The IT manual for IT specialists - two versions of the standard work by Sascha Kersken

Photo: IT manual for IT specialists - without exam questions

Anyone who decides to study or train in the fields of computer science, IT, specialist informatics, network technology, EDP or other overlapping or synonymous directions will have to accumulate a lot of knowledge as a result. The proud mom will then say: “My child knows a lot about computers.” - Sascha Kersken, on the other hand, says: “Here you have a 1.300-page standard work. Have fun! ”And that in addition to a lot of fun there is also a whole lot of seriousness and worth knowing, this is revealed, among other things, by the reviews of the books on Amazon.

It is about these standard IT works by Sascha Kersken

For those of you who are looking for a really good book to accompany the read IT specialist training are, I once did that IT manual for IT specialists: For IT specialists in the areas of application development and system integration selected, which among other things in the bound edition of 2013 (publisher: Galileo Computing) is available. And there's also this IT manual for IT specialists: For IT specialists in the areas of application development and system integration. Including exam questions and practical exercises. This is very fresh and was published by Rheinwerk Computing in September 2015.

Information about the author Sascha Kersken

The one who has been working in a web agency since 2007 Sasha Kersken is since 1996 in IT on road. Prior to his current position, he was an IT trainer in the early years of the web. Furthermore, he passes on his knowledge; in book form. With the books mentioned above as well as with numerous other publications, some standard works were created that newcomers and professionals alike attach great importance to. Sascha Kersken, who is also privately interested in fictional book material as well as music and comics, is THE contact point for all those who are looking for one IT standard work (or several plants in this area from a single source).

The edition without exam questions

Perhaps one or the other of you have found the books presented here on the list of recommended reading by the lecturer or teacher. That would not be surprising, as they have proven to be a companion for studies, teaching and work. In many chapters, the basics as well as more in-depth explanations on the most varied, but still related, IT topics are given. Technical terms are not only used in the texts, but are also explained in a glossary for better understanding. The index alone takes up 52 of 1.216 pages.

Photo: IT manual for IT specialists - without exam questions
IT manual for IT specialists - here the edition without exam questions. The specialist book is available on Amazon (ISBN-10: 3836222345 / ISBN-13: 978-3836222341).

Among other things, the basics of the mathematical and technical structure of systems, as well as networks and operating systems in general, are explained. For example, we will go into more detail Mac OS X, on Windows and Linux as well as on several specialist areas of the Coding. What role do databases and software engineering play, what are servers for and how do they work, what are file and data formats? In addition to systems for one or more computers, web topics are of course also covered. Basically, it is about all important areas of IT.

Currently there are Edition from 2013 from 30 euros on Amazon. However, you think so IT manual for IT specialists from 2013 also as OpenBook on the website of the publisher (here). In addition, the author himself points out on his side the work is of course also available for download from various illegal portals. However, Sascha Kersken recommends all interested parties not to get involved in paid services that obviously distribute illegal copies. Because then not only will the wrong people be paid for the work, but it may also be that you only get a reading sample, which the publisher also releases freely.

Voices on the IT manual without exam questions at Amazon

  1. hegel grabs the book in his review together as follows: "I particularly liked the fact that it tries to depict the broad spectrum in its entirety and I think the author succeeded in doing that quite well. Certainly there will be more literature when it comes to practical applications such as programming or creating websites, but the book is very suitable for getting started. As an administrator for many years, I haven't actually found any large areas that went unanswered.[all: sic] "

In addition to words of praise, most reviews also have five stars left for the book. If you look through it, you will always find the information that this book is not approved for examination (IHK). Perhaps that is also the reason why the newer edition comes with exam questions to practice on. In addition, this fact can also help with the selection. A little more information about the current volume ...

The IT manual for IT specialists with exam questions

This edition is more up-to-date and, as a reviewer on Amazon emphasizes, also deals with operating systems very up to date. It is particularly emphasized here Windows 10, which was published for the broad mass of users only a short time before the book. The work measures 1.304 pages and, as the title suggests, it comes with exam questions. The status as a standard and textbook has also found its way into the same.

Photo: IT manual for IT specialists with exam questions
In this edition of the IT manual for IT specialists, you also receive the exam questions at the same time - available on Amazon. (ISBN-10: 3836234734 / ISBN-13: 978-3836234733).

But there are other innovations - after all, two years is a long time in the IT world. This is how, among other things, the programming language became Perlwhich originated in 1987 and is considered by many to be out of date, replaced by a more recent one; namely Python. Although this multiparadigmatic programming language was first launched in 1991, it offers some advantages over its competitors (it is shorter) and is constantly being further developed. For example, the current version 3.5 is only 15 days older than the book. Also on the mobileApp-Area will be discussed in more detail with Java and Swift.

You think so IT book for IT specialists including exam questions for 34,90 euros at Amazon. There are currently also used offers, but without a price advantage - for this reason I would recommend buying the current new edition. A Open book version According to Sascha Kersken, it won't exist (see the blog entry linked above on his page). The reasons are new regulations, which have not allowed publication in this context since 2014.

Voices on the IT textbook including exam questions at Amazon

Tobias Gies means in his review, along with five stars and other positive words: "Compressing the entire world of computer science into a book – even if it is 1.300 pages long – is definitely not an easy task. In my opinion, however, the author of the “IT Handbook” did a good job in selecting the topic."

The Top 500 Reviewer "A customer of Amazon” draws the following conclusion: "This small, thick tome deals with the most important IT basics on over 1.300 pages and invites you to research further. Basics are explained for beginners and serve as a refresher for more experienced users. The book is also particularly suitable for trainees who are going to take their exams at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Of course, not all IT topics can be dealt with in just one book. Yet they are more than just touched upon. A helpful standard work."

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  1. A very nice and detailed book presentation - thank you very much! I found the comparison between the two editions and the synopsis of particularly successful Amazon reviews to be particularly successful.

    For the new edition with exam questions, please refer to the very detailed reading sample on the publisher's website (four complete chapters, PDF, 27 MB):

    1. Hey Sascha! Thank you! What could be nicer than praise from the author of the book ... :-)
      And thanks for pointing out the reading samples!

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