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Block contacts on WhatsApp on iOS iPhone from Apple

Yesterday, the Sir Apfelot blog was all about funny, interesting and appropriate moods WhatsApp status sayings; now it's about how to block a WhatsApp contact can. Because even if you make an announcement against annoying contacts in the status, sometimes only blocking helps against their nonsense. So here are two little instructions: Block a WhatsApp contact on iOS on the iPhone and block a WhatsApp contact on an Android smartphone. For the sake of completeness, I'll also give you the instructions for unblocking the blocked contacts;)

If you want to block a WhatsApp contact - and that on iOS on the iPhone or on an Android smartphone - then this guide should help you.
If you want to block a WhatsApp contact - and that on iOS on the iPhone or on an Android smartphone - then this guide should help you.

Block WhatsApp contact on iOS

Do you have a WhatsApp contact who is annoying or whom you do not know, but who is constantly sending messages? Or do you always get chain letters from someone via the messenger? Then maybe it is better if you block that person. And this is how you block contacts on the iPhone:

Open WhatsApp and tap on Settings. There you choose Account, subsequently Privacy and finally blocked out. Now you can select those to block from a list of contacts.

But what if you haven't saved the person who's annoying on your iPhone yet? Then simply open the corresponding chat history with this person / with the unknown number and tap on the option To block neben report spam. You can of course also report strange-looking strangers as spam.

Release WhatsApp contact on iOS again

Have you accidentally blocked someone or you want to resume the chat with a certain person and send messages, then you can undo the blockage. To do this, just open WhatsApp and follow the path again: Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> blocked. You swipe the contact to be released to the left and then tap on Release. Now you know how it all works under iOS on the iPhone - let's continue with Android:

Block WhatsApp contacts on Android

On an Android smartphone, too, you first open the messenger. Then you either tap on the menu button of the smartphone or on the three dots in the top right corner of the window. In short: open that Menu. Select the following points there: Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Blocked contacts. Then tap the add symbol in the top right again (a + and a person pictogram), in order to then select the contacts to block from the list of contacts.

But the number may not be saved on Android either. Then you open the chat with the person / number here and tap on To block. Or you report the sender as spam.

Share WhatsApp contacts on Android

If you want to receive messages from someone again or send messages to a person who has not yet been blocked, you can also disenchant the spell on Android. To do this, simply open WhatsApp and follow the path again Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Blocked contacts. Tap the contact to share and then select the appropriate option.

FAQ: Questions, Answers and Security

If you receive a strange message and use WhatsApp's option to block the sender, it will give you more security. Because chain letters, dubious contacts and the like can also be part of cyber criminal machinations. You can find even more about WhatsApp security, even more instructions, information and service in Messenger FAQ. You can download WhatsApp here.

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