Book recommendation: “GRM: Brainfuck” by Sibylle Berg

What will the UK look like after Brexit? What happens in and around London when privatization, digitization and artificial intelligence continue to spread? And how should children without functioning families cope in such an environment? The Swiss author Sibylle Berg addresses precisely these questions in her book “GRM: Brainfuck”. On 640 pages of the novel, readers accompany four children who no longer want to play in the possible dystopia - that is, in the government dictatorship in which the population suddenly receives a basic income, but only for those who let themselves be chipped.

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GRM: Brainfuck by Sibylle Berg was published in April 2019 and shows the approaching England after Brexit - a dystopia with hope. And grime.
GRM: Brainfuck by Sibylle Berg was published in April 2019 and shows the approaching England after Brexit - a dystopia with hope. And grime.

“GRM: Brainfuck” by Sibylle Berg

This book has already climbed Amazon's bestseller ranks in several categories: "Contemporary literature", "Coming-of-Age novels" and especially "Society novels". If you don't want to read 640 pages or can't get used to Sibylle Berg's writing style (which is sometimes a bit unique), you can take a look at the audio book. In this, the narrator Lisa Hrdina and the narrator Torben Kessler translate the written style very well into the spoken word in order to make Berg's tonality audible. The audio book is also available as a stream and download in Audible subscription. In addition to the printed and read work, you can of course also find a Kindle version on Amazon.

GRM: Brainfuck. novel
  • Berg, Sibylle (Author)
GRM: Brainfuck
  • Audio CD - audiobook
  • Berg, Sibylle (Author)
  • 26.06.2019 (release date) - Argon Verlag (publisher)

From the blurb of the book

I would not recommend this book or audiobook for children or young teenagers. Due to the explicit representations and some hints, it is more something for more adult readers or listeners. If you are interested in the book as such, here is the blurb:

The surveillance dictatorship is almost perfect. Every day a different country in the west becomes autocratic. Algorithms replace people, people replace each other, there is hardly any space left for dreams, except in music. But four young people try their hand at a revolution. Accompanied by grime, the best British invention since punk.
It's not a dystopia.
It is the world we live in. Today.
And maybe tomorrow.
It won't be bad. Just different.
Welcome to the world of GRM.

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