iOS 17.5 is ready: information about the iPhone update

For the Apple iPhone from versions XR, XS and SE 2 The update to operating system version 17.5 is currently available. The almost 860 MB software package brings with it the biggest changes within the EU. Not only are there new menus in the settings, stalking protection with messages about trackers carried and adjustments for the podcasts widget are included. This iOS version also makes it possible to download apps directly from websites within the EU. Sideloading is now also possible without having to install “alternative app marketplaces”. Further information below.

You can find the update to iOS 17.5 on your Apple iPhone under Settings -> General -> Software update.
You can find the update to iOS 17.5 on your Apple iPhone under Settings -> General -> Software update.

What's coming to the Apple iPhone with iOS 17.5?

I already have this question for you in an April post answered. So here's the short version: app downloads directly from websites (within the EU), the new "Quartiles" game in Apple News+ (in North America), color customization of the Podcasts widget, a new menu in the settings for using passkeys in Web browsers and the implementation of the stalking protection that Apple and Google have developed for iOS and Android. Smaller changes also include a few bug fixes, new features for mobile device management (for companies, schools, etc.), the closure of possible security gaps and the like.

Apple and Google provide information about the shared security feature

"Apple and Google have jointly developed an industry specification - Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers - for Bluetooth tracking devices, which makes it possible to alert users on both iOS and Android when such a device is unknowingly used for tracking purposes“, It says in the press release, which Apple released as part of the iOS 17.5 update. Google is rolling out the new feature for devices running Android 6.0 and above. In detail, the change means that Bluetooth trackers carried by someone else will be displayed on the cell phone via a message. In addition, its identifier is displayed (if possible), allowing location and playing a sound as well as deactivating the tracker.

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