Google Translate: Translate photo or camera recording in real time via the app

The Google Translate app not only translates text that has been entered, handwritten on the display and spoken, but also the text on a photo, image or in real time using the camera. Many languages ​​are already supported online and offline by the Google Translator. With the app Google translator Translating photo text is particularly good when traveling, but also when products and their operating instructions come from abroad;)

General information about the software

Before I get to more specific information about image translation and similar services, I would like to get rid of a few general information about the Google Translate app. The information was last updated on May 31, 2017; According to the App Store, the software for iOS on iPhone and iPad was last updated on April 24, 2017. These are the current specs:

Text entered using the keyboard can be translated online into 103 languages. Up to 52 languages ​​can be used offline. Words and sentences captured by camera can be transmitted in 30 languages, 37 are available in a photo. The translations in conversations (e.g. SMS) are possible directly. If necessary, authorizations for access to the camera, microphone and / or photos must be granted.

In addition to German to English or English to German, many other combinations are of course also possible. Just like Google Translate as a web tool, pretty much all common languages ​​on earth can be transferred from Afrikaans and Arabic to Bulgarian and Chinese to Vietnamese and Zulu. The app descriptions provide a complete overview.

Download the app for iOS and Android

Google translator: photo and more

Google has been proving for ages that you can have an entered text translated into another language. And even before 2017, the Google Translate app was able to translate words, sentences and entire texts that were captured by the camera or can be found on a saved image. However, the service will always get better, even if it is not yet perfect.

Languages-Apps like the Google translator are not only improved by the developers in the background, but also and above all by the users. If you want to support Google, you can make some settings in the Google Translate app so that the internet giant can collect data and use it to improve it...

Improvement of translation or data protection?

If you want to translate a photo from the internal memory with the Google translator, the message "Improve camera input". It says, among other things, "You send camera images to Google for text recognition.“- Thanks for the hint, Mr. Google. You can then decide whether the images sent to the translator server can be saved.

Google translate photo

If not, then just tick the "Google is allowed to save my translation-related images to improve the service" remove. By the way, you can do this in the menu under before the translation data usage to adjust. If it's not private messages, but maybe street signs or other public things, then you can have the photos saved - this is at least an active contribution to improving the app.

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Copy photo texts with Google Translate

The Google Translate app offers another advantage: Once you have selected a photo with text, you can individually select the area that should be translated. Now the selected text is not only translated, but also temporarily saved. The individual translated texts or text parts can then be viewed on the start page of the app and, if necessary, copied.

Translations can be realized with a few tips, taps and the swipe of a finger. Perhaps not grammatically and content-wise correct, but mostly good enough to convey the essence of what is being written. The individual translations remain on the start screen of the Google Translator app until you swipe them to the side and thus delete them.

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