Internxt Lifetime Offers: 2 to 10 TB of secured storage from €299

With the open source cloud storage Internxt you can currently only get lifetime access without a subscription model from 19 euros until December 2022, 299. You can choose between the storage sizes 2 TB, 5 TB and 10 TB. These storage capacities are available to you without restriction after purchase. The data exchange between your devices and the cloud is end-to-end encrypted and since the data is split between different servers, hackers cannot obtain complete information if a single server is attacked. Internxt also has a zero-knowledge policy and therefore cannot access your files.

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Internxt Lifetime Offers: 2 to 10 TB of secured storage from €299. This gives you open source cloud storage with encrypted data exchange and one-time payment.
Internxt Lifetime Offers: 2 to 10 TB of secured storage from €299. This gives you open source cloud storage with encrypted data exchange and one-time payment.

Three storage sizes of Internxt Lifetime plans

Three different memory sizes are offered as part of the current offer. While 2 TB should be sufficient for many private users and families for photos, documents, music, holiday videos and the like, the offers for 5 TB or even 10 TB are more likely to be aimed at professional users who want to store their material on the go from photo shoots with RAW recordings or from extensive video recordings. Whatever you want to store in the secure cloud, the one-time pricing looks like this:

  • 2 TB for 299 euros
  • 5 TB for 499 euros
  • 10 TB for 999 euros

Five good reasons for Internxt cloud storage

Of course, an investment in the three-digit or almost four-digit range must be carefully considered. However, you can use the expenditure for other memories for comparison. In addition, they bring with them other factors and the possibility of data loss. Accordingly, Internxt has these five advantages that speak for the purchase of extensive online storage:

  1. Hard drives can break or get lost, cloud storage is more durable and can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet. Also, you don't have to worry about formatting and data systems; Internxt works on macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and Co.
  2. Other providers often only offer cloud storage space as a subscription model, which quickly adds up in the same price segment or even exceeds it in the long run.
  3. Internxt offers an end-to-end encrypted exchange of files between the connected devices - whether the Mac at home, the iPhone on the go or the iPad on vacation.
  4. The data is already encrypted and partitioned on the device from which it is stored. They then land securely on multiple servers and are only assembled and decrypted on the next target device. Data theft is thus virtually impossible.
  5. Thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try the offer for one month without any risk.

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6 comments on “Internxt Lifetime Deals: 2 to 10 TB of secured storage from €299”

  1. Well, I do not know. The emails for verification when registering and when canceling do not arrive. The support only sends confirmations of receipt with an epilogue about how noble they are. No help.

    1. Unfortunately I can't say anything negative. The registration worked for me and for another friend as well. I haven't needed support yet.

  2. I have to report again. A backup from the Mac can only be viewed from there, not from the ipad or iphone. My handmade folder structure for my DSLR photos doesn't accept it. .txt or .mp3 files have to be loaded before they can be viewed. And a request for reimbursement is only responded to with automatic confirmation of receipt. Ie warn!

    1. UPDATE: The lack of communication was probably due to my device configuration. With the help of a chivalrous man, contact was satisfactorily established.
      However, the facts remain the same, they correspond to my personal requirements for such a service.

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