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Drones are subject to insurance, which is why private and commercial insurance is necessary for every drone. Private liability insurance is not sufficient; Special insurance for drones is required so that you can fly the quadrocopter. If drones are insured, the owner or pilot is insured against damage to and by the drone and against its theft. Some providers even protect drones from being stolen from cars. I have summarized more information and facts about drone insurance for you in this guide; there are also links to specialist pages.

Insure first, then start!
Do I need insurance for my drone - here the DJI Mavic Pro in the picture -? Yes, liability insurance is mandatory, while comprehensive insurance is optional. You can find details and examples in this guide.

Drones insurance for private and commercial customers

In addition to the labeling requirement Insurance is also mandatory for drones. If you want to take out insurance for one or more drones, there are different models. Above all, of course, it is important to differentiate between the offers for private and commercial users. If you use the drone for holiday videos, for hobby recordings and the like, then drone insurance for private individuals is the method of choice. If you use the recordings or other products and services that result from the flight of the drone to earn money, then you should one Drone insurance for commercial users consider. There is detailed information on both forms

Comparison of the offer for private and commercial use.
The provider has different prices for private and commercial use of the drones. You can find the current prices on the provider's website - namely here for private customers and here for commercial customers (Screenshot of the homepage

Drone insurance - liability and comprehensive or fully comprehensive

Taking out insurance for the drone doesn't have to be expensive - on the contrary, I think that the offers of individual insurers for quadrocopter are quite reasonable. Private users who want liability insurance are already included around 70 Euro in the year. Liability in the commercial area of ​​drone flights is also not too expensive; from 120 euros to 420 euros per year different models insurance for drones.

In addition to liability for possible damage, which should ideally also cover free flying outside of model airfields, there is comprehensive insurance. The comprehensive insurance for drones protects against damage to the device, its theft and more. Even control units and smartphones (iPhone) or tablets (iPad) used as such can be protected; Likewise privately and commercial.

DJI Care - keep flying
The DJI Care is an interesting coverage that also covers water damage and pilot errors. The prices for the DJI Care are manageable and I always take out this insurance because you can have your copter or a replacement device available again relatively quickly.

DJI drones - only with insurance

The drones from the manufacturer DJI are certainly the most widespread. I use three of them alone and all of them are covered by special insurance for drones. Some of the models that DJI offers are the following quadcopter (list updated March 2021):

DJI Care / Care Refresh as an alternative to comprehensive insurance

For pilots of a DJI drone (Mavic Pro, Spark, Inspire 1/2 or Phantom 3/4), the DJI Care or Care Refresh coverage may be of interest as an alternative to comprehensive insurance. This costs a fraction of the purchase price of the copter and you can get a replacement device relatively quickly in the event of "damage from normal use" - and the whole thing even up to twice a year. The difference between DJI Care and Care Refresh is that with DJI Care all costs are covered by DJI, while with Care Refresh you have to pay a small fee, which is only a fraction of the purchase price of the system.

By the way, "damage from normal use" also includes damage caused by pilot error. So if you accidentally crash into a tree, DJI Care has you covered. More information can be found here at the DJI Care page for the models Phantom 3 and 4 as well as the Inspire 1 and the DJI Care Refresh page for the Spark and Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro and Advanced, Inspire 2, Zenmuse X5S and X4S models.

Better safe than sorry - liability heroes
The Liability Heroes Code of our article from last year is also valid in 2018. If you want cheap liability insurance with protection for the drone, then take a look!

Liability Heroes: Liability insurance with included drone insurance

If you do not yet have general, private liability insurance or would like to change your provider, you should my contribution to the liability heroes read. This provider has a special liability that combines drone coverage in the contract. If you are interested in this insurance, you can also find our special one here Liability Hero Code look at. If you enter this when applying, the insurance will be significantly cheaper.

Drone and insurance - when can a drone be flown?

Before you let a quadrocopter or a multicopter with more than four propellers - or drones for short - go up in the air, you should make sure that you are allowed to do so. Since April 2017, a drone weighing more than 250 grams in Germany has to be labeled. New ones have also been in effect since April 2017 Regulationswhich prohibit flying over crowds of people, operations by the police, fire brigade, rescue workers, etc. as well as flying over government buildings and commercial areas. Permits must also be obtained for flying over and recording private areas. In addition, the Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH has a information sheet issued for permission to fly drones. In short: you are only allowed to fly your drone if it is safe, if you have marked and insured your drone.

Photo of the DJI Spark
Even small drones like that DJI Spark, which, at just under 300 grams, is one of the lightest devices with a stabilized HD camera, must be insured before the flight (even by private persons!) (Photo:

250 gram rule does not affect the compulsory insurance

Anyone who has read the drone regulation has noticed that there is a distinction between devices over and under 250 grams. Quadcopter like the DJI Spark (here more about the model!) come very close to this limit, but even devices that come under 250g are subject to compulsory insurance. The only difference that makes up the limit is the labeling requirement, because Multikoper under 250 grams do not need one Drone license plate.

Perhaps interesting information is that there is also a 250 gram rule in Switzerland. In contrast to Germany, quadrocopters under 250 grams are classified as toys in Switzerland and are therefore not subject to compulsory insurance, a drone registration number or other regulations that apply to heavier drones.

Conclusion on drone insurance

In Germany you not only have to comply with many rules, you also have to protect drones with insurance. The drone insurance is available in various forms, with extensive offers with many services not tearing a hole in the household or company budget. For private and commercial use there are offers with high coverage and other advantages for drones and pilots. It should be noted that in addition to the comprehensive insurance, liability insurance for the copter must be taken out - regular liability insurance is not sufficient. You should only send the unmanned flying object on a journey if all insurance is in place, the labeling and checking for suitability have been carried out and everything else has also been clarified;)

All information in one book

It's March 2021 and I'm updating this post a bit. I do not exert too much influence on the basic information that you can find here in the guide. You can find up-to-date information on insurance offers, for example. B. on the linked provider websites. But before you continue to roam the World Wide Web to get some information here and some tips there, a book may offer you everything you need to know about the legal framework of drone flights. 

I found this book on Amazon. The information collection offered as paperback and Kindle eBook with the awkward name "Drones and the law: the guide to badges, identification, driving licenses and data protection in photography. What you need to know about flying drones with a camera on vacation and abroad“Average 4/5 star rating. The book “The manual for drone pilots. Basics, practice, technology, rules" which you can find with this link.

Filming and taking photos with the camera drone

A camera drone with license plate number and insurance is good equipment for your photo and / or film project. What you still need, however, are flying skills, exercise with the quadrocopter model you are using and perhaps the right literature to practice. Therefore, in addition to the above legal advice, I have summarized a small selection of books with flight and admission tips. Reading it can help you to take photos and videos more professionally with the DJI or other drone and to take unique snapshots. To see the Amazon boxes, you may have to the reader view switch off.

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