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For what feels like an eternity there have been rumors and gossip about VR and AR glasses from Apple. In addition to this term, the term mixed reality headset has also become established. No matter what Apple wants to call the device type in the end, the product name could be "Reality Pro". A total of around 1.500 people are said to have worked on it for over seven years, and the device is due to be presented this year - possibly as part of WWDC23 Keynote. This and other new information was released this week. I have summarized what else there might be as the last rumors before the release for you here.

With the Apple Reality Pro Headset, you should be able to do without a controller and control everything with your bare hands. There are also virtual environments for phone calls, movies, Mac use and more. A small production volume is intended to open up the market.
With the Apple Reality Pro Headset, you should be able to do without a controller and control everything with your bare hands. There are also virtual environments for phone calls, movies, Mac use and more. A small production volume is intended to open up the market.

TL;DR: Summarizing all the important points of this post

  • The headset, which may be called "Reality Pro", is said to have eye and hand control
  • Production is slated to start next month and the official launch could take place in June
  • Apps should be able to be selected from a grid overview like on the iPhone
  • In FaceTime there should be phone calls with a virtual representation of the other person
  • A total of 14 cameras are used for control, body scanning and more
  • Two 4K displays are to be used to display the VR content and AR content 
  • Several apps known from the iPhone, iPad and Mac should also be usable with the headset
  • In combination with the Mac, the headset can display a virtual monitor
  • In addition to the Pro model, a budget model will appear later
  • The price of the first model should be around 3.000 US dollars

Mark Gurman sheds light on Apple's mixed reality headset

This week, Mark Gurman shared all sorts of details about Apple's VR and AR headset in various Bloomberg publications. Assuming that his information is correct, the device should be presented in the next few months. Production in China is scheduled to start at the end of February. As soon as the headset is on the market, it should convince with eye and hand control. Accordingly, controllers will not be used, but rather several cameras that recognize hand movements and gestures and have them interpreted in real time by correspondingly powerful chips. The operating system (realityOS, ros o. Ä.) should bring an iPhone-like app overview in grid form.

Mark Gurman at Bloomberg also gives an example of gesture control. It should be possible to start apps in the said grid overview by bringing your thumb and index finger together. So similar to the gesture with which you zoom out on an iPhone or iPad display. One of the apps that can be launched this way is said to be FaceTime. At the start of the product, two people (more later) should be able to call each other in VR. Visually, the other person should then be shown in their entirety - i.e. a conversation between two virtual people who are standing or sitting opposite each other. A total of 14 cameras are to be used to image the person, hand recognition and more.

In order to offer the best graphics quality, a 4K display should be used for each eye. This should also allow the apps known from other Apple systems to be displayed in high quality. From Safari and Mail to the calendar and health to maps and Apple TV, there should be a lot. There should be a virtual cinema environment for watching videos and films, in which of course Apple tv+ can also be played. Furthermore, the headset should be able to be paired with the Mac in order to use it as a virtual monitor. 

The market analysis for the Apple Reality Pro Headset

The first version of the headset will most likely not be a bestseller. However, it is assumed that the device is only used to open up the market and form the basis for future developments. Accordingly, “only” one million devices are to be produced. These are to be offered for a price of 3.000 US dollars each - and possibly exclusively in the USA. Only later, in late 2024 or early 2025, will a $1.500 model be launched for a wider audience. Therefore, it is speculated that the first model has a "Pro" in the name. It is still unclear what compromises will have to be made in the subsequent model.

Apple is said to continue to plan a store-in-store concept for the sale of the new headsets. Accordingly, there should be dedicated areas in Apple stores where the devices can be viewed and tried out. The idea is not new as the same sales strategy was used when the Apple Watch was introduced. Like the smartwatch, the mixed reality headset should slowly but surely develop into a solid source of income. That would help spread the revenue across more areas and take the burden off the iPhone. This currently accounts for 52% of Apple's income, alongside 7,4% iPad, 10,2% Mac, 10,5% Wearables and 19,8% Services.

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You can find more details and rumors about the Apple Reality Pro headset as well as information about the functions and economic considerations for everything in this article from the business magazine Bloomberg.

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