Book tips: Useless knowledge for amateur scientists and time travelers

Blinkist recommends books on useless knowledge

I'm a big fan of Blinkist - a service that also offers book summaries as audio books. I like to use this for car rides, walking the dog or mowing the lawn.

This is how I "read" books that interest me, but which don't interest me sooooo much that I actually want to read them for weeks. This is also helpful if, for example, you want to hear the other side in a public discussion without having to read a whole book.

Here are some book recommendations I've pulled from a curated list on Blinkist's "Useless Knowledge" topic (Image: Sir Apfelot).
Here are some book recommendations I've pulled from a curated list on Blinkist's "Useless Knowledge" topic (Image: Sir Apfelot).

Curated reading list for those interested in science

Blinkist currently has a reading list with 9 books, the selection of which I find so good that I would like to briefly present the list here. I've only heard two of those books myself via Blinkist and actually gave one to my son because the synopsis of it was so good: "What if?" and "When the earth was flat".

As the title says: You learn a lot of useless knowledge here, which is nevertheless interesting. So if you have a soft spot for scientific experiments, time travel and similar things, you should be happy here.

What if? by Randall Munroe

When the Earth Was Flat by Graeme Donald

The Story of Adam and Eve by Stephen Greenblatt

Handbook for Time Travelers by Kathrin Passig & Aleks Scholz

The Time Traveler's Guide: From the Dinosaurs to the Fall of the Wall
331 reviews

People need monsters by Hubert Filser

The Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku

Berlin by Jens Bisky

No products found.

How To by Randall Munroe

European Food Culture by Gunther Hirschfelder

If you have read any books that would fit on this list, please leave me a comment. I'm going to go ahead and listen to the remaining 7 blinks for now so I've actually read...err...heard the list!

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