DJI Spark: Tech Specs, Videos, Price, and More

The DJI Spark Mini drone was officially presented yesterday, May 24, 2017 and is now the smallest quadrocopter from the Chinese manufacturer ahead of the DJI Mavic Pro. The DJI Spark can not only be controlled via smartphone and app, but also with a controller and gestures. Automatic flight modes help the occasional flyer to record professional maneuvers and tracking shots or flights. The camera brings 12 megapixels to a 1 / 2.3 inch sensor and, according to DJI, "buttery smooth shots".

Reading tip: I subjected the small drone to an extensive test. You can read the article with all the details and a comparison with the Mavic Pro here: “DJI Spark in the test with all advantages and disadvantages".


DJI Spark - the selfie drone for beginners and Youtubers
Seize The Moment, that is the motto under which the DJI Spark was launched. A cool entry-level drone with numerous options for the simple but effective creation of videos and photos.

DJI Spark: Small Video Drone

In autumn 2016, DJI Innovations enthusiastically introduced the Mavic Pro as a handy drone that delivers great performance, a good camera and practical flight modes in a compact format. With the DJI Spark, the currently best-known manufacturer of drones, especially camera drones, is going one step further: the DJI Spark, which was introduced on May 24, 2017, measures just 14,3 cm x 14,3 cm x 5,5 cm and weighs just 300 grams. Nevertheless, it is said to be able to reach speeds of up to 50 km/h in sport mode. This means that the DJI Spark is not a racing drone; nevertheless, the DJI Goggles Realize the First Person View (FPV).

Buy DJI Spark: Order here directly from the manufacturer

DJI Spark Fly More Combo Bundle

Before I get to the data sheet of the DJI Spark, here is a brief note: the DJI Spark Fly More Combo Bundle costs only 200 euros more (i.e. 799 € instead of 599 €), but comes with additional accessories worth around 420 €. This includes another battery, more replacement propellers, protectors for the rotors, a second transport bag that fits everything, etc. All information, details and savings of the DJI Spark Fly More Combo Bundles I have listed you here.

Datasheet: The technical details

Before I annoy you with a lot of running text, I'll summarize the technical data of the DJI Spark in a list. In the following you will get more detailed information - but here is a brief overview for all technically interested readers.

measurements and weight

  • Weight: 300 g
  • Dimensions: 143 mm x 143 mm x 55 mm
  • Diagonal (without propeller): 170 mm

Gimbal and camera movement

  • 2-way gimbal: nod and roll
  • Up and down movements are possible; Slopes are compensated
  • No movement of the camera left and right without rotating the drone itself

Speeds and altitude

  • Speed ​​(ascent, sport mode, no wind): 3 m / s = 10,8 km / h
  • Speed ​​(descent, landing mode): 3 m / s = 10,8 km / h
  • Airspeed (sport mode, no wind): 50 km / h
  • Highest height above sea level: 4 km

Battery power and flight time

  • Capacity: 1.480 mAh
  • Voltage: V 11,4
  • Weight: 95 g
  • Energy: 16,87 Wh
  • Flight time (one battery charge, 20 km / h, no wind): approx. 16 minutes
  • Hovering time (no wind): 15 minutes

Camera and recording details

  • Sensor: 1 / 2.3 inch CMOS with effective 12 MP
  • Lens: f / 2.6
  • Field of view: 81,9 °
  • ISO: 100 - 3.200 for video recordings; 100 - 1.600 for photos
  • Image size up to: 3.968 x 2.976 pixels
  • Photo modes: single shot, series shot, bracketing series (auto exposure bracketing), interval, etc.
  • formats: MP4 for video (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264); JPEG for photo
  • Optical position determination: max. 36 km / h; 0 - 8 meters; Illumination over 15 lux

Connectivity and Location

  • Position determination and navigation: GPS, GLONASS
  • WLAN frequencies (for control and image transmission): 2,4 GHz, 5,8 GHz
  • Used bands: 2,400 - 2,483 GHz; 5,725-5,825 GHz
  • Interference-free transmission of video (without obstacles): up to 100 m distance and 50 m height

Further technical data of the DJI Spark: directly on the manufacturer's website

Wifi and controller: differences in control

The technical details can vary when using the iPhone or DJI controller. With exclusive control via app, the range is 80 meters away and 50 meters high. A much better connection is possible with the remote control unit, which is why you can use it to let the Spark ascend about 2 km. Incidentally, there are further limitations in the performance of the app itself, even if you couple the smartphone with the controller - I have summarized information about this for you below as news.

