Apple May Event 2024: The iPad keynote summarized

Today, out of the ordinary, Apple's May event took place again. Everything revolved around the new models of the iPad Air and the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil Pro was also presented with new functions and usage options. The rumor that the new Pro models of the iPad will be equipped with the M4 chip has also been confirmed to be true. But not only that: TandemOLED, a new display technology, was also introduced for the iPad Pro. The topic of AI has also played a role, but not yet to the extent that it does for them WWDC24 in June is expected.

Here you can find information about the new iPad Air with M2 and iPad Pro with M4. Also details about the Apple Pencil Pro with press and roll functions as well as haptic feedback.
Here you can find information about the new iPad Air with M2 and iPad Pro with M4. Also details about the Apple Pencil Pro with press and roll functions as well as haptic feedback.

The introduction by Tim Cook

After the welcome from Apple CEO Tim Cook, the iPad presentation today focused on the Vision Pro VR glasses and the MacBook Air. Their successes and possible uses were highlighted. However, the Vision Pro has not been announced for markets outside the USA. But this could happen before or during WWDC24 in June.

Then there was the transition to the iPad, which was touted as a mobile and extensively usable solution in different areas - from schools to architectural offices, from drawing and painting to design, music and film production. In this way, all possible target groups were brought on board. Curiosity was aroused.

The new iPad Air with 11-inch and 13-inch displays

Then it was about the new products from Apple. It started with the iPad Air, which is now available with both an 11-inch and 13-inch display. The new models also have the M2 chip installed. The front camera is now located above the Liquid Retina display when it is rotated to landscape orientation. 

Compared to the iPad Air with A14 chip, the models with M2 should be able to deliver three times the performance. This also applies to the AI ​​functions integrated into iPadOS, such as Visual Lookup and the like. The new iPad Air is compatible with the Magic Keyboard and the Apple Pencil as well as the new Apple Pencil Pro (see below). It also supports its hover feature.

The new iPad Air can now be ordered at prices starting at 699 euros (11 inches) and 949 euros (13 inches). It will go on sale next Friday, May 15, 2024. The case is available in four colors and there are storage options of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB to choose from. You can also choose between pure WLAN models and those with additional mobile phone support.

The new iPad Pro with “Ultra Retina XDR” display

The iPad Pro is not only intended to expand the limits of what is possible on the move, but also to break them. For this purpose, the two new models with 11-inch and 13-inch displays were equipped with the new M4 chip. This means they skip directly over the M3 chip, which was only introduced for the Mac six months ago. In addition to a more powerful Neural Engine (16 cores, up to 38 trillion operations per second), the CPU and GPU are also at the next level - for example thanks to the 3-nanometer architecture of the 2nd generation.

In addition to the power under the hood, it was also updated. At just 5,3 mm (11-inch model) and 5,1 mm (13-inch model), the new iPad Pros are the thinnest Apple devices to date. The new display, which provides up to 1.000 nits of regular brightness and up to 1.600 nits of HDR brightness, consists of two OLED layers. This technology was named “TandemOLED” by Apple. The display itself is called “Ultra Retina XDR”. In addition to the smooth display glass, the iPad Pro can now also be purchased with a nano texture, which reduces annoying reflections.

The advantages of the new iPad Pro were highlighted for all possible areas (film production, gaming, design, 3D modeling, music production, drawing and painting, animation, etc.). The update to version 2 has been announced for both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, making even more possible on the iPad Pro. The new app called Final Cut Camera ensures live selection and integration of up to four iPhone cameras in film projects on the iPad. Graphite and copper inserts dissipate the iPad Pro's heat better. It can be pre-ordered from 1.199 euros (11 inches) or 1.549 euros (13 inches). It will be in stores from May 15th.

The new Apple Pencil Pro

Many rumors have come true about the new Apple Pencil Pro: it has haptic feedback and a new squeeze function. When pressed, a radial menu appears on the display (or another specified function is performed). It also now responds to being rolled while in use. This allows you to rotate brushes in drawing apps, for example. The Apple Pencil Pro also has the “Where is?“-Support for searching.

The functions for the Apple Pencil Pro that developers can individually develop were demonstrated using Procreate (drawing app) and Procreate Dreams (animation app). In Procreate, brushes can be rotated by rolling the stylus. In addition, pressing the pen brings up a radial menu. If it is pressed in the hover position, the layer below it will be selected. In Procreate Dreams, objects can no longer just be moved using Apple Pencil, but can also be rotated at the same time. Like the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, the new Pro version also costs 149 euros, but is only compatible with the new iPads Air and Pro from 2024.

More information from the “Let loose” event

There is a new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, which is not only lighter and thinner than its predecessor, but also has function keys and haptic feedback for the trackpad. The iPad Pro should increasingly become a MacBook alternative.

Additionally, there were no hardware updates for the regular iPad or iPad mini. While the latter has to do without any innovations, at least the 10th generation iPad is now offered cheaper - in Germany from 429 euros (previously 579 euros). The 9th generation iPad is no longer offered.

The Apple Special Event from May 7, 2024 as a YouTube video

You can catch up on the event here:

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