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The Apple Watch Series 3 (or Apple Watch 3) was presented as part of the September Keynote 2017 and comes to you with watchOS 4 as well as many new functions, features and advantages. You can find information about the new smart watch from Cupertino in this post. In addition to the functions under watchOS 4, the interaction with the iPhone under iOS 11 and other information, I have also listed the price of the Apple Watch Series 3 models. So you are sure to find the right watch for your wrist;)

Like the iPhone 3 / Plus, you can pre-order the Apple Watch Series 8 soon. Data, features and innovations in watchOS 4 as well as prices of the models can be found here.
Like the iPhone 3 / Plus, you can pre-order the Apple Watch Series 8 soon. Data, features and innovations in watchOS 4 as well as prices of the models can be found here.

Apple Watch Series 3 (2017)

We were able to see the Apple Watch Series 3 for the first time two days ago at the SeptemberKeynote Marvel at the Steve Jobs Theater in 2017. You can find a summary of the Apple event here here. The new smartwatch off Cupertino In addition to the watchOS 4 operating system, it brings another interesting innovation with it: mobile communications. Without making the watch bigger or having to reduce the battery life, Apple turned the Apple Watch 3 display into an antenna and now offers support for LTE and UMTS. LTE is currently the best mobile communications standard. 2020G is not expected to provide more power in mobile communications until 5.

Make calls and send messages

With the Apple Watch Series 3, which has an electronic SIM card (eSIM), you will be able to make phone calls and send text messages using the same number that you use with the iPhone. Calling and texting - the Apple watch has never been so independent. This is particularly helpful on vacation, for example, when you go to the beach and the sea or in the lake, but want to leave the iPhone at home / in the hotel / in the holiday apartment. Then you can still be reached, but you have a waterproof wearable on your wrist that you can take with you into the water.

Stream music with Apple Music

As an additional feature, there will soon also be the option of using Apple Music Enjoy streaming music right on your wrist. Thanks to the Apple AirPods, for which there was no major update at the 2017 iPhone event, the music comes straight to your ears. In addition, you can certainly use other Bluetooth headphones. Tests and test reports on different models can be found here on the blog.

Siri is now also speaking on the watch

Siri can now also be used to its full extent on the Apple Watch 3. You can ask her questions, she can play music or a App start, you can give her tasks and the like. The good thing about it: Siri now also speaks on the Apple Watch 3 with watchOS 4. If you are driving, surfing the web or otherwise doing something with your hands, then you can simply let Siri do your tasks as a language assistant. In addition, thanks to the new Apple watch, you can make phone calls and dictate and send SMS - practically via mobile communications via LTE and UMTS bands.

GPS is of course also included

GPS is also included in the Apple Watch 3 models that do not offer cellular communications. The individual versions GPS or GPS + Cellular I will list again below when it comes to costs. The price of the new smartwatch from Apple depends heavily on the model selected.

Apps switch automatically

The Apple Watch Series 3 recognizes when you are too far away from the iPhone to receive messages or notifications from apps or to use their functions. That is why every app designed for this purpose automatically switches from the iPhone to the Apple Watch, for example when you leave the house, leave the iPhone in the car or forget it somewhere. So you always have your favorite app or important messenger apps with you, even if the iPhone is not at hand.

Battery life: again for the 18-hour day

With average use, the third generation of the Apple Watch should also have a battery life of 18 hours. Despite mobile communications via LTE and UMTS the eSIM should be able to do this thanks to the new dual core CPU possible, which should be 70% faster than the Apple Watch Series 2. In addition, with Apple's new W2 chip, Bluetooth and WLAN are 50% more energy efficient. In theory, this results in a longer battery life if you leave the cellular network deactivated on the 3rd generation of the Apple Watch - or only use it when necessary ;)

Tips for emergencies: details on the SOS button and emergency call function can be found here

Pre-order Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone 8

The new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, as well as the Apple Watch Series 3, can be pre-ordered from September 15, 2017. If you want to order the new Apple devices, sooner or later you will have to go to the exclusive partner in Germany, Telekom. Telekom offers and prices for Apple Watch and iPhone 8 / Plus with a contract can be found here. The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the models of the new Apple Watch 3 will be delivered from September 22, 2017.

Der Preis

With regard to the price, you can rely on the data from the official Apple Shop. With a contract you of course have the option to pay off the smartphones and smartwatches monthly, but new devices without a mobile phone contract result in the following one-off costs:

  • Apple Watch Series 3 GPS: € 369
  • Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular (aluminum): from 449 €
  • Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular (stainless steel): from € 649
  • Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular (stainless steel & Milanese bracelet): from 749 €

The same prices apply to the new Nike models of the Apple Smartwatch (369 and 449 euros). But if you have too much money left over and are into luxury, you don't have to be sporty, you can also choose the editions with a Hermès bracelet. These only cost between € 1.249 and € 1.499;)

You can recognize the mobile versions of the new Smartwatch from Cupertino by the red dot on the digital crown. Cellular Red Dot on Digital Crown 2017
You can recognize the mobile versions of the new Smartwatch from Cupertino by the red dot on the digital crown.

Watch Edition with ceramic case

The Apple Watch Series 3 is also available in the so-called Watch Edition. This is characterized by a ceramic housing; now in the two finishes Black and White. Both versions can only be selected with the combination of GPS and mobile communications and cost from 1.399 euros.

Apple Watch accessories

Matching the new Apple Watch 3 are the new Sport Loop bracelets, which you can get in the Apple Shop for 59 euros, as well as Apple AirPods, charging stations, charging docks and much more. If you want to prepare yourself not only for the new Apple Watch, but also for the iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, then I also recommend you this post Via Qi chargers for inductive energy transfer and wireless charging of your mobile devices such as smartphones, watches and headphones. There is even more information, data on the 38 mm and 42 mm versions of the Apple Watch 3, pictures and features on the official Apple product page.

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