Let Loose: This is how you watch the iPad keynote live!

Today, Tuesday, May 7, 2024, Apple will broadcast a product presentation at which new iPad models and a new Apple Pencil will be shown. Insider circles also say that this Apple special event will only last 35 minutes. So compared to the WWDC or iPhone presentations, it's a pretty short affair. If you want to watch the broadcast live, you can do so from 16:00 p.m. Central European Time. You can find the respective contact points here.

The Apple Special Event on May 7, 2024 brings new iPad models and a new Apple Pencil. You can stream the keynote live here from 16:00 p.m.!
The Apple Special Event on May 7, 2024 brings new iPad models and a new Apple Pencil. You can stream the keynote live here from 16:00 p.m.!

Watch the Apple Event on May 7, 2024 live on YouTube

My go-to solution for Apple Special Events has been YouTube for several years. Since Apple decided to broadcast not only on its own website and in the Apple TV app, the company's keynotes have become much more accessible. You can now track them in any browser under Windows, on the Linux computer or on the smart refrigerator.

You can watch the event announced for this afternoon here watch as a stream. You can also stay here in our blog and use the following embedded player:

Watch Apple's Let Loose event on apple.com

In addition to YouTube, you also have the opportunity to watch the iPad event this afternoon at https://www.apple.com/de/apple-events/ to pursue. There you will currently only find the announcement and a review of the last keynotes, but the broadcast should start shortly before 16:00 p.m. You may have to reload the page if the video player does not appear automatically and start playing the broadcast.

Watch the iPad preview in the Apple TV app

If you have a Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, you can also use the Apple TV app to watch today's iPad performance. Since I have never used this option, I don't know exactly when the stream will be displayed. He doesn't seem to be found at the moment. If you check the app shortly before 16:00 p.m., it should appear. Or at least you should find it using the search function. But as I said: YouTube or apple.com are the more convenient options, especially for saving a specific link.

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