The drone ordinance must be observed

In April 2017 there was an update of the drone regulation in Germany. This states, among other things, that for drones over 250 grams, including the DJI Spark a labeling requirement applies. You have to provide the DJI Spark with a fireproof sticker on which your data (name, address, preferably also telephone number, etc.) are noted.

Scope of delivery and price of the DJI Spark

You can order the DJI Spark in two different sets for 599 euros or 799 euros each. In addition, the Spark can not only be ordered in the typical DJI white, but also in a few other colors. Here are the details of the scope of delivery and the individual options:

  • DJI Spark: drone, propeller (2 x replacement), battery, charger, micro-USB cable, transport box - all together for 599 euros (view here)
  • DJI Spark Fly More Combo: drone, remote control, propeller (4 x replacement), propeller protection, 2 batteries, charger, power cord, battery charging station, micro-USB cable, transport box, shoulder bag - all together for 799 euros (view here)
  • Colors of the DJI Spark drone: white (alpine white), blue (sky blue), green (meadow green), red (lava red), yellow (sun yellow)

The right mode for everyone

As mentioned at the beginning, the DJI Spark is a smart little drone with a camera that works well. The automatic obstacle detection, the automated return flight mode and much more simplify the use for amateur filmmakers. Basically all DJI drones from the Phantom to the Inspire to the Mavic have intelligent flight modes; In my opinion, however, the DJI Spark is designed for ease of use in every mode. There is always the right mode for the right photo or an exciting video. Here is some information summarized.

Photography: ShallowFocus and Panorama

The Shallow Focus Mode for photographs creates the so-called bokeh effect. Bokeh means a blurring in the background and / or foreground while the object, the person or the animal remains sharp in focus. The ShallowFocus mode with bokeh as an artistic effect makes pictures in landscapes more attractive. There are two so-called pano modes for panorama shots. The Vertical pano mode merges three vertically captured images; the Horizontal pano mode creates a landscape panorama from up to nine images.

The gesture control: Selfies and PalmControl

Selfies or drones can be made very easily with gestures so that you don't have to hold a controller or an iPhone in your hand in the picture. Simply wave with one hand or form a square with both hands and the DJI Spark knows that a picture should be taken. At Palm Control you control the DJI Spark with the palm of your hand to align it.

Gesture control for positioning the Spark and taking photos is perfect for selfies.
The modes for drones and control without a smartphone or controller in use.

QuickShot: Dronies, Rocket, Circles and Helix

The QuickShot modes are intended for video recording with the DJI Spark's camera. Dronie is an artificial word made up of drone and selfie and thus stands for the recording of one or more people. While the person / s remain in focus, the DJI Spark flies in Drone Mode up and back - so it is "zoomed out".

The maneuver behind the Rocket Mode is stuck. Here the camera is pointed downwards while the drone flies vertically away from the object or person. So the recording gradually shows the whole scene.

revolve (Circle) and Helix are almost self-explanatory by the name: once the DJI Spark circles around the recording target and once it flies spirals around the target as it ascends. DJI provides an illustration with a graphic:

The flight modes (QuickShots) Rocket, Dronies, Circles and Helix are currently a special feature reserved for the Spark. Presumably they will be available via update on the Mavic Pro and the Phantom in a few months.
The flight modes (QuickShots) Rocket, Dronies, Circles and Helix are currently a special feature reserved for the Spark. Presumably they will be available via update on the Mavic Pro and the Phantom in a few months.

TapFly and ActiveTrack

These modes are also known from earlier models such as the Phantom or Mavic. At TAPFLO all you have to do is tap the screen of your iPhone, iPad or Android device and the drone will fly in the appropriate direction. ActiveTrack keeps an eye on a moving target and tracks it.

Conclusion on the DJI Spark

The individual modes for video and photo recording are ideal for beginners. You don't have to be a copter professional to take photos or videos with the Spark. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of drones as a beginner, you will definitely get it here a reliable device from a well-known manufacturer. Whether drone selfies or professional-looking video material, everyone gets a chance to express their creativity.

DJI Spark videos on YouTube

Big descriptions are all well and good, but pictures - especially moving images - are known to say more than a thousand words. That's why I've picked out a few meaningful videos from YouTube or the DJI channel and a prototype test for you. German subtitles are available for the introduction (first video).

If you are looking for videos on Youtube yourself, I have a tip for you: If you see fisheye distortion in the video, then there is a 100% certainty that it is a fake video that was shot with another drone. There is no curved horizon or anything like that on the DJI Spark. You can find unedited images of the Spark, for example, with this search term “DJI Spark footage" on Youtube.

