Apple Vision Pro – the price in Germany? WTF... or ok?

Apple Vision Pro price

One of the most talked about aspects of the Apple Vision Pro is its price. At $3499, it's undoubtedly more expensive than everyone expected. The leaks assumed 2500 USD and some people got heavy eye rolls.

And I have to admit that 30 seconds into the Vision Pro presentation I said “Shut up and take my money!”. But when I saw 3500 USD, I had my doubts.

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The price announcement for the Apple Vision Pro headset is significantly higher than the rumor mill had predicted.

3500 USD is about 4200 EUR

If you think you can simply translate 3500 US dollars into 3500 euros, you are unfortunately wrong. The US price does not include VAT and the euro is currently weaker than the US dollar. Accordingly, something else is added here. The bottom line is that we should probably end up with a price of 4200 euros.

This severely limits the target group for the Vision Pro and you can be sure that it will not become a mass product for the time being. Of course it may well be that the apple vision pro 2 and 3 will then be significantly cheaper, but we currently have the hefty price on our cheeks.

Update: Explanation of my assessment based on a sample calculation

A reader wrote to me today that I should correct my estimate of the price, because after all the euro is stronger than the dollar and my conversion is wrong.

No she is not. I like to show it using an existing product that is within the price range of the VR glasses: the Mac Studio with the M2 Ultra chip.

The Mac Studio M2 Ultra is $3.999 in the US. If you look at this exact model in the German Apple store, you will find a price of 4.799 euros. Now calculate the Apple USD to EUR conversion rate:

4799 / 3999 = 1,20 (and a few crushes)

If you now take the rounded up US price for the Vision Pro of 3500 USD and multiply it by 1,20 you get: 4200 EUR. And that's exactly the price I've been touting as the probable price for the Vision Pro all along. I think I'm pretty good with that.

Is the Apple Vision Pro worth the price?

It has already been mentioned that this product is the most complex piece of technology that Apple has ever created. And if I'm not mistaken, I had heard somewhere that the pure material value was 1300 to 1500 USD. Then there are all the development costs, because Apple seems to have been working on the concept of the glasses for many (5-7!) years.

Calculated on this basis alone, the glasses are "expensive" from my point of view, but the price is somehow justified.

But the second question is: Is the Vision Pro MIR worth the money? That's something I can't answer because everyone has to discuss it for themselves. If it's a piece of equipment that I use for several hours a day and ultimately earn money with it and maybe even deduct it from my taxes, then the glasses are definitely worth the money.

However, if I only occasionally watch a film or want to switch off mentally, then it might be an expensive gadget. But if you have the money, why not buy it?

The Vision Pro for spatial computing is definitely on my shopping list, but I just have to see if I actually have that much money on the high edge at the beginning of 2024.

The Quest 2 and especially the Quest 3 are probably better options if you are looking for VR glasses for gaming.
The Quest 2 and especially the Quest 3 are probably better options if you are looking for VR glasses for gaming.

Are there cheap alternatives to the Vision Pro?

Of course there are VR glasses, like the Meta Quest 2 or the Meta Quest Pro, which cost less and with which you can also do many things that you can also experience with the Vision Pro. The Quest Pro can also watch films that feel like they are being played on a giant screen with decent quality. And the Quest 3 will also get passthrough in colorful and the Quest Pro already has it.

But all competitor glasses have to give up on these points:

  • There is no way to create a virtual monitor with such sharp graphics for his Mac in AR.
  • Deep integration into the Apple system is reserved for the Vision Pro
  • The extremely high resolution of 4K for each eye is currently only possible with the Vision Pro.

So it's hard to compare the glasses with each other.

In addition, Apple has not said a word about the availability of real VR games on the Vision Pro. So if you like to gamble, you should be better – and cheaper – with the Quest 3 or currently with the Quest Pro in the fall. The Quest 3 will retail for EUR 569 - a fraction of the price you'll pay for the Vision Pro.

And last but not least, the Vision Pro has zeroed in on a user. The iris recognition allows only one person to use this device, making it impossible for the kids to play around with it when the main character is someone else. In this case you are also better served with other VR glasses.

My conclusion

We have already clarified what the price for the Vision Pro is. USD 3499 is announced in the USA and in Germany we will have to reckon with EUR 4200 to 4500. Whether the Apple glasses are worth this high price will only become clear when we see the first test reports and when you have discussed with yourself what you could use the glasses for.


Hopefully, all questions about price and costs are answered here:

How much does the Apple Vision Pro cost?

Apple has only said the headset will retail for $3499 in the US. In Germany you will probably have to pay something around 4200 to 4500 euros with taxes and EUR-USD fines.

Is the Vision Pro worth the money?

From a purely technical point of view, there should currently be no product that can hold a candle to Apple's AR VR glasses. The built-in technology is years ahead of the other glasses and the material costs are probably almost 1500 USD. So I would say: Yes, the glasses are worth the money.

Why is the Vision Pro so much more expensive than all other VR glasses?

On the one hand because the technology in it is much better and on the other hand because I think it appeals to a different target group. While the Quest 2 and 3 focus more on gaming experiences, the Vision Pro is aimed at people who work productively with it. Both the hardware and the software are of correspondingly high quality.

When is the Apple Vision Pro coming out?

Unfortunately, Apple only gave "early 2024" as the release date. It can therefore be assumed that the Apple glasses will be available for sale between January and April 2024.

Is there a cheaper alternative to the Vision Pro?

Not really. There are currently no glasses that offer all the features and technical specifications of the Apple VR/AR glasses. Of course there are cheaper VR glasses, but they lack many functions, high resolution and integration into the Apple ecosystem.

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4 Responses to “Apple Vision Pro – the price in Germany? WTF… or ok?”

    1. I'm open to criticism, but I see no need to correct the price here. Why? Let's just take a look at the Mac Studio M2 Ultra, which costs $3999. In Germany, exactly this model costs 4799 EUR. If you do the math now, you get an Apple exchange rate of 1 USD = 1,20 EUR. So let's take the price of the Vision Pro in the US and multiply it by this conversion rate: $3499 * 1,2 = 4.198 EUR. So about 4200 EUR.

  1. The euro is equal to 1,09 dollars. It is stronger than the dollar. Therefore the price should be around 3.200 euros. Just check it and you will find it is correct.

    1. Hello Martin! A few years ago we had the case that the euro was worth more than the US dollar. Nevertheless, Apple devices were always more expensive than the pure conversion rate. There is also 19% tax, so you can't end up with 3200 EUR.

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