Himiway's New E-Bike Model: Possible Design Improvements and Changes (Sponsor)

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Will it have a sleeker look, more advanced features, or a different color scheme? It's no longer news that Himiway is one of the biggest brands in the market for electric bicycles is. Their electric models stand for elegance, class and style. This makes it impossible for cyclists not to find their perfect style. Himiway Zebra and Cobra are tailored to the needs of mountain bikers. The City Pedelec is available for driving on paved roads. Big Dog and Escape Pro are ideal for transporting heavy loads.

These e-bike models are known for their off-road capability and unique long-distance capabilities. Himiway is known for constantly improving its features and models. The Himiway Zebra is considered a further development of the cruiser. Bicycle enthusiasts are constantly waiting for the release of new products from this brand. While waiting for the release of the new Himiway e-bike model, we wonder if the new version will be more elegant. Will we see a more advanced feature like the new improved LCD screen?

In this article, we speculate about the possible design changes and improvements of Himiway's new e-bike model. If you are a cyclist who loves more fun and trendy design? Let's explore.


design changes

Design changes are a common phenomenon with new models. So we're wondering if there will be some design changes. The Himiway e-bike model is known for high-quality materials such as the use of aluminum 6061 alloy, which makes a strong and fashionable frame. That's why we're wondering what the changes to the new models will be. Will it be:

A. Slim appearance?

Possible design changes that can make the new e-bike look more modern and elegant are:

Streamlined frame and handlebars

With a slim frame and handlebar, Himiway's new e-bike model will be ahead of all other models in the German market. Thinking of a more exotic ride? Then imagine your favorite Himiway cruiser with a sleek frame and handlebars. If the new e-bike model can have a streamlined handlebar and frame compared to its predecessor, then a sleeker look will be achieved. This not only ensures an exotic driving experience, but also makes it easier and faster to drive.

The brand maintains the standard of quality materials as always. The new electric bike model will give any cyclist who hops on it a sleeker look and standard ride feel.

New fat tire

The Himiway Cobra is always ready for an adventure thanks to its 4,8 inch tire. The new model's upgrade with a 5,0″ tire makes it perfect for any adventure. Kenda's tires are strong. By keeping the Kenda tire on the fat tire e-bikes, cyclists can experience an exciting and seamless adventure on tricky trails.

New color options

Although the color of the previous e-bike model is fashionable and suits every occasion. We're expecting some new color options for the new one E bike. Not only will this add variety, but it will also make the rider stand out from the crowd. The question is: which color variant are you looking forward to with the new e-bike model?

B. Advanced features:

Faced with the never-ending competition in the e-bike market, Himiway stands out for its constant research and advanced features. Because of this, we expect some new features in the new model. Possible features that can improve the performance and usability of the e-bike are:

Improved motor and battery capacity

The efficiency of an electric bike primarily depends on the motor and battery capacity. Each model of this brand has undergone an upgrade. For example, the Himiway Escape Pro has a battery capacity of 48V 17.5Ah, therefore it can only travel a range of 56km-80km. Compared to the Big Dog, it has a battery capacity of 48V 20Ah and can travel a range of 96km-128km.

We expect the new e-bike model to have an improved motor that offers excellent pedal assistance and a larger battery capacity that guarantees a longer range.

Integration of intelligent technology

Wondering why we included this smart technology in our list of expectations for the new e-bike model?

The integration of intelligent technology such as GPS, Bluetooth and a locking system is a good addition to any electric bike. We expect this function for the new e-bike model. It will eliminate the risk of theft, solve location problems, and bring you more fun driving. Himiway's upgraded LCD display will be perfect for the new model. We look forward to a smart electric bike.

Improved sensor and braking system

An improved sensor and braking system also means more safety precautions. We know that Himiway gives the safety of its customers the highest priority. An improved sensor is one of the great features we want to see in the new model.


Himiway's expertise in long range e-bikes with fat tires

The company has produced a line of fat-tire, long-range e-bikes. For example, Himiway Zebra, Cobra and Big Dog can reach a maximum range of about 128 km on a single charge. These models are powered by powerful lithium-ion batteries.

Their expertise is fully showcased in their big tire e-bike configurations. The Himiway Cobra, one of their popular models, has a tire size of 4,8 inches. They are made with Kenda tires that are strong and capable.

Their professionalism and perfection in manufacturing long range fat tire electric bikes are highly commendable. The use of a e-fatbikes long range has many advantages. It allows you to get better traction on the road, stability and comfort when driving. You can now travel a long distance on a single charge. All in all, fat tire e-bikes are the ultimate all-terrain commuting machine.

Based on Himiway's history of fat tires and long range, we expected an improvement in fat tires and long range in the new model.


Himiway e-bikes are known for offering beautiful color options, advanced features and a well-styled look. The introduction of Kenda tires on some of their products has made outdoor riding more seamless and fun. The new handlebar gives riders more control and stability while navigating smooth and rough terrain.

With the new lithium battery, which offers up to 128 km of pure power output, cyclists can now also go on long tours. Existing and new customers are looking forward to new and customizable color options for a stylish look.

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