iPhone X Hard Reset - Force Restart

If the Apple iPhone no longer responds to inputs, if it is frozen, does not start properly or is stuck on a bugged app, then this is rather uncomfortable. Because in addition to the display, the buttons on the sides may no longer work. But that's no reason to go to a workshop or the Apple Store. Because with a hard reset, i.e. a forced restart of the smartphone, you can completely exit the operating system and then restart it. Below you will find the instructions for the iPhone X hard reset. This is not a classic reset; So data goes not verloren.

Force restart: iPhone X hard reset

If you have to force an iOS restart on the iPhone X, all you need is a bit of timing and the ability to press the volume and side buttons on the device. So if the standard switching off and on again does not work and the device cannot be shut down using the settings, then you can do this using the hard reset. Here are the step-by-step instructions for force restarting the iPhone X:

  1. Briefly press the "volume up" button (left, top) and release it again
  2. Briefly press the "Volume down" button (left, down) and release it again
  3. Hold down the side button (right) until the Apple logo appears

Force restart the iPhone X with a hard reset

Of course, I recommend you to go the standard way to turn off your Apple smartphone. This consists of pressing a volume button and the side button at the same time and then using the "Switch off" slider on the display. However, if this is not possible due to a software error, a frozen display or similar problems, then simply use the forced restart. This can also help if an app or the boot process is in a loop and nothing works.

Incidentally, the above procedure applies to all iPhones with Face ID. The iPhone X is the first; It came on the market in 2017 and introduced unlocking via Face ID and the notch, which has now also made it onto the MacBook Pro. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 can also be restarted using the above steps. Don't let the term "reset" bother you. You do not reset the device with it, so no data is lost. Only the iOS operating system is restarted.

Here are some more instructions on this topic:

You can find the official Apple source on the subject with this link.

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