DJI - Introducing Spark

#SeizeTheMoment Event, May 24, 2017, New York

DJI Spark test by trend YouTuber Casey Neistat

Casey is no longer allowed to circle New York because the FAA is monitoring him, but he went “out” for the DJI Spark and tested the pre-sale model of the selfie drone with his smartphone. A special feature here is that he compares the Spark to his previous favorite aircraft, the DJI Mavic Pro. And the Spark doesn't do badly!

Intuitive operation via iPhone / Android smartphone

As can already be seen in the videos, the drone can be controlled with the controller (coupled with iPhone or Android smartphone) or exclusively with the mobile device. If you want to control the DJI Spark, you can download the corresponding app using the following links:

The DJI GO 4 app is recommended for all newer DJI drones that came or will be launched on the DJI Phantom 4 and higher. This means that this app is suitable for the Phantom 4, the Phantom 4 Pro, the Inspire 2, the Mavic Pro and the Spark. The control software for Android devices and Apple iPhone or iPad is free.

Notes on the drone regulation in Germany

With regard to the new rules for drone flights that became public in April 2017, the following applies to the new model of the Chinese copter giant: Since the DJI Spark weighs more than 250 grams, it must be labeled. The corresponding badge is best made of metal with your details as an engraving. You can find good drone license plates that also fit the Spark in terms of size, for example here in the post. In any case, the marking must be fireproof. You do not need a proof of knowledge ("drone driving license"), as this is only necessary for copters weighing 2 kg or more.

A permit from the aviation authority / ascent permit is also not necessary; you only need them for machines with a weight of 5 kg or more. Nevertheless, the general flight ban applies over and around airports, over properties whose owners have not been asked, over public gatherings of people, operations by the police, fire brigade and rescue services, over government buildings, etc.

Recommended reading: Does my drone need insurance?

Test and test report for the Spark?

As a small Apple blogger, you don't get a preliminary model or prototype of a new drone in advance. That's why the DJI Spark has now been released in the official online shop ordered for the Apfelot house; a review with a test report on this page will have to wait. There is no doubt about the new mini model from DJI. And even if there was only disgraceful information and data in this post, I hope that you feel well informed - even if no big "DJI Spark Test" has been undertaken yet.

News about the DJI GO (4) app

As part of the #SeizeTheMoment event for the DJI Spark in New York, other news about the top Chinese manufacturer unfortunately got lost a bit. So there are currently already when using the controlApps for iOS and Android Instructions for users that the drones used must be registered:

"Activation note
Dear customer: DJI will release new versions of the DJI GO 4 and DJI GO apps next week. All customers will need to log into their DJI GO accounts again to complete the application activation process, or else the aircraft performance will be limited. To ensure you can use the new DJI GO 4 and DJI GO apps, make sure you stay connected to the internet after updating and complete the login process.

Translated short version: After updating the apps, users have to log in again and register their drones! Otherwise the copter's performance will be throttled. Exactly that means loud Computer IMAGEthat recordings are no longer streamed from the drone to the smartphone and the flight range is reduced to 50 meters in radius and 30 meters in height. If you want to use DJI Spark and Co. extensively, you MUST register your copter with the manufacturer in the future.

The drone controllers should be excluded from the registration or restriction DJI A3 and DJI N3 be. Both are not used in the Spark.

Do you have an impulse to buy?

May 2017 is full of surprises at DJI: the goggles, the Spark (and the app story) ... What do you think of the hype about the new drone options? Are you looking forward to the new flight and video modes or do you think it's a shame that the drone weighs more than 250 grams and has to be labeled with it? Are you interested in this topic and do you want to buy the Spark as soon as possible - or do you not have an impulse to buy with this information and data? The Sir Apfelot team once did the Ordered DJI Spark Fly More Combo, since we “have to” provide you with a test. ;-)

If you are also interested in the small selfie drone from DJI, please leave a comprehensive comment on the DJI Spark topic;)

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16 Responses to “DJI Spark: Specifications, Videos, Price and More”

  1. Small question: Are the new selfie modes (Dronie, Rocket, Helix, etc.) now also available for the Mavic - after an upgrade of the DJI Go app, so to speak?

    Thanks for your feedback


    1. Hello Tino! So far there are no official reports. But last year there was a similar situation: the DJI Phantom 4 was already there, the Mavic Pro came out and had, for example, the tripod mode as a standalone feature. DJI left it that way for 3-4 months and then gave the feature to the Phantom 4 in an update. So I think the flight modes won't be available for the Mavic right away, but they will certainly be available after a certain time. Technically, this is certainly not a problem, since the Mavic can do it all. The only thing that is certainly not "upgradeable" is face recognition to start, as well as automatic start and loading in the hand and of course gesture control. The Mavic Pro lacks face recognition, which is built into the DJI Spark above the camera. With the Mavic Pro 2, the set of features would definitely be a nice upgrade. :) LG!

