FlexiSpot offers discounts on height-adjustable desks and table frames

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I just received an email from FlexiSpot at short notice, in which they pointed out that they had worthwhile discounts today and tomorrow (May 25th and 26.5.2023th, XNUMX) as part of their "Brand Day".

I don't usually report on every discount campaign from any company, but since I now have two FlexiSpot height-adjustable desks in use myself, I can confirm that the devices are really good.

You can find a detailed test report with many photos of my desk with the E7 frame and a bamboo table top here in the blog post.

flexispot brand day

The offers at a glance

Product 1: Electrically adjustable table frame E7

  • Regular retail price: €469,99
  • Offer price: €319,99
  • You save: 150 €
  • Code: BDE7

Product 2: Table frame height adjustable E8

  • Regular retail price: €499,99
  • Offer price: €349,99
  • You save: 150 €
  • Code: BDE8

Product 3: Back support office chair BS13

  • Regular retail price: €699,99
  • Offer price: €499,99
  • You save: 200 €
  • Code: BD13

Product 4: Back support office chair BS8 Pro

  • Regular retail price: €429,99
  • Offer price: €299,99
  • You save: 130 €
  • Code: BD8P

Product 5: Electrically adjustable table frame E7Q with 4 legs

This discount applies to members.

  • Regular retail price: €899,99
  • Special offer: 799,99 €
  • You save: 100 €
On the side of the control panel is a USB-A port, which can be used to charge an iPhone, Apple, Watch or similar (photos: Sir Apfelot).
My FlexiSpot E7 desk even has a charging port on the side of the controller (photos: Sir Apfelot).

Special offers for "members"

There are still some things planned for FlexiSpot members. Members are simply the people who have registered with the website.

They can use the following offers:

1 euro order value = 2 points

From May 22nd to May 26th, members will receive double points on their orders. For every euro you spend, you get 2 points.

spin the wheel of fortune

You can use 10 "points" for a spin on the wheel of fortune and get a chance to win various prizes. Underneath one free iPad Prothe height-adjustable desk EHD2 with practical drawers for only 1 euro, an 8%, 10% and 15% discount voucher code and 20 or 100 points.

Purchase of products for only 1€

Exclusively for FlexiSpot members, selected products are offered for only 1 euro, such as the height-adjustable bar stool BH05, this one Aluminum laptop stand SC4 and this magnetically levitating one Moon lamp LL02 .

Promotions for all visitors

There are even more promotions available for all visitors or customers:

Free order!

On 22.5., 25.5. and on 26.5. raffles FlexiSpot 10 completely FREE ordersthat are successfully paid online after 0:00 (CET). You complete the order and have the chance that FlexiSpot will cover the costs completely.

Subscribe to the newsletter and win

Dazu sign up for the newsletter to get a coupon code for 8% discount. In addition, you automatically take part in a raffle where you can win an iPhone 14 Pro.

Instagram sweepstakes

At the Instagram Sweepstakes can you do this exclusive, height-adjustable table with four legs E7Q and Back support office chair BS11 PRO win.

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