Is Flodesk the simple, cheap, and good looking Mailchimp?

If you want to maintain good reader loyalty for your blog, shop or other website, you need an e-mail newsletter. For example, I've been shipping the for years Sir Apfelot newsletter via Mailchimp. But especially for beginners, there are several points of criticism with this service provider. That's why I'm currently reading more and more of in various blogs Flodesk. This newsletter service not only comes with appealing mail templates, but also more intuitive operation than the better-known provider. So is Flodesk the best Mailchimp alternative? Or are there reasons that make a change difficult / impossible? Here is my assessment.

Is Flodesk a Mailchimp alternative for modern, fast and inexpensive email marketing? Here you will find a review of the newsletter service based on experience.
Is Flodesk a Mailchimp alternative for modern, fast and inexpensive email marketing? Here you will find a review of the newsletter service based on experience.

Criticism of Mailchimp

Here in the blog it's often about website building, SEO and newsletters. For example, two years ago I got you guys at this point the four German providers Newsletter2Go, CleverReach, rapidmail and Klick-Tipp are presented. A big international name in terms of regular website marketing emails is still Mailchimp. The service provider offers many great features such as B. the integration of RSS feeds for the automatic inclusion of the latest content in the website newsletter. But from my point of view there are also three major criticisms:

  • The price: as the number of newsletter readers increases, it gets quite expensive, which can put off not only new bloggers but also price-conscious professionals
  • The look of the templates: the selectable templates at Mailchimp are rather old-fashioned and not so good for modern marketing
  • Operation: the admin area is still not intuitive to use and may be a bit complex for beginners

If you want to get your own picture, see the individual offers and study the available features, then you can do so on the official Mailchimp website: Just click here.

Advantages of Flodesk

I came across reviews of Flodesk mainly on the websites of bloggers. In some cases, they explain quite comprehensively why they switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk or decided directly for this service. Here are the most frequently mentioned advantages that I encountered in the field reports:

  • Modern designs: the templates for emails are modern and appealing, not just functional - maybe that's why bloggers in particular swear by Flodesk (on YouTube, most of the Flodesk tutorials are also from women)
  • Adaptation and speed: Flodesk's templates can be adapted to your own brand and can still be used quickly, which guarantees output that can be implemented quickly
  • User-friendliness: The provider shows its strengths in the design of content, the management of mailing lists and the automation of campaigns
  • Comparatively low cost: the price of marketing tools is very important, and at Flodesk it is not always charged more if the number of subscriptions or mail frequency increases
  • Support: The experience reports show that the newsletter provider offers fast and competent support - there is even an official Facebook group of its own

Try Flodesk yourself - with a 50% discount

If you are looking for an easy-to-use newsletter service that combines low prices with modern and easily customizable templates, then Flodesk could be the one for you. Information, prices and the opportunity to start your newsletter campaigns can be found on the official website <- If you use this link, you will automatically receive a 50% discount on your new, effective email marketing. Take a look, registration does not cost anything, of course. Then you can study all offers and the full scope of use and choose the one that suits you.

Why I am not switching from Mailchimp to Flodesk (yet)

As you can see, I have a largely positive impression of Flodesk. For me, however, there is one feature that I miss with this newsletter provider and that I get with Mailchimp: the integration of the RSS feed. By integrating the RSS feed of my Sir Apfelot blog, I can automatically include the last ten posts on the page in a list in current newsletters - including a preview image, snippet and title that serves as a link to the post on the website. I asked Flodesk support if and when this feature will also be available there. I was told that there is no schedule for this yet.

Conclusion and your opinion

If the existing functions of Flodesk are sufficient for you and you like the points listed above, you should definitely take a look at the offer. I am sure that you don't all need an automated list of recent content or that you can / want to create it manually. Especially then - and if you are looking for more modern templates for a lower price than Mailchimp - Flodesk is worth a recommendation. But maybe you have already carried out a test and have your own empirical values ​​ready? Please leave a comment if you can tell me about your experience with Flodesk;)

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5 Responses to “Is Flodesk the simple, cheap and good-looking Mailchimp?”

  1. Beatrice Willius

    Flodesk's website looks nice and has no additional information such as prices. Page closed again.

      1. I wonder if I can use Flodesk GDPR compliant? The help center says that the requirements of the Gdpr are basically met. Are there any experiences? I would also like to use the landing pages through Flodesk. Would that be GDPR compliant? Imprint and data protection declaration should of course be insertable and the option of opting in cookie.

        1. I am not a lawyer, but according to my understanding, you simply put two links to data protection and imprint on your domain. Because of the cookies: These are not advertising tracking cookies and, in my opinion, should fall under the "essential cookies" that you do not have to be able to refuse.

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