Cancel your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription: Here's how!

If you A cheap subscription to Adobe was obtained by fraud have and now You will be informed that you should pay the full price, you may want to cancel your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. No problem, because I have the right instructions for you. In order to be able to cancel at the earliest possible date, you should have your access data and a few euros ready. If you cancel an annual subscription before it expires, you will be charged a processing fee of two monthly installments. In my case this was ₺375,24 - that's around €11,37. Still less than the €66,45 per month that Adobe wants.

Instructions for canceling your Creative Cloud subscription

Let's jump right in. To end your Adobe subscription, first go to this page: If you are not logged in yet, log in with your Adobe credentials (email address and password). Then click on the “Manage subscription” button in the “Your subscription” area.

Once you have clicked on the button, your subscription overview will open with the two options “Change subscription” and “Cancel subscription”. If you want to exchange your current, expensive all-round package for a subscription to a single app (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.), then choose the first option. However, if you want to completely stop using Adobe apps for a fee, use “Cancel subscription” and click on the button named that way.

You will now be taken to another login page where you have to enter your password again for security reasons. After entering, click on the “Continue” or “Next” button.

After these first steps you will finally come to the page where you can cancel your Creative Cloud subscription. If there are fees for early termination, this will be shown to you directly in a red frame and with a small sign. As mentioned at the beginning, I had to agree to a fee of ₺375,24 for my Turkey subscription. That's around 11,37 euros. Furthermore, the first page of the cancellation process lists everything you give up when you cancel. A typical ploy to change people's minds in the last few meters. To continue, click “Continue with Cancellation”.

On the next page you can give reasons for the termination. But you don't have to if you don't want to. For some, information windows with alternative offers appear after selection. This is also a typical scam to keep people connected to subscriptions - even though they just want to cancel. Once you're done here, click "Next".

In step 3 of 4 alternative offers are explicitly shown again. Above all, the reconciliation offer of 60 days of free use is intended to provide an incentive to stay. However, if you have used the “Turkey trick”, you forego the Turkish price here. So we're left with Turkey as the supposed country of use, which doesn't solve the underlying problem. If you want to accept the free offer, do so later with a subscription that you have taken out for the actual country of use. So my instructions continue with “No, thank you”.

Now comes step 4 of 4, i.e. the actual cancellation of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Read through all the details on this page again and then click on the red “Confirm cancellation” button. You can still use the included apps until your subscription expires (which is another week for me). The point “Applications” conveys something different, but seems to refer to the time after the current subscription period has expired. In any case, Photoshop 2024 still worked for me after I canceled it.

After the process described has been successfully completed, you should see a confirmation including the cancellation number. An email will also be sent to the address provided.

In the “Subscriptions” section of your account, i.e. on, the subscription you just canceled should now be displayed. However, the “You have canceled this subscription” notice can be seen at the top right of the corresponding overview.

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3 comments on “Cancel Adobe Creative Cloud subscription: Here’s how!”

  1. I got the same message and canceled immediately.
    I had the prepaid annual subscription (for 2.268 tries), and now my canceled subscription runs until August 6, 2024. I think that when I canceled it, there was no indication that I would have to “pay” something because of the early cancellation. The credit card I provided is also no longer valid and has expired.
    Do you think that something else is coming and I have to pay something more?

    1. I have the same situation, subscription runs until September. I don't think anything will happen anymore. My card is no longer valid either. Nothing more than canceling is possible and I won't pay any additional money either.

  2. I was still in contact with Adobe Support via the chat, and it was confirmed that they are currently checking where the subscription is being used and will inform people if there is a discrepancy. There was no mention in the chat that something would be requested later, but that something would be switched to the German tariff when the subscription expired.
    So, cancel and you're good!

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