Doublicat App: Deep Fake and Small Print

The Doublicat app is a program available for iOS and Android that enables you to use your own face instead of a person's face in well-known film or series scenes or in memes. The process behind it will Deep fake called. Deep fakes have made headlines in the past because they can use images and videos to fool you into believing that certain people have said or done something that they have not said or done. From fake interviews to compromising adult film fakes, everything was there. It should be more fun Doublecat go because the fun factor is in the foreground; and as always the fine print in the background. But it is worth taking a look at the granted - or not granted - privacy.

Doublicat is the hype app for 2020 on the iPhone and Android devices alike. But what about data protection and privacy with deep fake software? In short, it comes into the FaceApp legacy. Doublicat app download
Doublicat is the hype app for 2020 on the iPhone and Android devices alike. But what about data protection and privacy with deep fake software? In short, it comes into the FaceApp legacy.

Doublicat App - Hype just one year after the controversial FaceApp 

The images and clips generated with Doublicat are making the rounds on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, on meme pages such as 9GAG and in WhatsApp chats. Reactions in GIF form are adjusted so that the face shown is no longer that of an actress or an actor, but that of the person who reacts. To do this, the Doublicat app must be downloaded from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store for Android and fed with your own face. In just a few seconds, the software behind the app has calculated the fed photo onto the selected video or GIF and you can use the result as you wish.

Almost exactly a year ago, the so-called one was just as easy and as quickly hyped Faceapp. It was and is mainly used to depict faces older, younger or as gender equivalents. The fun continues for the time of the aha moment and sharing with others. The whole thing is quickly forgotten, the app deleted. But the transferred data, your own face as well as the generated aging, rejuvenation and so on remain on the FaceApp servers. And they may be used by the developers or third parties - for documentation, demonstration or promotion of the app or for the development of other products.

Data protection at Doublicat - privacy doesn't seem to matter here either

Now a year is a long time in the digital world and most seem to have forgotten the controversy surrounding the FaceApp. Because the easy-to-read "Terms of Service", i.e. the General Terms and Conditions of the Doublicat App, seem to interest very few - even media that present the software in a completely positive way (My MMO, iTop News, Etc.). You can with this link see. Perhaps everyone only reads the first paragraph of point 5 "User Content", which (freely translated) reads as follows:

Our offers enable you to use the services with the uploaded content and to create, publish, save and pass on the generated content. The uploaded and generated content is your intellectual property. With the exception of the license you grant below, you retain all rights to your content. Doublicat does not claim any ownership rights to the user content.

The following paragraph shows that these good-sounding copyright claims can be canceled out again with the "license that you grant below":

You hereby grant Doublicat a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable and transferable license to host, store, use in any manner, display, reproduce, modify, customize, edit, publish and distribute the uploaded and generated content. This license is for the limited purpose of operating, developing, providing and improving the Services and displaying uploaded content in the library for repeated use by the user.

Your photos and the deep fake content generated from them are not only stored on the Doublicat servers so that you can easily access them again. The developers also assign themselves comprehensive rights of use. The “limited purpose” is a joke, since it can include advertising with the content, passing it on to third parties, using it for analytical purposes, and so on.

But the license mentioned in the above paragraph is "limited" only for the uploaded photos of your face. For the deep fakes generated with the Doublicat app - i.e. the combinations of pop culture material and your own photo - the license is extended so that you can potentially do even more with it:

The generated content may be public, so the license you grant us for that content is broader. In addition to the rights mentioned in the previous paragraph, you also grant us a perpetual license to create derivative works, exhibit, broadcast, publicly perform and publicly display the generated content in any form and in any media or distribution method.

This has nothing to do with a "limited purpose" anymore.

I would not recommend the Doublicat app download

So what about the Doublicat app download, the use of the app and maybe also the use with photos other than your own? Here I would like to repeat my conclusion from the FaceApp post linked above from last year: Do not download Doublicat and prohibit anyone who might have photos of you from chasing your pictures through this app! At least if you don't want to appear in any advertising, in a new app, in analysis tools for facial recognition or in completely new, perhaps unwanted deep fakes. Because nobody knows what the developers will do with the material.

Conclusion on the trend app 2020

You could push the thoughtless use of the supposed fun app to the dreary Corona time in 2020. People just need a distraction and everyone wants to see themselves as the main actor, as a pop star or in a meme. You might think that if we hadn't had the discussion on FaceApp a year ago without the corona virus. With the Doublicat app (and of course many other, similarly acting, but not so publicly celebrated programs) educational work must be carried out again and the developers' terms and conditions must be pointed out. So do that.

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