iOS 18 – Everything we know (or suspect) so far

Apple has this week the period for WWDC24 has been announced. On June 10, 2024 we will officially find out what to expect with the new versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS, visionOS and Co. A big focus of all watching fans, press people and users is of course on iOS 18, the upcoming iPhone operating system. I have summarized for you in this article what insider information, rumors and assumptions there are already about this.

Before Apple WWDC24 in June, here is a first insight into announced and suspected innovations in the iPhone upgrade to iOS 18. The focus is on the implementation of AI tools.
Before Apple WWDC24 in June, here is a first insight into announced and suspected innovations in the iPhone upgrade to iOS 18. The focus is on the implementation of AI tools.

iOS 18 is set to be the biggest iPhone system upgrade in a long time

Apple announced earlier this year that iOS 18 would be one of the biggest and most important system upgrades for the iPhone - if not the biggest. Numerous new functions, a revised Siri voice assistant and, last but not least, a new design are expected. I'm already mentally prepared for the numerous complaints that always arise with such extensive operating system updates. But at the same time we want everyone to get used to it after two or three months and no longer want to be without the new features.

RCS support in the Messages app

One of the already officially announced and very useful innovations in iOS 18 will be support for Rich Communication Services (RCS). Thanks to this, you are no longer limited to the SMS and MMS standard when exchanging messages with Android users, but can now also send higher-resolution images and videos, send voice messages, use group chats, send messages free of charge over the Internet, etc Use better encryption and take advantage of other benefits. The announcement of the implementation of RCS in the messaging app was quite surprising in November 2023. The reason for this is since February 2024 known: China's requirement that new 5G devices must support RCS.

Various features with generative AI are expected

It has long been known that Apple has to deliver something quickly in the area of ​​generative AI and in the process catch up with or overtake competitors' offers. In the meantime, there have been repeated reports of success and prototypes of AI concepts in the areas of text, images and videos. However, it recently became known that Apple has apparently not yet managed to develop its own AI, which underlies all developments. Because the iPhone manufacturer should are in discussions with OpenAI and Googleto make ChatGPT or Gemini the basis of iOS 18's AI features.

AI features that could come to the iPhone with iOS 18 are a chatbot (based on the ChatGPT or Gemini model or on your own Ferret LLM), a text-based image editing in the form of “Multimodal large language model Guided Image Editing” (short: MGIE) as well as a possibility for 2D animation using simple graphic files as source material (in the form of keyframers). Based on the scope and complexity of operation, the last-mentioned tool in particular is more useful for the iPad or Mac. In addition to iOS 18, you also have to pay attention to iPadOS 10 and macOS 2024 at the opening presentation of WWDC24 on June 18, 15.

More minor AI features in iOS 18

Rumor has it that in addition to large AI tools that could come in the form of their own apps, there will also be the integration of AI functions into existing offerings. The following innovations are expected:

  • AI tools in the Messages app that can answer questions and finish sentences automatically
  • AI options in the Music app for automatic or assisted playlist creation
  • AI features in iWork apps like Pages (copywriting) and Numbers (spreadsheet)

Accessibility updates in addition to iOS 18 also in iPadOS 18 and macOS 15

The accessibility updates, which according to insider information are currently being developed, should also not be limited to iOS 18 and the iPhones compatible with it. In future operating systems, for example, operating aids will be activated and controlled via voice commands. Categories should also be able to be set up for the “Live Speech” feature into which finished sentences, phrases and entire speech contributions can be classified for the respective occasions. For Mac models with macOS 15, it is assumed that the font size can be individually adjusted in other apps. More on the topics discussed can be found here.

More comprehensive Siri voice assistance including multi-level commands

Siri should finally get better. A development that was actively held back internally at Apple for years - for example with a rejection of the Blackbird project. Now the voice assistance should be able to be used more extensively and no longer only be able to process one request or command at a time. Instead, similar to a chatbot, dialogues should be possible in order to further use the information obtained with the first query using second and third commands or to deepen the topic. This means that Siri could finally keep up with Alexa and become a convenient alternative to the ChatGPT app – at least for those who are lazy about typing.

What iOS changes would you welcome?

Probably not all rumors will come true. It is also possible that some of the AI ​​tools currently in development will only be released later with an update to iOS 18.x. But what would be most useful for you? What improvement or innovation are you waiting for that could have a positive impact on the use of the iPhone? Feel free to leave a comment with your wishes for iOS 18!

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  1. There are quite a few rumors now. It would be interesting under iOS if you could arrange the icons freely. It would also be nice if the outdated design were revised under iOS and macOS.
    There are also rumors that a larger AI chip will be installed on the iPhone. I was actually thinking about buying an iPhone 15 Pro. Now I'll probably wait for the iPhone 16 Pro.

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