been brought to light. This includes, for example, the battery capacity of each of the four models. In this post you will find the Apple iPhone 13 battery capacity, compared to the iPhone 12 models.

Overview: Battery capacities from iPhone (2007) to iPhone 13 Pro Max (2021)

Here you can find the Apple iPhone 13 battery capacity in mAh and Wh - for all models from the mini to the Pro Max. There is also a clear comparison with the batteries from the iPhone 12 series.
Here you can find the Apple iPhone 13 battery capacity in mAh and Wh - for all models from the mini to the Pro Max. There is also a clear comparison with the batteries from the iPhone 12 series.

iPhone 13 (mini / Pro / Pro Max) battery capacity: comparison with iPhone 12 (mini / Pro / Pro Max)

From the iPhone 13 mini to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the Apple smartphones were all announced this year with a larger battery. As always, Apple was reluctant to give precise details and only said that the battery life would increase by 1,5 to 2,5 hours. But now the exact numbers have been determined - and they allow the following comparison:

iPhone 12 iPhone 13
mini 2.227 mAh 2.406 mAh
- 2.815 mAh 3.227 mAh
Pro 2.815 mAh 3.095 mAh
Pro Max 3.687 mAh 4.352 mAh

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Apple iPhone 13 battery capacity in mAh and Wh

The specification in milliampere hours, i.e. mAh, is of course only the so-called nominal capacity. Certainly some are now insisting that the specification in watt-hours, i.e. with the abbreviation Wh, is more precise. That's why I have entered these for you in the following overview. So you are fully informed and know exactly which power bank, which battery case and which charger fits your device.

Nominal capacity in mAh Capacity in Wh
iPhone 13mini 2.406 mAh 9,34 Wh
iPhone 13 3.227 mAh 12,41 Wh
iPhone 13 Pro 3.095 mAh 11,97 Wh
iPhone 13 Pro Max 4.352 mAh 16,75 Wh

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8 comments on “Apple iPhone 13 battery capacity in mAh and Wh”

    1. Hello Nicolas! No, the Wh specification tells you how much capacity the battery that is built into the device has. A lower value means that the battery cannot deliver as much electrical energy as a battery with a larger number of Wh. But you cannot necessarily also close the runtime of the iPhone with it, since a model with the same battery may have a faster and has a more efficient processor and therefore manages energy better than another iPhone model.

  1. Hello, Jens

    Thank you for the explanations!
    At least it is good to know that the iPhone 13 has installed larger batteries again.
    But now Apple has to get a grip on iOS 15 first

    Greetings and a nice Weekend

  2. I am a latest adopter!
    First of all, take a look at what is not running properly: the forums on iFun, iTopNews and iSzene are full of bugs, glitches and even absolute uselessness.

    It looks like I'll be playing at 15.1 at the earliest.

    1. Well, then I was lucky! “Almost” everything is still working for me. Only my mail does not want to send any more mails. But I can live with that for a few days/weeks as long as it works on the Mac. :D

  3. Jens, that alone would be a pure nightmare for me!
    I actually hadn't heard of the bug 😂

    I have the feeling that Apple's beta versions are actually alpha versions and now with the final release the beta test begins with the end users!

    1. I have to admit that I'm beginning to feel the same way. :D For people who work a lot with the iPhone or iPad, emailing is really no fun. Especially since it's an error where I'm supposed to check the settings for the "outgoing mail servers". I can't even influence them because Apple Mail takes care of that itself if you use an address. That's pretty strange...

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