E27 to E14 adapter for Philips Hue LED lighting system

E27-E14 adapter
With the E27-E14 lamp base adapter, the Philips Hue is more flexible (Photo: Amazon.de).

The LED lighting system [Philips Hue Connected Bulp-> philips-hue] has found a lot of supporters. Of course, there are negative voices that are upset about the high price of the devices, but on the other hand there are many enthusiastic users who are very convinced of the diverse application possibilities. Only the E27 socket, which the Philips Hue system demands from the lamp, is a point of criticism that fans of the system also subscribe to.


Update 21.07.2015/27/XNUMX: Philips Hue with EXNUMX socket in stores!  The system is now also available with an E27 socket. You can either find it as a single Philips Hue E27 lamp or as Sart package in a set of 3 with the bridge.


Since many lights are now delivered with the smaller E14 socket, users often have to struggle with the fact that the Philips Hue bulbs don't quite fit into the sockets. But there is now a remedy for this, because an E27 to E14 adapter makes it possible. Here is the adapter I would recommend:

Lunartec lamp base adapter E14 to E27, set of 4
This package contains 4 adapters that can be used to screw the Philips Hue system into E14 sockets.

Since the adapters are sometimes a bit poorly processed according to customer reviews, there are some tricks if the bulb still does not shine after screwing in. One customer describes that (after pulling the plug of the lamp out of the socket!) He had to bend the contacts in the socket of the lamp a little steeper so that the adapter was properly connected. For most customers, however, it worked straight away.

There is also another one E27 to E14 adapter with a slightly different design, which is praised from the technical side, but here a customer wrote that the delivery time for him was almost a month - for the reason, please exercise caution if you order this and are in a hurry!

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5 comments on “E27-to-E14 adapter for Philips Hue LED lighting system”

  1. Unfortunately, I didn't have that good experience with the adapters from Lunartec. (Quality bad - and some did not work at the beginning.)

    by Sir Apfelot @Maxi: Your recommendation was already built into the article as a link above!

  2. Hello!
    Does the adapter only work for the Hue system from Phillips or also for the Lightify system from Osram?
    mfg details

    1. Hello Mr. Detaille! The adapters are not restricted to a specific lighting system. When I wrote the article, the Philips Hue system was the main one on the market. But you can certainly also use the adapter for the Lightify from Osram. It's just an adapter ... has no built-in electronics.

  3. Does the system actually work with Philips Hue? For a product with a better rating, the product description says: "Warning: Not compatible with Philips Hue LED lamps".
    (Amazon link)

    1. Hi HueHue! I just took another look at the product. Somebody writes in the customer reviews: "Adapter from E27 to E14 - do what they are supposed to do. On intended use for Philips Hue.” So it looks like it's working!

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