Humixx case - affordable protection for iPhone X / XS

From just 10,99 EUR you can buy a Humixx iPhone case on Amazon, which not only looks good and offers a great feel, but also fits perfectly and is well protective. The back of the iPhone X or XS, the sides of the smartphone as well as the corners and the camera bump are super protected - and you can also choose a color for the X model: red, blue or black. The matte surface of the case creates a noble touch that looks metallic and not like plastic or silicone. And the best: there are mainly 5 and 4 star ratings with the rating as good and very good.

The Humixx iPhone X case in red - cheap, pretty and a perfect fit protects it from bumps and scratches.
The Humixx iPhone X case in red - cheap, pretty and a perfect fit protects it from bumps and scratches.

Humixx iPhone case - workmanship and optics

Even if the dimensions of the Apple iPhone X from 2017 and the Apple iPhone XS from 2018 are quite similar, according to the manufacturer, a case does not fit both models. I tested those for the iPhone X and both the workmanship and the fit are wonderful. The camera recess has a small edge that protects against bumps and scratches. This way, the camera bump and glass over the lenses stay intact longer. The cutouts for the loudspeaker, mute switch and Lightning connector are not only in the right place, they also look good. Last but not least, they do not affect the protection of the iPhone.

Regarding the look of the Humixx iPhone case, I can only refer to the red model - it looks very good! The feel is also impressive. The Apple iPhone X lies comfortably in the hand with the Humixx case and is neither too slippery nor too rough. It almost feels like it looks: metallic. And that's another point for me to recommend from the test. Because a classy-looking, perfectly fitting and protective smartphone case is rarely found at a price of EUR 10,99 or EUR 11,99 (as of February 2019). In other words, cheap and good.

More about the iPhone X case - functionality and environmental protection

As I said: the cutouts for switches, speakers, Lightning port and the like are a perfect fit, which benefits the functionality. Because a cable can be connected just as well as sound can be reproduced. The audio quality is not affected in any way. Incidentally, the volume up and down buttons on the left and the power button on the right are covered with corresponding buttons on the case. It is still possible to press the buttons and is not restricted in any way. So they are protected, but ready for use. Excellent!

The possibility of wireless charging of the smartphone via Qi charger or AirPower mat is not impaired or blocked by the case. So you can put the iPhone with the case on the loading area and don't have to remove it first. 

On the back of the packaging, the manufacturer also reports its efforts to protect the environment. The packaging for the individual products is not only made from environmentally friendly materials, but also printed with soy ink. So if this is beneficial to your purchase decision, you can be happy;)

Buy Humixx iPhone X / XS case

You can find the Humixx iPhone X or XS case on Amazon for a small price, but with the best performance, even with Prime Shipping. On the Product page of the X case you can find all three variants, in blue, red and black. On the Product page from the XS case you can choose a version in black and a transparent cover.

Protective case for 2017 iPhone
This Humixx case is made for the Apple iPhone X. Not only is it cheap, but it also offers a lot of thought-out protection against bumps and scratches. Details can be found on the product page.
Protective case for 2018 iPhone
This Humixx protective cover for the iPhone XS is also cheap, light and slim. Noble optics, great fit and good feel speak for the case.
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