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According to a ruling by the Federal Court of Justice on May 15, 2018, dashcam videos are no longer to be negated per se for the purpose of providing evidence during the negotiation of an accident / damage. Dashcams and their recordings can now also be used more as evidence in Germany. The data protection law still applies, which can be neglected in individual cases. If you want to buy a dashcam for your safety, insurance and negotiation of potential accidents, then you've come to the right place. I have put together a few good and very good rated car camera models here.

Buying a dashcam is possible for a small price, for extensive functions but also with a large wallet. Dashcams, car cameras and traffic camera models can be found here.
Buying a dashcam is possible for a small price, for extensive functions but also with a large wallet. Dashcams, car cameras and traffic camera models can be found here.

1080p car cameras: buy a dashcam

If you want to buy a dashcam and use it in the car, please read this article beforehand: BGH ruling on dashcams as evidence in court. You should also consider what you want to spend on a video camera that you want to use behind the windshield. What needs to be considered in addition to the type of cam and its price is the image quality. This should be Full HD 1080p for video recording; not below, but gladly above. Here are a few examples from different manufacturers with useful functions, a clear picture and other features:

Vantrue N2 car camera
The standard model of the Vantrue N2 Dashcam is a device at a low price, but with good customer reviews. Monitoring of speed, position, etc. is possible via GPS. Alignment and sighting screen. Depending on the model (further Vantrue articles see below) bring more features.

No products found.

1,5 inch model of the iGOKU camera
On the product page you will find two articles; once with 1,5 inches and once with 3 inches. The main functions of the dashcams are: simple 360 ​​° alignment, G-sensor for impact detection and automatic storage of videos, 140 ° lens, WDR Low Light, loop recording and time stamp in the video.
pofodo car camera with reversing camera
This dashcam from pofodo has a good price, but also mixed customer reviews. The set includes a camera for the windshield, which looks like a GPS device or navigation system, and a reversing camera for safe parking or recording of a rear-end collision. A 360 ° dash cam can be selected on the product page.

No products found.

No products found.

EARTHTREE GPS camera with clear picture
The EARTHTREE dashcam with GPS, display, simple operation, clear picture even in low light and 8 IR LEDs for night vision as well as 170 ° wide angle and WDR processing has only very good ratings with 5 star customer reviews. Including G-sensor and emergency storage, loop recording and much more.
10,00 EUR
Vantrue N2 Pro dual camera
The Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dashcam with GPS and Full HD allows you to record videos to the front, i.e. the lane, and to the rear in the driver's cab / car at the same time. Automatic storage of videos in the event folder when an accident is detected by a sensor. Loop function for overwriting old videos on the microSD memory card. A lot of functions for a proud price.

Small purchase advice for dashcams

Here are a few brief notes on choosing the right cam for your car. If you keep these criteria in mind, then you can already make a good assessment of individual models and buy the right dashcam. To get a more accurate picture of the respective dashcams, it is best to read the customer reviews as well as the customer questions and answers on the Amazon product pages. Here are the tips for buying a dashcam:

  • The cam's image resolution should be at least Full HD (FHD), i.e. 1080p
  • The frame rate is mostly 30fps (30 frames per second)
  • Higher frame rates such as 60fps ensure more memory usage
  • The lens should cover a wide angle in order to capture interfering factors in the video from the side
  • Also pay attention to the operating temperatures: some dash cams work from -30 degrees Celsius to +75 degrees Celsius or within this range
  • The continuous loop recording function ensures that old recordings are automatically overwritten - so you don't have to delete or replace the memory card
  • That's why you should order a dashcam with a G-sensor that automatically backs up accident videos
  • GPS, speed sensor, timestamp, and more are good features that can also be used as evidence in court
  • Sets with reversing cameras are practical for parking or for videos / photos of rear-end collisions
  • A cam with a photo function can also be helpful in the event of an accident to take individual pictures
  • Cameras that also film in the car show influences and accident triggers in the vehicle or those that affect or penetrate the car from the sides / from the rear

Do you have any tips or favorite articles from this category? Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite dashcams or with your thoughts on the subject of car cameras!

Recommended reading: Press release of the BGH from May 15, 2018

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