Getting together better: match-making on the Internet

The internet has been helping people connect for decades. Be it people with the same video game taste, former classmates or maybe a new partner. The World Wide Web can work wonders even when looking for psychotherapeutic offers. In this slightly different post, for a change, I will deal with the topic of "match-making on the Internet" and the various interpretations of it. 

Getting together better: match-making on the Internet. You can find examples of how people get to know each other on the web here. Games, dating, forums and sheer coincidence are all possible.
Getting together better: match-making on the Internet. You can find examples of how people get to know each other on the web here. Games, dating, forums and sheer coincidence are all possible.

Users text each other: chats on the Internet

Even before the "World Wide Web", which is now used synonymously with the Internet, there was already the "Usenet“, In which people with Internet access could exchange ideas. Instead of a web browser, z. B. a newsreader is used and the exchange takes place text-based. With the massive emergence of the Internet at the turn of the millennium and the increased significance of the Web, the importance and number of users of Usenet declined. But what has remained to this day is a chat, forum and comment mentality that brings people together on the Internet.

Players come together: Multiplayer video games

As early as the 1990s, developers, studios, computer manufacturers, console manufacturers (Nintendo, Sony, etc.) and others tried to implement the possibility of playing together over the Internet in games. Because of the very limited bandwidth at the time, this was more or less pioneering work. Then in 2000 Counter-Strike came up and offered the possibility to play a 3D shooter with several other people at the same time and in real time on compatible Windows PCs with sufficient bandwidth on the Internet. Since then, network-based multiplayer modes in video games have become unstoppable; no matter whether PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo console, smartphone or tablet.

Online dating: Find partners online

Even on Usenet, people were able to come together who also dealt with one another beyond the Internet and maybe even fell in love with one another. This fact has long since become a financially difficult market, which, after online partner exchanges, also takes place as web offers and above all in app form. Since the iPhone in 2007 and the iOS app store entered the game area for mobile applications in 2008, there has been an app for everything. And there isn't just one for dating. Tinder is certainly known to everyone - this app made the "swiping gesture" known, that is, the search for potential partners by swiping left or right on the display.

Online therapy: find a psychotherapist and therapy place

Diseases and healings do not only take place on the Internet when you enter your harmless cold symptoms on Google in order to later come up with steep theses in the doctor's office. Conversation and psychotherapy have also found their way onto the internet. I already have a few details, the opinion of the professional world and information on the effectiveness here summarized. What you have to consider when looking for a therapy place (online) B. at BetterHelp shown. Criteria such as: time of contact, training and experience of the specialist, cost of treatment, location and others are addressed (in English).

Coincidence: Suddenly a friendship is formed

There are many other ways people can come together online: in an online class, in a video conference, in the comments section of a YouTube video, by trading on a classifieds site, by sharing a discord server, or a Telegramgroup, and so on. Sometimes you're not even looking for new friends, but you find them anyway. Or you get to know someone whose hobby, job or other area of ​​knowledge will help you later. Because there are also coincidences on the World Wide Web. What are your online match-making experiences? Please leave a comment ;)

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