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My Brawl Stars tips

I've been fighting through that with my kids for a few weeks now iOS game Brawl Stars, which is about online battles against teams or lone fighters. By the way, you can upgrade your “brawler” and the game keeps you going quite well due to the constantly changing maps.

Since I still make beginner mistakes, I regularly get good tips from my son, which I would like to present here in the article as a constantly growing collection.

Sometimes there is a lot going on in the brawls - you don't care about any strategy and all tips and just plunge into the fray.
Sometimes there is a lot going on in the brawls - then you don't care about any strategy and all tips and just throw yourself into the fray.

The best (and most) Brawl Stars tips

General information

  • There is a Differentiation of brawlers in launchers, snipers, heavyweights, fighters, supporters, and assassins
  • Thrower: Barley, dynamics, tick
  • Heavyweights: Bull, El Primo, Daryl, Frank, Rosa
  • Fighter: Shelly, Jessie, Tara, Emz, Bo, Carl, Nita
  • batters: bibi
  • Snipers: Piper, 8-Bit, Colt, Penny, Rico, Bea, Mr. P, Spike, Brock
  • Supporter: Poco, Gene, Max, Pam, Sandy
  • Assassin: Leon, Crow, Mortis
  • Brawlers with a power level of 9 or 10 usually have two super skills, of which the user can choose one for the fight. This upgrades the brawler again. For example, Jessie can increase the firepower and speed of her turrets and Bo can see 150% further in bushes. You can recognize the brawlers in battle by the fact that they have a star in the circle below them.
  • Every day there is a free offer in the shop that you should take advantage of. You can also click on all the new maps, as these also give medals. If you then play them, you will get extra medals the first time you win this map.
  • If you prefer to play with a game controller instead of the iPad, you will find it here are instructionshow this can be implemented on the Mac.

Strategy and tactics

  • With melee brawlers, you should run zigzag or crooked so that the snipers can hit you hard.
  • If you have low health: don't run away in a straight line (you're an easy target otherwise) and don't shoot, otherwise you won't heal.
  • In Brawlball, as Dynamike, Tick, Bo, Bull, Frank, El Primo, Colt, Shelly or Brock, you can blast the cover in front of the opponent's goal.
  • The more often you die in Brawlball, the longer it takes to respawn.
  • As a sniper you shouldn't use auto aiming, aim manually to take into account the movement of your opponent.
  • With some brawlers you can set down a tower, a bear or a cannon as a super skill. If you are being followed, you can set them down and “catch” them first of all the next shots or punches that are fired by the opponent via auto-aim.
  • Before walking into the bushes, you should shoot in briefly to see if someone is hiding in them.
  • If possible, you should start the game every day, click on the new maps and click the free element in the shop. This is how you gain points that you can use for brawl boxes.
  • In bushes you can sometimes see when brawlers heal in them or when the opposing partner respawns in it in a duo showdown.
  • In some maps there are stepping stones that take you into the enemy space. Here, as Nita, you can, for example, put the bear down on the board and it is then shot into the opponent.
  • You should play with all brawlers so that one doesn't rank high and the rest remain weak.
  • If a brawler has a high rank, more and more trophies are deducted if they are defeated. So you shouldn't start hopeless games with brawlers from Power 6 or 7.
  • Event tickets can also be used in larger numbers, which means you get more tokens. At Roborumble you are relatively sure to win many brands and can multiply them with event tickets.
  • Good team for Roborumle: 8 Bit, Pam, Jessie (or instead of Jessie also Mr. P or Penny, as they can set all the towers and the robots shoot them first).
  • With Roborumble it is best to place all towers in the middle and stay there with the three of you. So everyone benefits from the towers.
  • In a duo showdown you should not only choose snipers or only heavyweights or only throwers, but mix the team: a heavyweight / fighter and a thrower / sniper are a good mix.
  • If you have a launcher on your team, stay nearby to come to their rescue if they are attacked.
  • You do not heal when you shoot (unless you are in a healing zone) - that's why when you are low on health you first gain distance, cease fire and heal.
  • If one opponent spins nearby and another spins too in the showdown, it means they want to form a team (which is not very fair). Our opinion: If you want to team, you should play duo showdown ... everything else is unfair.
  • With Brock or Dynamike you can destroy the cover of your opponents in a bounty hunt or jewel hunt, so that the snipers or melee fighters can no longer hide in the bush. They are then an easier target for Piper and other snipers of their own.
  • In test games you can try out all maps and all existing brawlers without the risk of losing trophies.
  • Before a test game you should choose the star power of your own brawler, since in test games every player has the highest power level, every brawler also receives a star power to choose from.
  • A tip for bounty hunting: If you have a consensus as a team, you can retreat to a corner and defend it after an initial lead. Especially with the "Snake Prairie" map, I've experienced several times that teams have won with this technique because you just couldn't find them. And when you found them, you were faced with three opponents in one place and you couldn't win.
  • And if you lose one game after the other and would like to throw the iPad out of the window: Everyone does. Try a different brawler or a different map - or just put the game aside and go for a walk. That lifts your head. ;-)

If you still have good tips for Brawl Stars, please leave them here as a comment. I will then be happy to include them in the post here. Otherwise I wish you lots of victories and good nerves!

Sometimes you lose and sometimes the others win. But sometimes you win yourself. : D
Sometimes you lose and sometimes the others win. But sometimes you win yourself. : D

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