Apple Watch Ultra 2 – specifications, images and price

Next to the iPhone 15 Plus, the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) and the Apple Watch Series 9 became yesterday too Apple Watch Ultra 2 presented. However, the largest and most powerful of the Apple Watch models has not been completely relaunched. Only a few incentives have been created for those who were previously hesitant to buy - such as Siri processing on the device, a gesture for hands-free operation and a brighter display. Compared to the original launch last year, there was nothing outstanding or surprising about the Apple Watch Ultra this time.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 brings a few small, useful updates: a more powerful system for on-device Siri processing, a brighter display, the double-tap gesture for hands-free operation, new U-chip and carbon neutrality. More about that in this post!
The Apple Watch Ultra 2 brings a few small, useful updates: a more powerful system for on-device Siri processing, a brighter display, the double-tap gesture for hands-free operation, new U-chip and carbon neutrality. More about that in this post!

Apple Watch Ultra 2 – Specifications

Many of the specs can be done from last year take over, because as already mentioned, the Apple Watch Ultra was not reinvented in its second edition. Nevertheless, the (albeit few) innovations should be recorded. And that's why you'll find the most important technical data for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 below. I've then listed the most important innovations for use.

  • Manufacturer: Apple
  • Model: Watch Ultra 2
  • Device type: Smartwatch
  • Case Size: 49mm
  • Housing material: Titan
  • Display: Always-On Retina Display
  • Display brightness: up to 3.000 nits for best outdoor readability
  • Chip: S9 SiP
  • Siri on device: yes
  • Operating system: watchOS 10
  • Internal memory: 64 GB
  • Input options: display, crown, side button and action button
  • Hands-free operation: Double-tap gesture with the index finger and thumb of the carrying arm hand
  • Action button: colored button on the edge of the housing with immediate access to functions such as training, compass waypoints, compass backtrack, etc.
  • Sensors: Temperature sensors for cycle and ovulation monitoring, motion sensors for crash detection, heart rate, blood oxygen, ECG, navigation sensors for compass, altitude and diving depth, and some more
  • Battery life: up to 36 hours under normal use, up to 72 hours in power saving mode
  • Speakers: two speakers for better audio output and integrated alarm sound as a siren for attention after accidents or similar.
  • Microphones: three microphones
  • Mobile communications: all models of the Apple Watch Ultra are GPS+Cellular and can therefore be used with mobile communications
  • Resistance to external influences: MIL-STD-810H certification for temperatures between -20°C and 55°C and various weather conditions
  • Use at altitudes: from valleys at 500 m below sea level to mountains at 9.000 m altitude
  • Waterproof: up to 100 meters water depth (WR100-certified)
  • Certification as a diving device: EN 13319 certification, measures underwater depth and water temperature up to 40 meters depth
  • Positioning: including dual-band GPS with L1 and L5

All changes at a glance

You can already find detailed information about the S9 SiP, the double-tap gesture and the like in the Summary of yesterday's keynote as well as in the article linked at the beginning about the Apple Watch Series 9. Therefore, below is just a quick overview of the new components, functions and usage options that set the Apple Watch Ultra 2 apart from its predecessor:

  • Display brightness: The peak brightness of the Apple Watch Ultra 2's display is 3.000 nits, while that of its predecessor is 2.000 nits.
  • S9 SiP: The more powerful system with 4-core neural engine ensures machine learning that is almost twice as fast.
  • Powerful Neural Engine: Siri requests are now processed directly on the device, rather than in the cloud (no cellular or WiFi required).
  • Health queries via Siri: Since Siri is data secure thanks to on-device processing, health data queries can now also be implemented.
  • Double-tap gesture: Motion sensors and the pulse sensor are now used to detect the double merging of the index finger and thumb, which can be used to operate the watch.
  • Made for extreme conditions: From 500 m below sea level (on land, not under water!) to 9.000 m altitude, it is the Apple device with the highest usage range in altitude.
  • Accurate Search: Thanks to the second generation ultra-wideband chip (U2 chip), more precise searching over a greater distance than before is possible (in conjunction with the iPhone 15 series).
  • Sustainability: When combined with a trail loop or an alpine loop, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is CO2 neutral (net balance).
  • Even more information: Official press release

When can you buy the Apple Watch Ultra 2?

The new Apple Watch Ultra 2 can be pre-ordered since yesterday. It will be available in stores from next Friday, September 22nd, 2023. Then you no longer have to look exclusively at Apple for purchase options, but can buy the professional watch from Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn, Cyberport and the like. We will probably inform you about Amazon offers.

The price: How much does the Apple Watch Ultra 2 cost?

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 costs €899.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 in the video

Unlike the other devices introduced yesterday, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 did not have its own introduction video. The adjustments to this smartwatch model were probably too small for that. You can watch the complete presentation in this video:

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  1. What does the battery life of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 look like if you stream music via LTE (Spotify or similar) and track your running training at the same time? Would she then be able to complete a marathon?

    1. Hello Martin,

      the Apple Watch Ultra 2 should last a marathon including the functions mentioned. This is what it says about the previous model here: “In power saving mode you can also do a long-distance triathlon. In the test, the battery lasted 2 days in the mountains - I was able to record 2x 5-hour training sessions."

      Best regards

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