These are the most important Apple YouTube channels and their content

Apple launched a new YouTube channel for developer content last week. This went with the official announcement of WWDC24 along. A good reason to take a look at what other Apple channels are on YouTube and what content you can find there. In addition to Apple's main English-language channels, you will also find the channel in German below. Of course, this should also be another German-speaking contact point for interesting videos with Apple and tech topics Sir Apfelot YouTube Channel don't go unmentioned :)

Here you will find a list of the most important YouTube channels with Apple content. Of course Sir Apfelot is also one of them :D
Here you will find a list of the most important YouTube channels with Apple content. Of course Sir Apfelot is also one of them :D

Apple's main channel on YouTube: @Apple

Using the URL you will find Apple's main channel, on which the live broadcasts of keynotes take place and which then remain available as VODs. The channel also features individual introduction videos and commercials for new devices. There are also “Shot on iPhone” clips and their making-of videos, so-called “tours” for introducing the use of new Apple devices, and so on. Up to a point, support and developer content was also uploaded to this channel. There are now separate channels for this.

Apple Support's YouTube channel: @AppleSupport

With the URL Apple's YouTube channel can be accessed for tutorials, tips and tricks. There are various guides and tutorials for the current operating systems, i.e. the currently offered versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, visionOS and Co.. The channel is also in English. Thanks to the visual accompaniment of the individual instructions with screenshots or animations and display recordings, individual topics become tangible even without a complete understanding of the language. It's definitely worth browsing through what's on offer to learn new things.

Everything about Apple TV+: @AppleTV

Trailers for new films and series on Apple TV+ as well as individual clips from this content, along with interviews and talks, are available on another separate YouTube channel. You can find this with the link to

New developer channel from Apple: @AppleDeveloper

Since last week there has been under the new Apple YouTube channel for developers and anyone else interested in the details of Apple operating systems, APIs, app development and design specifications. Since the channel opened, there have been a lot of instructions, sessions and explanatory videos from the WWDC23 uploaded. It can be assumed that the content of WWDC10 will also be made available from June 2024, 24. The next WWDC videos should follow every subsequent June.

The German-language Apple channel: @AppleDeutschland

With the URL You can reach Apple's YouTube channel for the German and, in several cases, other German-speaking audiences. For everyone who uses their Apple devices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and doesn't necessarily want to access the aforementioned content in English, here is a starting point. However, the offering is quite mixed, as no distinction is made between English-language channels as in the English-language channels shown above. There are therefore product advertisements, TV+ announcements, instructions, guides, tours, and so on. The channel's playlists tab provides some overview.

Sir Apfelot's YouTube channel: @Sir-Apfelot-Tech-News

Jens is currently investing some time in creating videos for the channel with the URL Here you will find instructions, tricks as well as Apple and tech news in moving images and sound. The perfect complement to the text-heavy blog. Check it out!

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