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  1. Wow Super! Thanks alot. I spent some time there, but then my iPhone 5 came back. Only then did I realize how dependent I am on WhatsApp. So the rescue. Nothing worked with the update yesterday - but a backup was probably created. Update the software again today and lo and behold - came back from jogging and the old lady was alive again. Highly recommend your block!
    All the best

  2. Halo sir! I bought a new battery for my iPhone 4S from Giga Fixxoo and used it. After that I had the same phenomenon as the one you describe at the end of your post (on-off of the apple sign and no loading, none of the methods worked). After I put the old battery back in, everything went as usual. The new battery seems to be completely empty or does not work. Hence the question to you: what was the result after you sent it in? What did Apple say about your phone? Do you know how they got it working again?

    1. Hello Geordi! Yes, Apple had replaced my battery and after that the iPhone 7 ran flawlessly again (until today, because I knew it). But I can't say what they did. During remote support, they definitely confirmed that the battery was in the can. Unfortunately, I don't know what else it got. You don't get a repair protocol or something ... :(

      1. OK. Inspired by your comments, I have now connected an iPad charger (2A) to the iPhone (connection to the Mac or 1A charging plug did not work) and lo and behold: the cycle is interrupted and the mobile phone can be started. Unfortunately, however, the battery status shows 100% so that the battery is not charged. The mobile phone switches off immediately when I unplug the charging cable. So there seems to be a software problem.

        1. Hello Geordi! I still don't understand why you conclude that it is a software problem? The problem with the defective batteries was that they did show that they were full, but when they were loaded, the performance would drop and the iPhone would do an emergency shutdown. If you look under Settings> Battery, you might be able to check the health of the battery. I think he won't be so fit anymore.

          1. Hello Sir. It's an iPhone 4S, the iOS only went up to 9.3.6, there was no "health display". However, I can't get that far with the new battery. The above all happens with the new battery.

          2. Ah ok! I see ... there is no such thing. Has the battery ever been replaced? Otherwise, it should have been several years under the belt with an iPhone 4.

          3. So far, the first battery was in it. It ran without any problems, except that it sometimes got very hot and lasted about 5 hours under load. So I bought a new one (from Giga Fixxoo) and now used it. But I don't get it loaded because of the well-known Apple character loop. Even with the 2A charger, the battery does not charge (the device stays cold). But as I write this I have the iPhone on the Max and I am in the recovery query. The iTunes window of this query has been open for a while (unanswered by me), and I notice how the battery is getting a little warmer for the first time, i.e. seems to be charging. Interesting phenomenon! I'll report back as soon as I see progress.

          4. Unfortunately didn't work. The iPhone was warm all night. This morning I unplugged the cable: same result, it cut out immediately and wouldn't start. When I went back to iTunes, I got the message that “iPhone cannot be restored because an unknown error has occurred (2015)”. I give up and put the old battery back in.

          5. Yes, and I would send the guys from Giga Fixxoo their stuff back. It is obvious that their battery is causing the problem.

  3. Thanks for the great contribution. My phone came back from repair and was stuck in black mode - loop. Restore in iTunes kept giving error 4013, no successful restore. The problem: I used an “alternative Lightning cable”. Because with an original Apple cable it worked without any problems (after what felt like 100 attempts with the other cable). Perhaps you also point out that the original cable should be used when restoring it :-)

  4. I've had the problem since last night. Out of nowhere like it black. Then I restarted it and the Apple logo appeared, which is why I was really happy. But it didn't start up and when I try to turn it off it is off for 3 seconds and then it goes back on by itself. and after about 2 minutes it starts up again by itself for 3 seconds. Nothing works, connect to iTunes does not work, I really have doubts and I am sure that it is not the battery.

  5. Many thanks!
    I had the problem with my iPhone 6! And after three attempts to update with iTunes, it has recovered!
    Thank you very much!

    1. That is not completly correct. You can turn it off by pressing the appropriate buttons. But there are some cases in which this no longer works either. But then it is very likely that something in the hardware is also defective and you have to take it to the service provider anyway.

