Bright daylight lamp with energy-saving technology: the Philips Tornado with 4200 lumens

Philips Tornado daylight lamp 60W
Philips Tornado daylight lamp 60W
The energy-saving lamp Philips Tornado with 60W is a perfect, fatigue-free work light in the daylight version (Photo:

I have owned a desk lamp with a full-spectrum tube for a number of years. The light takes a bit of getting used to at first, as the eyes simply perceive it as "bluish" and cold after working in yellowish halogen spotlights for hours, but this feeling disappears after just a few hours. I currently find my lamp only bright and the light is significantly less tiring than the light from [ordinary desk lamps->desk lamps] that work with halogen pencils or incandescent bulbs. These usually have a higher proportion in the yellowish area, which tires the eyes.

Philips daylight lamp as office lighting

As a supplement to my [office lighting->ceiling lights] I was looking for a [daylight bulb->daylight lamp] that also shines brightly to get basic lighting in my office. My choice fell on the Philips energy-saving lamp Tornado, which is available in "warm white" as well as in "daylight". I bought the version with "daylight" and 60 W because I like to have it as close as possible to normal sunlight with the [work lighting->daylight lamps] and thus also have the advantage that I can judge colors more realistically.

The 60W lamp is supplied with an E27 thread and yes - the 60W is really the actual value of the energy consumption despite the energy-saving lamp and not the usual "corresponds to the luminosity of a 60W light bulb". One can imagine that a 60W CFL is REALLY bright. But you only get a real impression when you are in front of them: it is almost impossible to fall asleep in this lighting. :)

Full spectrum lamp with warm white is the recommendation for the living room

It should also be noted that the lighting is really more intended for workplaces, if you are looking for something for the living room, you can shop for the smaller model with 23W and warm white as a color:

Energy saving lamp Philips Tornado E27 23W and warm white light
For places where it is more about cosiness, you should use lighting with warm white light. The Philips Tornado is also available in this color spectrum and with less light intensity.


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3 thoughts on “Bright daylight lamp with energy-saving technology: The Philips Tornado with 4200 lumens”

  1. I am very skeptical about the luminous color of the energy-saving lamps, because I really don't like the unnatural white. A good alternative to this are LED lamps and, what I find very funny and which has now been introduced in our offices, so-called Living Colors lights, which can be used to set a light color in the room. Often a bit warmer in the morning to feel good and in the evening a colder light to "wake up". In fact, workspace light has a huge impact on mood and productivity...

    1. Hi! Yes, the white definitely doesn't look "normal" indoors. But it is the spectrum of colors that daylight also exhibits. Our eyes are just used to the usual light bulbs indoors, which emit too much in the red/yellow range. Then when you switch to "daylight bulbs" you feel like it's unnatural.
      I also know the Living Colors lamps from Philips. They are a nice addition to "fill" the living room or corners of rooms with a certain light color. I can definitely imagine them as a supplement to normal office lighting.

      1. Yes, of course these lights are only to be understood as a supplement :) Otherwise the office will turn into a disco .. * laughs *

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