Apple September Keynote 2021 - All the products we expect

The fact that Apple is launching the iPhone 13 this year can almost be set in stone. But which devices and which accessories will the technology giant present? What can we expect at the September Keynote 2021 - and will it be just one event? Below we've tried to find a few answers to these questions. Of course, a lot is still based on rumors, but these always contain a bit of truth and, in the Apple environment, are based on reports from the supply chain or on statements from expert analysts. 

Many new devices can be expected for the Apple September Keynote 2021: iPhone 13, iPad mini 6, AirPods 3, Apple Watch 7, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, accessories for the Smart Home, and more. Here you get an insight!
Many new devices can be expected for the Apple September Keynote 2021: iPhone 13, iPad mini 6, AirPods 3, Apple Watch 7, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, accessories for the Smart Home, and more. Here you get an insight!

Apple iPhone 13

It is absolutely certain that Apple will present the iPhone 2021 in 13. If thirteen were to be removed in favor of superstition in some countries and regions, the iPhone 12S could be too. Four models are expected to come onto the market again: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Expectations include the A15 chip as SoC, an OLED display with 120 Hz, and a camera update with larger lenses and possibly a narrower notch. That already this year Touch and Face ID under the display be built in seems impossible. The notch introduced with the iPhone X in 2017 remains a bit longer.

Counselor: These iPhone models are compatible with iOS 15

Apple iPad mini 6

The last update for the iPad and iPad Air was in 2020. The iPad Pro came out this year with an M1 chip. The iPad mini, on the other hand, was last given a new model in 2019. Therefore, some sources observing the market consider it possible that the iPad mini of the 2021th generation will be presented this year at the Apple September Keynote 6. Little more than that is hardly known. One can only speculate about possible technical equipment. Probably no M-Chip will be used in the mini-model, but an A-Chip. The A12 Bionic was installed last - so it's time for an upgrade.

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Watch Apple 7

Some adjustments are also predicted for the new smartwatch from Apple. The Apple Watch 7 is said to have a revised design and longer battery life. The new chip, which - similar to the iPhone - appears in a new generation every year and enables new functions, should also help. New health features are also expected again. For example, measuring blood sugar levels has long been a rumor. In addition to EKG, pulse measurement, blood oxygen measurement, fitness tracking, sleep recording and all other previous options, this would be a further gain in terms of smartwatch functionalities. We can definitely be curious.

Counselor: These watch models are compatible with watchOS 8

Apple AirPods 3

The first generation of Apple AirPods came on the market in 2016, five years ago. The second generation appeared in April 2019, a few months before the Pro earbuds. For the Apple September Keynote 2021, the release of the Apple AirPods in the 3rd generation is expected. In addition to a new design for the headphones and the charging case, there should be a longer battery life, better noise suppression and a few completely new functions. It is possible that the operation is also adapted. In addition, it is quite possible that Apple will shake a few audio magic out of its sleeve again, for which at least the AirPods 3 or newer headphones from their own range are required.

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Apple MacBook Pro with M1X or M2 chip

Since the first M1 computers were released, Apple laptop users have been waiting for other models that are a bit bigger. Because last year Apple also launched a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro with “Apple Silicon” as a desktop solution in addition to the Apple mini, but only with the smallest display variants. This fall, which will tend to be part of the Apple September Keynote 2021, MacBook Pro models with 14- and 16-inch displays will appear. It is expected that these will bring the next generation of chips, i.e. M1X or M2, with them. In addition, more connections, a waiver of the touch bar and mini-LED as screen technology are expected. 

Counselor: These Mac models are compatible with macOS Monterey

Apple MacBook Air in different colors

With the departure of Intel chips and the possibility of new features through Apple's own SoCs, the computers from Cupertino are also being redesigned. We have z. B. seen with the iMac, which not only got a new shape, but - based on the very first iMac - came on the market in different colors. This concept could now also be adopted for the MacBook Air. There were rumors about this as early as May, as we showed here in the blog: Leak - New MacBook Air as colorful as the 24-inch iMac? Too many more details about the new Air model are not yet known. But here, too, the M1X or M2 can be expected as the SoC.

Preview: That's how fast the new Apple M1X / M2 processor will be

Apple iMac with 27 or 32 inch screen diagonal

After the first iMac with M-Chip, further variants of the desktop computer with macOS could follow as part of the Apple September Keynote 2021. A larger selection could follow, especially with regard to the display size. Looking back on previous Apple products, it is already clear that the 24-inch model will be followed by a 27-inch screen diagonal. It is also rumored that an iMac with a 32-inch display will be available in autumn 2021. But maybe the rumor mill is taking over a bit. It remains to be seen whether a new iMac will have Face ID after the keyboard with Touch ID.

All data: The Apple iMac with a 24-inch display and an M1 chip

Apple devices for the smart home

Apple is slowly but surely focusing its devices on the user's home and wants to play an important role in the smart home. In addition, Apple does not only mix in Smart Home Standard Matter with, but also wants to offer various networking options for everything to do with the iPhone, Apple TV and the home pod mini create an attractive offer. The next steps could be a speaker with a screen (similar to Amazon's Echo Show) and / or a television soundbar with a built-in Apple TV. Furthermore, the VR and AR headsets from Apple are also expected, which can be used not least at home for gaming and similar applications.

Open question: Should Apple introduce a homeOS?

Too much for just one Apple Special Event in 2021?

Last year, Apple had to break with the event routine around the September keynote due to the Covid 19 pandemic. For example, there was no new iPhone in September 2020. The iPhone 12 models didn't appear until October. In November there was a third event with product presentations. Apple could do the same again this year. We can assume that the special events from the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park will again run as pre-recorded streams. In addition to the September keynote, there could also be an October and November keynote in 2021. What do you think about all of this? Please leave a comment :)

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