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As you can already read here in the blog, new WhatsApp terms and conditions will come into force on February 8, 2021, which include data transfer to Facebook. This is why many users are currently migrating to WhatsApp alternatives. Even if you own yours Delete WhatsApp account, but don't want to lose your chat history, there are one or two solutions. But these are more extensive than just tapping an export or transfer button. Due to data protection guidelines, WhatsApp chats and contacts cannot simply be in Signal, Telegram or Threema import. With apps like iMazing or WhatsApp chat parser but should the export work on Mac and PC.

You can export WhatsApp chats, but not just import them into Signal, Telegram or Threema. At least chat histories and group chats can be saved and read on Mac and PC.
You can export WhatsApp chats, but not just import them into Signal, Telegram or Threema. At least chat histories and group chats can be saved and read on Mac and PC.

Copy WhatsApp chats to Signal, Threema or Telegram

Do you want WhatsApp chats to Signal, Threema or Telegram export, then there is - as already mentioned - no built-in function for it in one or the other app. When researching the topic, however, I at this point discovered the two apps “iMazing” and “WhatsApp Chat Parser”. They are explained in English in the linked source. In the following I try to bring the information closer to you in German. However, I haven't tried the apps (yet) - so much as a disclaimer. So I cannot say at first hand whether they work correctly or as intended for the desired purpose.


The macOS and Windows app iMazing is not only intended for use with WhatsApp content. It is a tool for transferring and securing a wide variety of data and content. In contrast to an iPhone backup via the Finder (macOS) or iTunes (Windows), individual content, files and chat histories can be saved here. The latter sets iMazing apart from a WhatsApp backup in iCloud or in Google Drive. Individual messages, group chats and information such as "Sent", "Read", etc. can be read out. Information and the download from iMazing can be found below.

The good thing is that the chats are not simply output as text files or tables, but are displayed in a chat interface very similar to WhatsApp. This makes it easy to see who sent which message and when. The date, time, media, links and much more are adopted. WhatsApp chats and contacts can therefore be exported. iMazing cannot import the individual courses into Telegram, Signal or Threema. This would also be questionable in terms of data protection law, since all chat partners would have to agree. However, iMazing can help with the storage and browsing of chats.

  • Price for iMazing (2 devices): one-time € 39,99
  • Price for iMazing (3 devices): one-time € 44,99
  • Price for iMazing (5 devices): one-time € 59,99
  • Price for iMazing (10 devices): one-time € 109,99
  • Official website with download: Click here

WhatsApp chat parser

WhatsApp Chat Parser is free, open source and is limited to reading WhatsApp chats. These are exported in a text or web format that can be read in the browser. Here, too, there is a chat interface through which you can see who wrote what in the dialog. However, there is no output of media, so that you have to save the sent or received images individually when using this free alternative. However, the tool can be helpful if you want to export complete text content or easily copied text passages with cmd + C and cmd + V. Then you can manually transfer them to other messengers.

You can find the download of the tool on the GitHub page linked below. One of the disadvantages listed in the source linked above is a certain instability in long chat histories. With 10.000 to 15.000 messages there should be no problems; Searching with cmd + F should even go faster than with iMazing. In a test with around 80.000 messages, WhatsApp Chat Parser is said to stall or crash. A direct transfer of WhatsApp chats to Telegram, Signal or Threema is also not possible here. You will probably not find any other solution either, as data protection could not be given anywhere and the consent of the chat partners would be required.

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  1. WhatsApp Chat Parser does not export WA chats, but only parses * previously * exported WA chats and displays them in a user-friendly way on the web frontend. For a chat export, the GitHub Repo refers to the official WA export function, which is unfortunately not available in Germany .

    1. Hello Dario,

      thank you for the hint!

      As already described in the post, I have not tried the apps. That's why I didn't notice it.

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