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After installing iOS 17 The route accompaniment or check-in should be available as a new security feature on the Apple iPhone. With the new function, contacts can be automatically informed via the messaging app about the arrival at a destination or the expiration of a timer, as well as being provided with important information in the event of an emergency. But what if the iPhone travel companion doesn't work? What if there are problems with check-in? Here you will find a few ideas for solving the same problem.

Accompaniment step by step: Instructions for checking in on the iPhone

Are you struggling with travel companion problems on your Apple iPhone? Are there errors with the check-in function? Here you will find solutions that will help you get the new feature working in the messaging app.
Are you struggling with travel companion problems on your Apple iPhone? Are there errors with the check-in function? Here you will find solutions that will help you get the new feature working in the messaging app.

Is iOS 17 installed / is the iPhone compatible with it?

Of course, the first thing you need to determine is whether you have upgraded to the latest iPhone operating system. Because until iOS 16 (from 2022) there is no check-in yet. You can only use the travel companion when you upgrade to iOS 17 (from 2023) or a newer system. You can find out which system you have installed here Settings -> General -> Info or even under Settings -> General -> software update.

If you have not yet installed iOS 17 and it is not offered to you under Settings -> General -> Software update, then you should check the compatibility of your iPhone with the system. In the list of the post Is my iPhone compatible with iOS 17? You will find a note that iOS 17 is only compatible with devices from the iPhone If you have an older iPhone, you cannot use iOS 2018 or the route companion.

Is iMessage enabled for the Messages app?

In order to use the new function in the Messages app, the “iMessage” option must be activated. This ensures that you not only communicate with others on an SMS basis, but can also use more extensive messaging functions. And that's exactly what the accompaniment is. Here you activate iMessage:

  1. Opens the Settings on your iPhone
  2. Type the point in it News an
  3. Activates the Switch next to iMessage, so it turns green
  4. Type below Send receive an
  5. Check the box for the desired number/email address

Can't select companion in the messaging app?

When I tried it out, I noticed that the “Accompaniment” item does not always appear in the list of additional options for messages. This could be because the contact is not using iOS 17 or newer, or because iMessage is not activated in their settings. If you want to send a contact a check-in but don't see the option in the list, contact the person and ask whether all the requirements are met.

Error: “Accompaniment” cannot be sent. Add recipient to send.

Like in the Instructions for accompanying you along the way As already noted, you can only use the function in a conversation if you have already exchanged at least one message with the contact. So if you get the error “'Accompaniment' cannot be sent. Add recipient to send.“ is displayed, then simply send the selected contact a short message (“Test” or similar). Then it should work.

Is mobile data activated?

In order to use the travel companion, you must have your mobile data activated. Do not turn off the mobile internet if the companion is still running. You can activate the mobile data on the iPhone either via the settings (Mobile -> mobile data) or about that control center (swipe down from the top right corner).

Are location services enabled?

Of course, check-in goes hand in hand with the location of the iPhone (and Apple Watch, if available). Accordingly, the location services must be under Settings -> Privacy be activated.

Turn the iPhone off and on again

If there are still travel companion problems or you cannot yet use the new function properly, simply restart your iPhone. Hold the side button (right) and the volume up button (left) until you see the power off switch. Slide it to the right and let the iPhone shut down. Then wait 30 seconds and then turn the iPhone back on by holding down the side button.

Check whether the iMessage server is having a problem

Finally, you can also use the “Apple System Status” to see whether there is a problem with the iMessage servers. You can find details here: Apple System Status - Find iCloud outages and issues with other Apple services here. If the iMessage server is down, there may be disruptions to the individual messaging functions, including escorting/check-in.

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