iOS 17 features not available at release

Four of the many new features and apps that Apple is launching for iOS 17 compatible iPhones announced will not be available immediately at release. As with last year iOS 16, Apple is asking for a little more time this year with iOS 17 to finalize certain new usage options. In this article, you will find out what, in addition to check-in, AirDrop contact cards, interactive widgets, stand-by, gesture effects, stickers and co., will not be available right from the start.

The Journal app and three other innovations from iOS 17 should not be released on the iPhone, but only later with an update of the new system.
The Journal app and three other innovations from iOS 17 should not be released on the iPhone, but only later with an update of the new system.

These iOS 17 features will be added later via update

Within the WWDC23 keynote Apple unveiled some new iPhone content. In autumn 2023, the same will then be installable via a free upgrade. But even if it will probably be from September iOS 17 will be, the following innovations will be a little longer in coming:

  • journal: The new diary app for documenting the day should be submitted later with a system update.
  • AirDrop over the Internet: When sending large files via AirDrop transfer continues via iCloud when the iPhones involved are out of AirDrop range. But only after a corresponding update of iOS 17.
  • Shared playlist: While SharePlay should be available in the car from the start of iOS 17, the creation of shared playlists in the music app will only be possible with a later update. Participants can then add and remove songs and respond with emojis. 
  • AirPlay in the hotel room: In order to be able to stream content or transmit the iPhone display in the hotel without additional hardware (Apple TV, FireTV Stick, etc.), you can scan a QR code on the hotel television and then securely transfer content such as videos, photos and music transfer. But that's only "later this year," according to Apple.

In addition to the later release of the content and possible uses mentioned, there are also new iOS 17 functions that are not intended for all compatible iPhones. Although iOS 17 will come to iPhone XR and XS models (both 2018 and later), there are some features that require at least an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. Here is all the information about it: iOS 17 features that require at least an iPhone 12.

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