  2. Hi, is it true that in Europe the range of the remote control controller is limited to 500mtr, so the range of 2 km can only be achieved outside of Europe?
    Greetings. SE

    1. Yes that's right. In Europe, flying on sight applies (position detection of the quadrocopter must be given). For this reason, the transmitter automatically throttles the transmission power after its location detection, so that a maximum of 500 meters will be possible with the DJI Spark. The Mavic Pro is regulated down from 7 km (in FCC area) to 4 km (in Europe). But I guess you don't fly 500 meters away with the little Spark anyway, because you really can't see anything anymore ... I guess you can't see the tiny thing at 100 meters. : D
      But I can check how good the range is in DE when I have the little one on site. LG! Jens

  3. Hi Jens,
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    And how about in your opinion with the sport fashion and the 50 km / h? Will there also be throttling? that puts the additional purchase of the controller into perspective ...
    LG Stefan

    1. Hello Stefan! I don't know there was a law that put a speed limit on copters. Nothing was throttled on the Mavic or the Inspire 2 either. So you should be able to fly the 50 km / h. Because of the controller: I think it's a good expense because of the controller itself. You can fly with the iPhone, but personally I always lack the sensitivity for beautiful video recordings with these virtual sticks. But it's just a nice thing when you can fly without a controller. That increases the chance for me that I will film something while hiking. : D LG! Jens

  4. I'm super hot for the thing…. if I knew now whether you can also flip with the remote control in sport mode ... That would be awesome ...
    Unfortunately, after a long search, couldn't find anything.

    Thank you for your feedback

    1. Hi Markus! I'm not 100% sure, but I think for a flip you should be able to "gas" down with the stick for up/down. So that the stick has its zero position in the middle. Pulling down would then be “thrust reversal”, to put it unprofessionally. And that doesn't exist with any drone from DJI.
      Another indication that speaks against flips and aerobatics is the fact that the DJI Spark switches off when you tilt it 90 degrees to the side (by hand). That would be a bad feature if you want to do aerobatics with it.
      Despite everything, the little one in sport mode with the DJI Googles is certainly a great FPV racer for beginners (even if the "real" FPV racers have more maneuverability and speed, of course). In any case, I'm looking forward to the small quadrocopter! LG! Jens

      1. A shame ... but even so, the thing is awesome ... Luckily I am in China right now ... there the thing is really cheap again ....

        Thanks for your feedback

        1. Hi Markus! Better not tell me what it costs there, or I will cry. : D And you can probably buy it already, right ?! Here in Germany the first Sparks will not be available until June 15.6. delivered. And then, unfortunately, only the white models ... would have liked it yesterday. But unfortunately nothing can be turned on the release date. I guess they will have even more delivery problems than the DJI Mavic and later customers came to their Mavic Pro with a delivery time of 1-2 months. :-(

          1. Didn’t even notice that the copter isn’t available to buy in Germany yet….
            Yes, you can get it here already…. You can get it for 400 euros on (Chinese: Amazon). The fly more version costs 600 euros ... even the colored models are no problem. At the moment I am waiting for my colleagues ... Want to make a bulk order to lower the price a few cents ... Swabians just grin
            I'll get in touch when the thing is in Haneden …………….

          2. Hi Markus! I think I'd rather stick with ordering direct from DJI. On the one hand, you don't have to mess with customs and, on the other hand, you can contact DJI directly in the event of damage and do not have to go through the dealer. But I wish you a lot of fun when you have the Sparks in hand! I would definitely be happy about your assessment of the drone!

  5. Ha ... here I am again! Everything back ... today I called 7 dealers and here in the country of manufacture you can only pre-order them ... I (or my interpreter) now stay on the ball every day by phone.
    Comment incl. Youtube video link will of course follow. Let's see who makes the race

    1. That puts me at ease a bit... I won't be the last to get my Spark. ;-) I'm looking forward to your assessment! I'm not a Youtuber, but maybe I'll manage to put a few sample photos and original footage into a video and upload it. I'll throw that into the discussion as well. Currently the problem is that on Youtube some people are joking and uploading videos from their Gopro drone titled “DJI Spark Footage”. You can quickly see this from the fact that the GoPro produces decent fisheye distortion, while the DJI Spark delivers an undistorted video image.

    1. Yes of course. You can in my review of the Spark read up. With the iPhone, I can reach a maximum distance of 100 meters without trees or other obstacles. With the remote control at approx. 350 meters. But even if flying with a cell phone is halfway ok: You definitely want it Remote control because you can fly much more accurately and have significantly fewer disconnections. When flying with the cell phone, it quickly becomes annoying if you have a still live image several times a minute because the connection is lagging behind.

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