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29 November 2022
Smart String Lights LED light chain in the test

In the test: Smart LED light chain Smart String Lights Globe 3 cm

The manufacturer Lite Bulb Moments kindly provided me with the "Smart String Lights Globe 3 cm" LED light chain for a test report. That fits very well, of course, because we are heading straight into the Christmas season. [...]
25 November 2022

Oclean tooth cleaning tools with up to 50% Black Friday discount

Oclean has specialized in its products on tooth cleaning. The range therefore includes electric toothbrushes and oral irrigators as well as UV-C disinfection devices. For Black Friday, Oclean has also massively reduced its products and is offering discounts up to […]
24 November 2022

Yeedi vacuum and mopping robot with Black Friday deal

The manufacturer Yeedi has sent me one of their vacuum cleaner robots here and there for a test and so far no device has disappointed me. The last model that I am currently using shows […]
24 November 2022
welock deals

Welock Smart Lock door locks with up to 30% discount

Think what you will of Black Friday, but it's definitely the time to wait for if you're looking to buy tech stuff. The Welock company has also developed its smart door locks […]
18 November 2022

iOS Features Not Everyone Knows (Sponsor)

Apple, with its iOS operating system found on the iPhone, iPad or MacBook, is always good for surprises. Users often only find out long after the update what great features really are in iOS. [...]
14 November 2022
Trading Apps – Pros and Cons

The easy way to get started on the stock exchange with trading apps (sponsor)

With the smartphone, every user has the gateway to the world in their hands. This includes stock exchange trading, which experienced a boom as a result of digitization. The iOS operating system, together with Android for smartphones, is the […]
9 November 2022
VPN comparison in Germany

5 VPN Providers Compared, Features, Security and More...

From year to year it is becoming more and more difficult to ensure a secure Internet connection and to ensure sufficient anonymity on the Internet. Marketing agencies are targeting everyone's "digital footprint" to provide them with appropriate advertising […]
2 November 2022
macOS Ventura Settings Hibernation on Mac

macOS Ventura: Mac sleep settings

After the update to macOS Ventura, I started pondering how to set the time after which the Mac or MacBook Pro goes into sleep mode and the display is deactivated. Previously […]
31 October 2022
Photo macOS Ventura manual amac-buch Verlag

Manual in the test: macOS Ventura - The standard work on Apple's operating system by Anton Ochsenkühn

The premium video book by Anton Ochsenkühn on the new operating system for Macs is also published every year - to match the new macOS from Apple. And also this year I would like to present the new issue to you with […]
28 October 2022

What happens if you don't do a software update?

Modern devices and operating systems based on iOS and macOS are often very intrusive in informing users that one of the installed programs or the operating system itself is no longer up to date. […]