  6. Hi, I have a question

    My Iphone Xr only shows the Appel logo when I charge my cell phone, only that comes and if nothing else I have so many pictures and videos on it it would be such a shame if the cell phone were broken ... :(

    1. Unfortunately, I can't give you any more tips than those that are already in the post. Since it's an iPhone XR, you could get a repair from Apple. I would go to an Apple Store one day and hope that they have an idea. If you have a solution, I would be very interested.

    2. I have an i phone Xr and have exactly the same problem I would be very interested in what you did and if everything was still there I'm really scared of losing my pictures and videos ????

  7. Hello, I have an iphone 7 for about a year or two my battery was broken and I replaced it myself after about a week it went off every now and then and suddenly it didn't work at all when I plugged it into the charger only the apple symbol came and went off and on again I charged it for about 4-5 hours and nothing happened then I replaced my battery today and nothing has changed but the apple symbol stays the whole time even without a charger can i still do ??? hope you know

    1. To do this, press the side button on the right and left, the upper button (volume up) at the same time for a few seconds. Then it should go out or the switch-off screen should come. However, if you have a hardware problem, it keeps restarting and won't turn off. Then you would have to plug it into a Mac and put in DFU mode.

  8. Hello!
    I have the problem with my iPhone 8 that the memory was full and I could no longer access anything. After trying to delete some and restarting it, I only get the Apple logo or a black screen.
    I am very desperate right now and would appreciate an answer.

    1. Hello Elena! Yes, that's annoying ... you would probably have to restore the iPhone and that goes with the problem with that DFU mode. I hope you get on with this. Otherwise, someone in the Apple Store can help you there. They can restore it too.

  9. Hello! Many thanks for the quick response!
    But unfortunately it didn't work, so nothing changed after the update .. Is there another way without losing the data?

    1. Hello Elena! Did you update or restore in DFU mode? Unfortunately, I can't think of anything else now. Best wishes!


  10. Hello :)

    I have an iPhone 7 on which this phenomenon occurred.
    I carried out the second step and it also said that I should do an update, but it didn't work because of error (9).

    Do you have a tip what this error (9) could be?

    Thank you very much

    1. Hello Elisa! Yes, error 9 is thrown out if the iPhone is not connected to the Mac using the original charging cable. I already had the phenomenon and then had to dig out an old Apple cable somewhere. I hope you still have one available. Of course, you can also use a Lightning cable from the iPad or another iPhone.

        1. Okay, I have a lot of question marks on my forehead. :D I have no idea what else could be tested. Did you unplug the cable and reboot into DFU mode? He might not be able to cope with the change on the fly. Otherwise I don't know what else we can test. Unfortunately, I also recently had an iPhone that could no longer be saved even with DFU mode. That had to go to a technician...

  11. My iPhone8 can be switched on, but only comes up to the Apple logo and switches off again after about 30 seconds. Unfortunately, there is no connection to the PC / iTunes. Do you have any advice, please? Thank-you!

    1. Hi Ve! I already had that on an iPhone of a friend. Unfortunately the battery was over and it couldn't get past booting ... I guess there's no software solution for that.

  12. Hi have a problem with my iphone 11 pro 64gb.
    I was on vacation so I felt it up to 400mb I think.
    I couldn't do a back up or iCloud etc.
    this morning my cell phone was spinning wanted to read cell phone data photos from our vacation,
    but the cell phone hung up all the time, then I thought of restarting, this was a real bug.
    comb only up to the logo, all tips and tricks with the button loudly softly press the right button lane did not help me.
    Please what can I do, I don't want to restore it.
    Thanks in advance

  13. I turned my phone off, then wanted to turn it on again, but it stuck on the Apple logo. Then I tried to update the iPhone with iTunes. Fail try. Now my mobile phone not only hangs on the Apple logo but also on the “Connect to iTunes” screen, although my mobile phone is no longer connected to the laptop…. Can all my pictures still be saved ???

    1. Jen Kleinholz

      Since you probably got the DFU mode restore everything on the iPhone will be overwritten. Didn't you make a backup at some point? Or activated the iCloud Photo Library?

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