iOS Features Not Everyone Knows (Sponsor)

Apple, with its iOS operating system found on the iPhone, iPad or MacBook, is always good for surprises. Users often only find out long after the update what great features really are in iOS.

For all those who want to unravel mysteries of iOS features, we have prepared this article. In this we present which functions are not yet well known and why it is worth discovering them.

Haptic feedback

Ab iOS 16 the iPhones have the option of setting haptic feedback on the keyboard. While previously you could either add a sound to the operation of the virtual keyboard or not, the haptic feedback offers a feeling like on a physical keyboard.

While tick-feeling isn't enabled by default, you can use it when you want to type silently and still feel like you've pressed a key. After activation, you can feel the keystroke even if the keyboard tones are muted.

Cross-device copy & paste

A great feature where you can use copy & paste across devices is the general clipboard. You can set it up for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks alike and access copied content from another connected device.

This function has been available since iOS 10 and setting it up is very easy. On the MacBook, open the general system preferences and click on “Approve handoff between Mac and iCloud devices”. For other iOS devices, simply click on “Airplay & Handoff” under the system settings.

Live text

Live Text is a fantastic option and possible iOS 16, in which Apple takes advantage of artificial intelligence. First on photos, but now also on videos, the iPhone, iPad or Mac recognize written texts. These can be copied, translated, edited and pasted.

With videos, of course, it is necessary to stop the playback so that the operating system can read the text as if from a photo. By the way, with Live Text you can also search for texts on saved photos that you remember.

Set timer for music

Anyone with music or audio books want to fall asleep and not have to remember to switch off the device can use the sleep timer. This function is integrated by default in the timer (in the "Clock" app) and you only have to activate it.

In the options located next to the timer, users simply set how long the music or videos should run before they turn off automatically. Under the option "timer end" you have to select "stop playback". A click on the start symbol with a green background is sufficient and the timer counts down the time. The function also runs when the lock screen is on.

Set the sleep timer using the normal timer and then select "Stop playback" as the action at the end.
Set the sleep timer using the normal timer and then select “stop playback” as the action at the end.

focus for players

The Gaming Focus Mode, which is popular with adults, is available for iPhones from iOS 16, for iPads from iPadOS 16 and for the Mac macOS is coming. This is a great way to focus on gaming without being disturbed by messages or alerts. You can even use your own background image.

A smart function also ensures that the focus is activated directly when the console is started, after having set it beforehand. Also everyone who likes Online slot machines gamble, you no longer have to worry about interruptions and still don't miss anything.

Background noise

iPhone, iPad or Mac users are often distracted by background noise such as street noise or the like. From iOS 15 you have the possibility on all devices to eliminate them and replace them with pleasant sounds like those of the rain or the sea.

In addition, you can set light and dark noise. These sounds are pleasant and allow users to either relax or stay focused on their task. The easiest way to activate it is to call up the “Accessibility” menu item and set the background noise under the “Audio/Visual” item.

The background noise can be activated in the accessibility features.
The background noise can be activated in the accessibility features.

hide photos

On all iOS devices, it's possible to hide the photos that you might not want everyone to see right away. It's very simple, just click on the photo and select "Hide".

The pictures are then moved to the “Hidden Photos” folder, from which you can of course bring them out and reactivate them at any time. With Apple there is another ingenious option besides the view or the recycle bin.

The function to hide photos can be found in both iOS 16 and macOS Ventura.
The function to hide photos can be found in both iOS 16 and macOS Ventura.


Apple designers and developers are known for their ingenuity and creativity. Many functions ensure a first-class user experience, even if you sometimes have to search for them. The possibilities that Apple continues to offer in the future will be just as exciting and it is worthwhile for users to take a close look at their devices to discover hidden functions.


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3 comments on “iOS features that not everyone knows (sponsor)”

  1. Great tips but...
    "In the control center, which is located by the alarm clock, users simply set how long the music or videos should run for"
    I can't find a control center for the alarm clock, nor can I find anything about the alarm clock in the control center. How do I like this?

    1. Hello Wolfram! If you look at the screenshot above, you can see the function.
      I have to change the explanation because "alarm clock" has to be "timer".
      1. open the "clock" app
      2. go to "Timers"
      3. Then click on "Timer end".
      4. Select "Stop playback" at the bottom

      This works with music and videos.

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